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February 7th, 2008

[Feb. 7th, 2008|12:14 am]
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I quit the force.

Fuck it, what's the point?

I don't know what to do anymore without Gary or Billy... or Morrison. I can't even drum myself under. I'm just.. fucked.
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|12:21 am]
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|01:03 am]


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Everyone I know is okay, right? Just recovering from the weekend? No one else has vanished?

There's been far too much happening lately. I swear, if one more kriffing thing happens... This place has to calm down for awhile. It's ridiculous. I'm ready to mutiny against whatever keeps doing this.

A couple hours of meditation did me good. Still tired. Hoping I can sleep tonight.

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[Feb. 7th, 2008|10:15 am]


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I need a place to lay low. And a gun.

If anybody has either of these to spare, it would be great.

Also, I publicly declare war on my brother, Julien Boudreaux for the leadership of the Guild. Not because I give a flying fuck which of us is in charge, but because I want to kill him. Again.

Anyone care to help a girl out? I promise you one of the best sob stories ever.
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|03:59 pm]
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Russ, I'll give you $20 to go get some ice cream and bring it home, you can keep the change.
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|04:00 pm]
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Kung Hei Fat Choi.

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[Feb. 7th, 2008|05:57 pm]
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I'm starting to hate Japan.
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|08:35 pm]
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Okay, finding out I was adopted was one thing. Learning I was a mutant, was another thing.

Being stolen by a tornado and dropped in downtown Sacramento?

Now that is just cruel!
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|09:42 pm]
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Okay so I suppose this is an odd question, but I got to thinking while I was reading up on this place.

So... in our universe/world, men get pregnant. Here, apparently, it's women that get pregnant. So... does this mean that if, let's say, I sleep with a woman here. Does that mean we can impregnate one another? I mean not that I intend on attempting this, of course, but the question did come to mind is all.

Would be an odd form of twins if that were the case... Could you imagine if both the impregnated male and the impregnated female carried twins each? Quadruplets without as much pain on the mother.

Okay I know that coming from me, this is an odd question, but things like this come to mind! We come from such different worlds!
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|10:45 pm]
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God damn wolf gutted one a'my sheep and th'rain soaked m'matches. Fuckin' pisser of a day.
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|11:07 pm]


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[Feb. 7th, 2008|11:20 pm]
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Karen has the official diagnosis, and all we can do is wait.

I just left Dr. Chase a message to push off the C-Section long as he can.

It was the hardest phone call I've ever had to make.

Caleb )
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[Feb. 7th, 2008|11:40 pm]


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Somebody better tell me what the hell is going on, right now.
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