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July 27th, 2011

[Jul. 27th, 2011|07:42 am]


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Morrigan )
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[Jul. 27th, 2011|11:40 am]
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Open to anyone who knows Isabela, but locked from her and both Jacks. )
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[Jul. 27th, 2011|11:44 am]
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Firecracker's late. She's never late.

I'm going out to look for her.
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[Jul. 27th, 2011|03:38 pm]
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Mon dieu. Ain't so sure ol' Remy's cut out for puttin' up with a pack of teenagers again.

Especially when they mine. Ain't sayin' they a handful, or hard to deal with or nothin', but this ain't the same as being guidance counselor in a private school.

Least this kind of bein' in over my head is slightly less fatal than the other times I been. Any parents of suddenly-grown up teenagers got any pointers?
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[Jul. 27th, 2011|03:49 pm]
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Father, lunch is on me this weekend. ALL of this weekend.
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[Jul. 27th, 2011|09:51 pm]
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Shigure, are you still alive? No one killed the messenger yet?
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[Jul. 27th, 2011|10:06 pm]
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My sisters are back. And they're ignoring me, which I guess shouldn't be a surprise. They're older, though, which is a little strange.
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[Jul. 27th, 2011|10:58 pm]
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Merry? MERRY?! Where are we, Merry?!
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