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September 3rd, 2008

[Sep. 3rd, 2008|03:37 am]


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Oh, the morning sickness is gone. I feel human again.

Thank you, Sadako. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|06:42 am]
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[Not viewable to Anakin, except that he's a computer genius so it totally is]

ARGH! I don't know what to do with this stupid hair stuff! I wake up and it's... I miss my lekku. Somebody help me?
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|01:45 pm]

I'm teaching Void Rangers how to talk to the computer!
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|02:24 pm]


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To all the ladies I've met here who are still capable of drinking themselves sodden:

I don't want a bachelorette party, per se, but I wouldn't turn down an evening of drinks and looking at blokes if anyone's interested. No gifts or silly pranks required. Let me know. I assume Dean will spend his evening before we get married with as many breasts in his face as humanly possible, so why not do the similar. Or even bring people you think I'd get along with. No harm; I'll likely be rather pissed anyway.

Dean )
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|03:26 pm]
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[the mun is a huge geek] )
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|04:59 pm]
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Things and people that are awesome, in no particular order:

1. My family. That includes, but is not limited to, people I'm related to by blood, by chance, or by marriage.
2. My best friend. He apparently is more romantic than that one movie where the guy is dead but he's still sending love letters to his woman. Not that I've seen that movie.
3. My girlfriend. Or whatever it is that Henn prefers to call herself in relation to me.
4. Chalupas. Mmmmm chalupa.
5. Magic users of all varieties.
6. People who aren't magical but still have powers, ie; Henn's grandfather and that whole crew.
7. The Vortex
8. The number 8. It can mean eight or mean sunglasses or boobs, depending on how you type it. 8D-|8-< 
9.  Winter's coming up, which means my season's just on its way. I've been accepted into the pro league for half pipe and freestyle this year, so wax up those boards and join me on the slopes this season!
10. THESE BROWNIES. omfg. nomnomnom.

And from what I know, 9 and 10 can be concurrent this year. They're being a lot more lax with the drug testing. And as everyone knows, pot only enhances your munchies and chill level. Performance is one of those things that pot DOESN'T enhance. So unless pot somehow also gets laced with steroids, I'll be good to go this year.
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|05:37 pm]

Jaaaaaaaaamie )
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|06:27 pm]
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Attention everyone (preferably those who know me or at least what I do, but I'll accept all comers)
I'm planning a little something to keep folks on their toes while the narcolepsy is going around, nothing too dangerous, or even too extreme, just something fun and rewarding that I could use a few extra hands for.

If you want further details either drop me a line here or call my cell phone: [cell #]
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|07:47 pm]

Was introduced to Guitar Hero by a teenager today.

It...requires further investigation. Purchased a Playstation 3 to pursue investigation.
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|07:51 pm]
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Where am I now?
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|09:01 pm]
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By the way, Judah and I are going to go get some mascots for the shop. If any of my cousins or assorted other relations want to come, they're welcome.
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|10:04 pm]
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You know, Angel, I do believe I have an... experiment, to try. Where have you run off to, now?

[ooc: Crowley has now decided to take on the life of David Beckham, as this universe's version of himself- footballer, underwear model, and all around sexy man. Just so everyone else is aware]
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[Sep. 3rd, 2008|11:48 pm]

A tornado just ate me.

is this another trick Can someone tell me where I am? Please?
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