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March 31st, 2012

[Mar. 31st, 2012|12:26 am]
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If I were to start a pillow fight in London in - oh, say, half an hour - who would want in on this?
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[Mar. 31st, 2012|10:57 am]
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Main six, princesses, Big Macintosh, Miranda, CMC, Derpy. )
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[Mar. 31st, 2012|10:16 pm]
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Ezio, love, do you own a tuxedo?

In other news - It's so hot already. Global warming isn't a real thing my sweet ass!
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[Mar. 31st, 2012|11:38 pm]


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What. The. Fuck. I kind of want to say that I am completely hallucinating here because a lot of crazy shit has happened in the last 24 hours, but that felt too real to not be true. Can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here? Why am I sitting in a cafe in the middle of London wearing my wedding dress?
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