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[Feb. 27th, 2009|07:22 pm]
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Um. Hey. Tink? Bladezz?

So would you be totally disappointed with me if I took Kael back? I mean, I kind of already have but you're my only human friends and so if I didn't lose you guys that would be awesome.

Sorry that was lame. But yeah. I mean. I know he tried to kill you guys and everything but he was like. Possessed and stuff. And now he's back to normal. And is it cool if he stays in the guild?
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[Jan. 27th, 2009|07:09 pm]
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Far be it from me to give a shit about this, but hell. Anyone seen Codex today? She didn't log on. I'm not worried about her or anything.
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[Jan. 25th, 2009|11:41 pm]
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Dude, dude, dude.

You want to know what I call this?

One Million Hits on Youtube.

For the Horde, folks.

No offense to The Guild, or, y'know, Kael'thas Sunstrider? I hear you're an upstanding dude, man. But you have to admit, that was legendary. For real.

For real.

((OOC: The blue-underlined is a link to a video of the pseudo-raid on Kael in NYC, with sound, complete with Hardison whooping and shouting every once and a while. Yes, that and weapons was his contribution to the battle.))
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[Jan. 23rd, 2009|11:15 pm]
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Um, guys? I think we have a problem. Like, a big one. Tink? Bladezz? Have you guys gotten real weapons yet?

I don't want to be alarmist or anything, but I think we may have to cancel the raid tonight. Um. Kael is sorta. Like he is in the game.


Edit; Okay, we need some serious help. Like, there's super heroes and stuff here, right? Iron Man? Pretty please?
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[Jan. 19th, 2009|09:15 pm]
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I guess I don't have to finish my lesson.

Why is that computer yelling at me? What's a codex and what's a.... I don't think I know how to spell that word..
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[Jan. 12th, 2009|02:20 pm]
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What in fresh hell ganked me in the middle of a 25 man raid?

Seriously. This is a total OMGWTFBBQ situation here. And not cool. Someone's just begging to get assraped.
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[Jan. 11th, 2009|11:06 pm]
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My job here is done.
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[Jan. 8th, 2009|04:15 pm]
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Okay what kind of weird shit is this? Ugh I can't believe that just happened. What kind of tornado picks a person up in the middle of a very important raid? I was kicking that guy's ass.

So what the hell's going on? Whose bitch do I gotta smack around here to get some real internet access? You can't game on these things.
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