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December 1st, 2008

[Dec. 1st, 2008|12:22 am]



You know, Professor, I'd like it if you warned me before stuff like that happened.

...I get the feeling I'm not in Perivale, somehow. Or anywhere near the TARDIS. This isn't funny, Doctor!
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|03:55 am]
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Hey God, here's a question.

Supposing the whole theory about infinite realities is true (as is readily being proven by people jumping in and out of this place from different, similar realities), There's a reality wherein you created all of everything in seven days, six thousand years ago. But there's also a reality wherein you never existed, and the whole of reality (including all the other infinite ones) was created by Big Bang.

Those two realities cancel each other out by logic alone, thereby rendering themselves and any and all other possibilities null and void.

But the real question here is,
Could you come to my wedding in January?
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|08:01 am]

Hee. I have the best husband ever.

I didn't realize that you could do so many different things with telepathy.
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|09:02 am]
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It is difficult adapting to a more civilian lifestyle. I find myself missing the comforts my position once afforded me. Despite his treachery, Walter was a good butler and a good friend. Now I live alone, on a very tight budget. Working as a stenographer is not as lucretive as being a knight and leading Hellsing.

But I also now have time to do other things. The occult studies here are. . . amusing. There is a lot more knowledge readily available, if you only know where to look.

Would anyone care to teach me more about magic? I have often wondered about the bonds my father and grandfather placed upon Alucard, and would like to know more about it.
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|09:18 am]

Sam? I was not certain, but I thought you were coming home to be sharing pizza? I put the left overs in the fridge for you, if you are wanting. Such a good way to start off. Me as a vampire, my room mate being the same as David was, never being home. Very good.
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|10:50 am]


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That was interesting.

I'm taking a wild stab at things and assuming I'm not in Kansas anymore. Or maybe I am? I've never been to Kansas.
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Locked from Lilo and Stitch's new ohana [Dec. 1st, 2008|01:47 pm]

Stitch needs help!

Soon is the Crinklemas, and Stitch needs to find a good present for a Lilo and for a Torii and for a new ohana for a thankyou time.

What kinds of things would makes a good present for a Lilo and a Torii and a new ohana?
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|01:55 pm]


[Current Mood |calm]

Mason )
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|02:17 pm]

I think my roomate's breaking up with me.

We never talk anymore.

Where's the love, Gat?
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|02:37 pm]
So after last night's roadie cookout I went to this goth club in Berlin.  Normally I don't pay attention to the music, just the... people.  And usually I don't stick around for too long.  But the DJ shouted some shit in German, then she translated- "This is for all my necrophiliacs!" And I was like what the hell?  Some people started cheering but I don't think they... Nevermind.

Anyway so she played three songs that were, sure enough, for necrophiliacs.  Not metal at all, but I think I enjoyed them.  So I started asking around, found out this is what they played:
Voltaire- "Dead Girls"
Black Tape for a Blue Girl- "Knock Three Times"
Misfits- "Helena"
The first two are slow and the last one is a fucking punk song.  Not metal.  I'm torn- appreciating non-metal stuff clearly indicates I'm losing my touch.  At the same time, it kind of makes me wonder what the hell else I'm missing.  Never really had non-metal thoughts in my head, I'm not sure how to deal with it.  Where are my metalheads at, and how do you make this shit go away?

I need to take a shower and get all this goth rock off me.
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|02:52 pm]
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UGH! The bears all went away! And I got blood on my dress.

Now what am I supposed to do?

Hey Uncle Emmett, bet I can beat you in a race.

And I'm a little cold. Where's Jacob?
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|03:53 pm]

Sam's Mom, Anne )

Missouri )
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|04:32 pm]

This is actually sort of... Well, the question may come off a bit dodgy, I know, but it's like this, you fellows... er...

Has anyone seen my elf?
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|06:17 pm]

Norah )

Kakia )
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|06:35 pm]


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Well, it's official. The private sector can go fuck itself.

Luckily, I've got a lead on a old new career path. My thanks to a certain DAC for expediting the process.

London, here I come.
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|06:36 pm]
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Ms. Frost )

I need to get away...
Somewhere..change of scenery..I'll go crazy if I remain on campus or in town any longer...

I can't afford to loose control.
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|08:01 pm]


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[Current Mood |confused]

Uncle Jack?

Someone said you are here, you haven't been taken away have you?

Anyone else I am related to?

My mum is Echo my dad is Gray, I know they are here, but anyone else?
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|08:24 pm]


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[Current Mood |bored]

Aunt Kiki won't let me break her pet. Damn it. Is anyone else up for being broken?
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|08:32 pm]
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I just realized that my car didn't come through with me.

Excuse me while I beat the shit out of something.
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|08:41 pm]

John, Dean, Sammy, Bela and Anne )

John )
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|09:10 pm]
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Speak,  I am the Crimson One. 
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|09:23 pm]


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The holidays cannot come quickly enough.

Logan )

Scott )

Private )
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|09:28 pm]


[Current Mood |thoughtful]

Daddy )

Dev )

protected from Jack and Tosh

There are some days I wish I didn't get up, this is quickly growing to be one of those days.
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KA-BOOM! [Dec. 1st, 2008|09:29 pm]


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Edward is building bombs!
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|09:35 pm]
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Mother fucking. Can anyone see this? Fuck.
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|09:57 pm]
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Toshiko )
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How did I get here? [Dec. 1st, 2008|10:43 pm]


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[Current Mood |surprised]

Private to Christine

Christine, please be here! I am not sure why or how, but I am alive. And to think I thought everything in this world was out of this world. Now I come to find i am alive and... well, younger than what I am supposed to be. When I died, I was well in years, and pretty much on my death bed. I was pretty much a broken vessel when you passed on, Christine for I was sure you would go after me. But it turned out to be the other way around. But I am very much alive and somehow I wind up in New York. Its definietly different than the Opera house thats for sure. Then again, everything is different than beautiful world in France. I can only hope what is going on here. But I worry that if we do find out what is going one, we'll never want to go back...
End Private

Well, this is definietly interesting, but I think in my case, that is not a word to describe my suprise. Truth of the matter is that I am back from the dead, without really knowing how that happened. I thought death was supposed to be forever thing, but now I am alive. And I am much younger than I was before I passed on all those years ago. To look at my relfection and see my younger self is definietly a mind blowing experience. I wonder what is going on here. But all I know for sure is that I am somewhere in New York City. It's much more busy here than it was in france, but I think I can handle that. As long as I have dancing I should be fine. I hope. Now the question is: Who else do I know around here?
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[Dec. 1st, 2008|10:48 pm]


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[Current Mood |curious]

Whaddya know, I managed to clean up the ladyboy mess with just a few simple lies and a well placed tranquilizer. So easy. I do love the right wing, they have such FAITH in their immoral leaders.

Speaking of which, I need an assistant. Someone to you know, bury bodies, pay the hookers off, that kind of thing. I mean I could do it all, but why do the tedious stuff when I can pay others to do it for me?

Only attractive, single young women need apply.
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