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March 15th, 2008

[Mar. 15th, 2008|02:47 am]
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This whole famous thing? Really sucks.

God, I wanna go home.
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|11:03 am]


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Has anyone seen Sylar lately?

I'm not sure where he went.

I'm beyond bored, and I need to find something...fun to do. Anyone have any ideas about that?
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|12:18 pm]
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I'm getting married.

I have an insane urge to shout this news from the top of the mountains, as corny as that sounds. I don't care. i want everyone to know it.

The rest of you can fool around with Jack all day, but at the end of the day, he's coming home to me.

Ray )
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|12:20 pm]
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I think my brother's gone. His apartmment's cleaned out. Either he's really gone, or he's just...gone. Either way, I failed him. Again.
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|12:30 pm]
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I think I've narrowed my choices down to the following:

I'm not too keen on the yellow, but I can give it a custome paint job.

This one's sleek and sporty. I love the silver.

or This new, 2008 model from Honda.

Decisions, decisions.
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|01:03 pm]
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Okay, I need a break.

What's there to do for fun around here, anyway? Think 'the furthest thing from studying' you can get.
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|01:22 pm]
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gEt ReADy 4 FuN!!
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|01:36 pm]


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[Current Mood |bored]

I swear that I haven't disappeared again, I've just been a little...busy lately.
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|06:55 pm]
[Tags|, ]

What--? Where--? This is not my offices... How is it I am here?
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|06:58 pm]

I'm glad I've missed most of the craziness here.
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|07:14 pm]


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Life is good.
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|07:16 pm]
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I think it's time to buy a new car.

Anybody know where I can get a good one, cheap?
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|07:54 pm]
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I wasn't even wearing my red shoes.

Anyone know of a good witch or a wizard that can get my ass back to San Fransisco without the help of a lion, scarecrow, or tin woodsman? The dog can come, I like the dog.
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[Mar. 15th, 2008|08:13 pm]
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So, thanks to some input, and knowing what I like, I have decided on a birthday

August 28th.

So, the new question is what should I do for a party? Cake and ice cream is a given, but what else? Lunch? Snacks? Games? What?

Little help please, I'm new at this.
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