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December 27th, 2008

Yulehannukwanzmas [Dec. 27th, 2008|02:04 am]


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Christmas is supposed to be this huge glad tiding of joy and giving. If you're into that kind of Liberal thing.

But when I was growing up, it scared the living shit out of me. Think about it, folks-- you spend all your time as a parent instilling in your kids some really simple edicts: That you should never talk to strangers, that you shouldn't screw around on the roof, burglars are bad, and that kissing Uncle Ted is a familial obligation, even if that beard is really damned scratchy, full of the remainders of that meal you all just had, and he smells like the Anheuser-Busch brewery.

But then you go and turn all that on its head for this time of year, and you tell your kids, "Hey, this fat old guy dressed in bright red clothing that you only met once at the mall is going to break into your home while you're asleep, and you're going to like it." And so you leave him a bunch of cookies and some milk in the hopes that this bribe will distract the felonious fatass from taking an unnatural interest in your Playstation or your TV, because have you ever tried to get a restraining order against a guy who only stalks you once a year?

(Also, come on. Spending all that time with reindeer can't be healthy.)

So every Christmas Eve since I turned old enough to own a gun, I sit awake all night, watching NORAD track that criminal as he makes out like a Jenny Craig's nightmare bandit across the world, and wait for him to show up at my door so I can make like Dick Cheney on a hunting expedition.

I'm still waiting for you, Saint Nick. One day. One day.
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|08:00 am]

private )

I'm glad that crap's over and done with. I never did like family holidays. Too depressing.
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|08:13 am]


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Oh dear. I just read the news. It seems that a large Satanic cult in the States has come down with a severe form of Staph infection. How dreadfully awful for them. And to hear it's incurable and permanently scarring? Shame, all that.

Sometimes, I just don't see the point of fragile bodies. So weak and penetrable and foolish. Oh well. At least they've got their lives! If you haven't got your health, look on the bright side!
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|09:24 am]


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Hmm, glad that's over with.

Lindsey. )
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|09:42 am]
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Dean? I...I...I'm. She...

No. S'not s'posed to be like this. Why's it like this, Dean? What'd I do?? I'm sorry!! I'll fix it, whatever I did! Just...she...OhGodpleasebringherback...
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|11:29 am]


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So, just wondering, is there a way to change ones birthday? Not that I don't love how amazing everyone was on mine, but I really hate having been born the day before christmas..

Okay I am over it really.

I hope everyone had a good christmas!

Uncle Sirius and...Aunt Ginger )

Gray )

My amazing daughters )

Devon )

Jack and Tosh )

Other Jack )
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|11:43 am]



Abby )
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|12:00 pm]



Abby )
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|09:43 pm]


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My goodness, Christmas is quite an event here, isn't it?

I hope everyone liked the flowers I got for them. I was quite at a loss!

Does anyone have any helpful hints to walk in high heels?
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|10:14 pm]
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... I'm sorry for that Kris, Ilya. I'll give you the money to replace the television.

I am amazed anyone in this country even remembers those damnable things.

Rurik, we are going drinking. Now. Something to wash away the taste.
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[Dec. 27th, 2008|11:52 pm]

I'm glad the holidays are almost over.

I never got the big deal of them anyway.
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