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[Feb. 2nd, 2009|09:14 pm]
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This sure as hell isn't where I was before.

Roger? Mark? ...Maureen? Anyone?
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Wow [Jan. 27th, 2009|04:11 pm]
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[Current Mood |contemplative]

Well, I have to say that was the most interesting thing I have witnessed in a long time. But seriously, does it have to be a blasted tornado that has to blow you into a world that is.. interesting to say the least. All i know is that I am in New York, but it looks different somehow. At least the apartment Mark and I share is still standing, now the question is whether or not he is still here or not, and I swear I am going to hurt someone or something if there is no heat in there. I think a lot of people would agree to the fact that living in a place that is cold all the time is so not cool. Oh well, I guess I better take what is given to me. Maybe I can actually finish the song I am currently working on.. that is easier said than done.

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[Dec. 21st, 2008|12:32 am]
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Everybody being good these last four nights before the flight?

There have been revisions to our policy regarding bad little boys and girls. We've been hassled into "going green" by our local activist elves, so instead of giving coal, we will be giving out soy sprouts.  Something about leaving a minimal carbon footprint, whatever that means.

We're working overtime these next few days, to make sure each and every one of you gets exactly what you want this Christmas, or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or even Ramadan and Festivus! We're branching out, up here at the North Pole! Enterprising! Getting everybody in on the holiday spirit! Whatever holiday suits you!

Anyone who hasn't sent out their letters to me can contact me personally, right here!
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[Apr. 5th, 2008|11:50 pm]
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I am in dire, desperate need of clothing therapy! Who wants to go shopping? Old friends or new, I'm fond of new people as well. I don't bite, darlings.
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[Mar. 10th, 2008|11:01 pm]
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So glad that's over.
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[Mar. 7th, 2008|08:21 pm]
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This really sucks.
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[Mar. 7th, 2008|11:41 am]

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Why does everyone else get to turn back and not me?
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[Mar. 7th, 2008|12:23 am]
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Woah, damn!

Aint smoked a blunt like that in. . .phew!
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[Mar. 5th, 2008|09:28 pm]
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What the hell is going on?

I show up here out of nowhere, and now I'm a chick.
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[Mar. 5th, 2008|08:04 pm]
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What the FUCK?!
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[Feb. 29th, 2008|11:54 pm]
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It's... It can't. Holy shit. Holy fucking...

Fuck me. Fuck me.

This weekend, all weekend, party in Heaven. Free drinks, food when you want it, all on the house. I'm goddamn loaded an' I wanna make the most of it.

Mark Baby, Jack )
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[Feb. 26th, 2008|05:39 pm]
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Mark, honey, where'd you run off to?

And my lovely Sir Jack- how've you been faring, then, dollface? Still being treated like rock royalty?

Life is a party, but even parties suck on Tuesdays.
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[Feb. 16th, 2008|06:41 pm]
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Attention my fabulous brothers, sisters, and otherwise! Anyone lookin' for a party tonight is welcome at [Club Name, Address] tonight. Free drinks all around, all night. One night only, and this is it!

Any trouble, tell 'em Angel sent you. Trouble after that, come find me an' I'll kick their ass.
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