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August 8th, 2009

[Aug. 8th, 2009|02:14 am]


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This is new. Not exactly what I meant when I said "I'll go".
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[Aug. 8th, 2009|07:57 am]
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I have so much to do today. I have to fix broken walls with lego blocks, make a skirt out of feathers, and do body paint graffiti! So I set my alarm clock for early and I found out something!

Morning time is balls!!!

Does anyone want to help with my projects? I talk to strangers, so anyone's welcome!
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[Aug. 8th, 2009|01:05 pm]


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I don't think I know how to make cookies for my little ones without making enough for the whole block. But that's okay, the day care center needed a bake sale anyway.
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[Aug. 8th, 2009|01:11 pm]



If my darling sons aren't too busy, I was thinking perhaps we could all go to the beach one of these days as a family. Spouses and girlfriends may come too.
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[Aug. 8th, 2009|07:03 pm]
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Eliot Spencer )
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[Aug. 8th, 2009|09:40 pm]
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"The happy ending is hardly important, though we may be glad it's there. The real joy is knowing that if you felt the trouble in the story, your kingdom isn't dead."

Can we have imaginary thoughts?

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[Aug. 8th, 2009|11:47 pm]
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Keller Cheevy. )
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