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November 20th, 2008

[Nov. 20th, 2008|01:09 am]
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If you haven't bought the DVD for Tropical Lightning, what are you waiting for?  Lela, what do you think?  Think I got another shot at one more Oscar for the mantle?
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|06:12 am]


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I see that the Dukes have arrived.
Boys, stay out of my new pet's way. The man needs his privacy to work. He's got a new arrival to train.

And such lovely skin, too! You know, in the last world, I was after two boys that had those same faces. Don't make me do to you what I did to them.  I'm afraid if the two of you can't behave, I might just have to.
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|09:27 am]


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Thank God for Manic Panic. I now have hair that's somewhat close to my original color.

And my real hair is growing in pretty well. Most places, anyway. All the important ones, at least.

In about a month I'll probably quite wearing the wigs. Though the esxtra head insulation is nice, for the moment.

Man, I'm such a girl.
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|10:40 am]



School's a lot more fun this term. I don't know if that's me, or if it's something else, but at any rate, I'm really enjoying myself more. Simple pleasures, I guess. That, and Boa's finally gone qui

The days are long and painful when there is only one face in this world and all others that I wish to see, and it is beyond my reach.
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|12:54 pm]

This bothers me. I do not like that this bothers me. It's for her. I want to help her. It's all I've ever wanted.
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|01:30 pm]


[Current Mood |hungry]

I want it to stop. I need it to stop.

Does anyone want to go out for ice cream?
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|01:36 pm]
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So, I'm still not entirely sure what to do with myself, I'm not actively sulking when I'm not at work anymore, but only because I'm making sure not to, doesn't mean I'm doing any better.

Just wish I could pinpoint why I'm sulking, don't think it's the seasons, I like winter, always have, think it might just be the place, the fact that I'm still getting used to being human. I'll blame it on both of those anyway.

So, uh... not really sure where I'm going with this. Anybody want to go out? Dancing or darts or bowling or something? I'm not picky when it comes to entertainment.
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|01:55 pm]


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I'm so sick of mergers and acquisitions meetings I could stab someone.

... hey! I could, couldn't I?
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|02:14 pm]


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Anthony )
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|02:52 pm]
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Hello everyone. I'm Dr. Norah Skinner and I thought I'd offer up my services since I no longer have the job I once had.

I'm a board certified psychiatrist specializing in both behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy. I've worked with all types of people. If you need someone to talk to, or think you might like to talk to me, here's my phone number [insert]

Or of course you can write a private message to me here. Since we have these portkey things, I can pretty much come to you wherever you live if that's easiest.
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|02:55 pm]
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Denny - they said that you're stable enough to go home. They're still looking to get you a heart transplant though. You're at the top of the list.

I wish there was more I could do.
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|06:06 pm]
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Ahsoka )
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|06:13 pm]



It's Catgirl, not Catwoman. What is so hard to get about that? I had a ten minute discussion with this fucking stupid thief and he just refused to believe that I wasn't Selina Kyle. I don't look or sound like Selina Kyle. And yet this asshole kept winking at me as though we shared this secret.

I wasn't even wearing my all black costume. I can't be entirely sure, but I'm almost certain Catwoman was never striped.

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[Nov. 20th, 2008|06:27 pm]


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What are we doing for Thanksgiving?
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|06:46 pm]


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Lara, do you want to go treasure hunting this weekend?

X-Factor? Are we doing anything together for Thanksgiving?

Jamie )
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|07:24 pm]


[Tags|, ]

So... I might have set myself on the path to being fired. Something about my drinking being a liability in this economy? I told them that they should be grateful that I could hold my liquor better than the guy before me. Who apparently was the CEO's son. Who now sits on the Board. Not quite sure how I missed that one. (But, hey, if you saw the way things were going before I got here, you'd have made that joke too.)

Do I start sending out my résumé now or after I've run through my severance pay?
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[Nov. 20th, 2008|07:40 pm]
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I know what I want for Christmas )
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