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    Wednesday, April 15th, 2009
    3:00 am
    The Welcome Page!
    Hello kiddies!  Welcome to The Ultimate Horror, where writers and fans alike share stories to scare each other.

    The search for the ultimate horror has become somewhat of a personal quest, but nothing on a scale like fear can be mapped alone.  After reading Stephen King's non-fiction Danse Macabre, I've been inspired to find people to share their stories, be them original horror, true experiences, or one of the worst nightmares one experienced in that magical place we often find ourselves in while we sleep.

    So let me introduce myself.

    I am [info]zombiesnakelady, known by friends as Melinda Elizabeth.  I've been an avid fan of the horror genre since I was a kid, watching "Are you Afraid of the Dark", "Tales from the Crypt", and "The X-Files".  I read everything from the kiddie Goosebumps series to the more adult Stephen King novels to the classic horror of Edgar Allen Poe. I've been trying to write good horror, but I've become so desensitized over the years that nothing in books and movies seem to scare me.

    My biggest real fear is tornadoes.  I live in a pretty flat area in Florida with 2 cats and 6 snakes.  I always fear a tornado ripping through and I don't have enough time to save all of them (they are my best friends you know).

    My biggest irrational fear... is difficult to put into words, but I guess one could call it "the unknown thing".  I know there are no monsters in the dark, yet when I dream, I have nightmares where there are... and some are worse than anything a horror movie could conjure up.

    I don't have any real phobias, but I know plenty who do (I find these things out when friends enter my room and meet my lovable reptiles... lot's of people are ophideophobic!

    So here's where you tell me a little bit about yourself.  What's your name (or what would you like to be known as... doesn't really matter to me)?  What attracted you to this group?  What scares you?

    Have fun!


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