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March 11th, 2009

[Mar. 11th, 2009|05:49 am]


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Who: Merope & Jonathan Crane
When: Late night
Where; Cafe
Why: He coaxed her into meeting him

There she was inside of the cafe, uncomfortable and anti-social as always, finding it difficult to even sit there for more than a few minutes. Sometimes she looked at the door, her arms rested against the table and then went into her lap, head down, hair veiled in front of her face. The girl made a feverish sigh and thought of leaving the moment. Merope stood up and went to the front cafe, hands against the counter.

"Cocoa, please." Merope scrounged up a little bit of money and placed it on the counter, taking her cocoa and hiding back into the back of the cafe.

The longer she waited, the more nervous she became until she was so tense that she could barely move at all, so stiff that she couldn't move more than her arm. Finally, her hands went around the cup and she relax; it was her relaxation tool, a warmth on her cold hands was always her instant relax.
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[Mar. 11th, 2009|07:38 pm]


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Who: Adikia, Edward, and Eliot (with possible appearances by Crowley and/or Kakia)
What: Torturing and Sexing
Where: Eden
When: Now
Warnings: Err...yes.

Kia could not wait. Excitement radiated off of her as she ran through the resort to get to where Eliot was bringing Edward. If he'd really done it? Kia would reward him with anything he ever wanted.
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