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[Sep. 15th, 2012|10:14 pm]
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These academe brats are such babies! You'd think they could handle a little tough love.
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[Sep. 14th, 2012|06:28 pm]

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So who else from the Normandy crew is here? Everyone check in. I want to get an early start on my Christmas "shopping."
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[Sep. 8th, 2012|11:45 pm]

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What was that?

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[Jul. 20th, 2012|07:37 pm]
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I am the very model of a scientist Salarian, I've studied species Turian, Asari, and Batarian.
I'm quite good at genetics (as a subset of biology) because I am an expert (which I know is a tautology).
My xenoscience studies range from urban to agrarian, I am the very model of a scientist Salarian.
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[Jul. 9th, 2012|03:34 pm]
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Huh. Interfacing with extranet. Appear to be on Earth, sometime in the 21st century. Seem to be human. Problematic.

Also, seem to be alive. Less problematic, but still troubling. Reincarnation cycle not likely. Memories retained. Body in adulthood. Doesn't make sense.
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[Jun. 22nd, 2012|11:00 pm]
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Okay, did I accidentally bump into L. Frank Baum's notebook or Judy Garland's shoes or something? Because this definitely isn't South Dakota.
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[May. 15th, 2012|11:47 am]
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So, reckon ya'll should know. Miranda and I done went into the hospital a bit ago. She's in labor an all. I'll keep ya'll updated.


Sorry it done took so long to update. Got the info right here.
Colton James, 10in long, 5lbs 8oz
Felicia Anne, 9in long, 4lbs 5oz.

Nurses done told me they gotta stay at the hospital a few weeks 'cause they were born a month early. But, reckon that's normal 'cause they ain't got much room.

...I'm so terrified of being a pa already!

Oh, and Miranda is doing mighty fine, just tired.
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[Apr. 29th, 2012|04:43 pm]
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Well, that was fun. What's next?
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[Apr. 24th, 2012|10:56 am]
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Yeah. Okay. That makes sense.

Shepard, god that sounds stupid, mind if my squad bums a lift on your Normandy? I've got a feeling that somewhere in close space we've got a base to take out.

James, Ash, Jack? Get ready. We've got more than enough armor and weapons on the Normandy to send these assholes back home.
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Locked against aliens [Apr. 24th, 2012|01:25 am]

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So, of course it's an alien invasion! I knew it! Well.. not here. But this was exactly what I had been guarding against back in my universe. Funny how I called it there and we have a real one here. I know of a certain general who can attest to that, being an alien himself.

I have a couple safehouses, explosives materials, weapons. They're free to anyone who wishes to use them. I'm here to help.

It's nice knowing I was right in my own way. Usually am. But maybe I can use this to my advantage. Get people on my side. Who knows, maybe even make a run for the White House if any "heroics" on my part gets me a lot of supporters.
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[Apr. 14th, 2012|12:29 pm]
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Son of a bitch.

It'd be funny if the clothes weren't knocking off half the shit in my apartment after it flies off. What the hell is going on?
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[Apr. 12th, 2012|07:27 pm]
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What the hell was that? Shepard? You better be around here somewhere.
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[Apr. 10th, 2012|06:27 pm]
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New job, and they've set me up in an apartment. Not bad, all things considered.

Ash, I owe you several. And Miranda, I owe you pretty much everything. Thanks.
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[Apr. 10th, 2012|01:56 am]

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Locked from EDI and Joker )
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[Mar. 29th, 2012|07:03 pm]
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James. Where are you?

Anyone know how to make a resume?
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[Mar. 26th, 2012|06:19 pm]

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Well, I suppose I'd better be the one to say this. Mac would just explode out of nervousness and probably make no sense.

We're engaged. He even managed to make it a little romantic.
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[Mar. 24th, 2012|11:44 am]
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Uh, guys?

That other Shepard moved into the ship. And I ain't telling her she can't.
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