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April 25th, 2008

[Apr. 25th, 2008|12:22 am]
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I think I might end up retiring from the skin business altogether and go back to school. The person I replaced had a business degree, but I want to get one in social work.

Kon, baby, that sound all right?
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|01:36 am]


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So, my big plans for this weekend are to sit in my big fat penthouse and eat chocolate cake in which would probably get me all fat to match all the wide space that I have.
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|01:40 am]
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Anyone want to come over and do something? Paris?

Mom )

Sam )
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|01:46 am]
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Well, there went the toaster...

and maybe the microwave.
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Email to Dick [Apr. 25th, 2008|01:50 am]



Gee whiz, Nightwing, you have (1) unread message )
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|07:32 am]


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Son of a bitch.

Well, now I'm all alone.

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[Apr. 25th, 2008|08:12 am]
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Just watching the world makes it seem very quiet right now, but under the quiet, something is always happening.

It makes being in the news business very interesting, especially when you travel.

Lois Lane )
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|08:38 am]
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I love the hills of Scotland, wandering, breathing in the air, here, just, living. It's really nice.
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|11:52 am]
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So this Bible mess? Ridiculous. God's cruel the first half, then suddenly changes his tune at the New Testament. And humanity is expected to just embrace him for his Almighty abuse. People forget all about the fact that God wiped the planet clean and started over... just for the fuck of it. Then he sends Jesus and people fawn.


Sounds like God realized he fucked up with Adam and Eve so he sent Jesus to fix it up. But instead of admitting a mistake, he makes it sound like he's doing everybody a favor. And poor Jesus. For all his trouble, he gets murdered and betrayed and God doesn't do a damn thing to save him.

Also? Where'd the rumors start about me being a child eating demon? Bullshit. Just because I couldn't bow down before a man and the Almighty. And me being a child eating demon who's married to Satan? I didn't even know Satan. She's a cutie, yeah. But I don't think I'm doing marriage again. Ever. Once was more than enough for me.
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|02:39 pm]
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Gabe I had a blast last time and I'm back in town.

Would you like to look over the 'artifacts' I brought back?
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|02:44 pm]

I never thought I'd say this but I'm bored.

Me I'm bored.

I think hell froze over.
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|03:30 pm]


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... I should stop humming songs from the Abarat. People are going to think I'm crazy.

I miss John Mischief and his brothers, and Malingo, and even the women of the Fantomaya so much it aches.
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|08:46 pm]
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I can't heal them all, but they keep coming.

It's not fair.
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|09:27 pm]


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Attention to those involved in the search for Shipwreck Island/Cove

We'll be setting sail on May Day, rain or shine, from [port address] in Palmetto Bay, Florida. We've got two ships, and two prestigious captains. First of which is our very own Captain Jack Sparrow, captaining the Endless Horizon and Captain Anne Bonney with her ship. We've got more than enough crew for both after the great influx of interest. Both ships will be setting sail, Sparrow's ship taking the lead as we're the ones who've got the Compass. Anne's got a copy of the route, as best as we could lay it.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we got prepared behind the scenes. The captains and myself are very excited to start this venture, and we assure a fair share of the prize to all those involved in our endeavor, should we find anything shiny at the other end.

First Mate of the Endless Horizon
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|10:20 pm]
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Can someone please tell me what exactly is going on?

I'm not quite sure what just.. happened. That was.. definitely odd. And I've seen odd.
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[Apr. 25th, 2008|11:47 pm]


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I got called a freak today when I used the Force.

I've been helping a girl with emerging mutant powers who's been threatened by kids from school. I'm a freak for helping? I used to call myself a freak of nature, but it was different. Somehow, all this time, no one else has ever called me a freak. And never with such hatred. They weren't just scared. They honestly hated us.

They cornered this girl after school in an alley and were kicking her while she was down, and she was too scared to use her powers to help herself because they already hated her so much for it. I don't think I've ever really had a taste of what mutant persecution was like. I hadn't really seen it for myself and hadn't experienced it until today. I know it happened a lot back in the reality mutants come from, but I realized today I have no idea what mutants have gone through and how much some people hate them.

I guess my point is that I respect anyone with special abilities a little more today. Sometimes, it takes a lot of guts to be different.
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