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    Sunday, January 11th, 2015
    11:04 am
    Down The Dark Halls
    The corridors were devoid of light, save the periodic flares of red that glowed from boiling adamantium bones. Creed followed behind the bird; silent steps ruined by sharp hisses from each self-inflicted scalding. He couldn’t help but let his mind drift to Odin, Clarice, Loki, both his indigo and sapphire muses, and everyone else that seemed responsible to put him in such a predicament.

    “…Wait… Hey!”

    The halls grew wider and the bird – just as dark as the shadows – became more difficult to follow. Dangerous observation for someone nocturnal.

    “STOP!” shouted the naked killer, swiping claws across what he presumed to be a stone wall.

    “I ain’t takin’ one more step till ya’ gimmie answers…an’ they better be some damn good ones.”
    The feral snarled.

    “How come you ain’t dead, Bird? Why'd you bust me outta there? An’ where are were s’posed ta’ be goin’---?"

    A lingering thought of pulling out Odin’s femurs singed Creed’s entire skeleton

    Saturday, September 6th, 2014
    7:24 pm
    Back on Asgard...

    Those were the last words Victor Creed shouted –half of them muffled by the magnificent sound of magic forces at work – before his view of the world changed. When the brilliance of white and amber light dissipated, the heavy man adorned in golden armor stepped down from his body. The blonde gasped from relief, grimaced from the embarrassment and shamed of being bested so quickly, and then growled out of rage.

    Creed glared at the ethereal spheres hovering at opposite ends of his body, as well as the chains spewing out of the light that kept him shackled. After several failed attempts to force the steel to give from his superhuman strength, the feral anchored his attention onto Heimdall, who by now had taken several paces away from Victor and dismissively kept his back towards him.

    Heimdall didn’t say a word to animate the spheres again. They pulsated and released some of the tension in the chains that kept the naked feral bound and tethered to the floor. It took Creed seconds to figure out there was enough slack for him to stand upright without much difficulty. As he stood tall – but not taller than the Watcher – that’s when Creed took a moment to study where he was: they both were inside of a beautifully decorated, spacious room fit for the highest nobility, with ample windows along the walls that allowed the generous light of the moon to shine through. Racks of weapons and large bookcases filled with untold knowledge covered portions of the walls that the windows did not. Sparsely furnished, save the king sized bed in the center. And just past the gigantic guardian, Creed saw the only set of double doors in the room. He turned to try and walk towards one of the windows, but didn’t make a full stride before the chains yanked him still.

    “…Where am I…?” Creed snarled.

    “In a place none would consider looking for you”, replied Heimdall as he slowly turned to face his captive. How interesting that he would bring a prisoner to his own chambers instead of the dungeons where they belonged…

    “What for?”

    Heimdall didn’t answer, and merely blinked his eyes.

    “I asked ya’ a question! Ya’ speak when yer’ fuckin’ spoken to!”

    The Watcher continued to coldly gaze towards Creed, unfazed by the feral’s bravado and fast-rising fury.

    “Listen up good; ya’ better put me back where ya’ found me, an’ I mean right now! My little girl was hollerin’ out fer’ me---“

    Heimdall narrowed his nebula-colored eyes. “Concern yourself with her no longer.”

    “Th’ fuck you just say?! “

    “Forget you’ve ever known the Midgardian you call ‘Clarice’, for it is highly unlikely you will ever see her again.”

    And that’s when Creed lost it.

    “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY DAUGHTER?! WAS SHE SCREAMIN’ CAUSE OF SOMETHIN YOU DID?!” he roared as he thrashed against his chains. Every muscle in his naked body strained and swelled with conviction he’d be free if he pulled just a bit harder… “IF YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHIN’ HER---“ Creed lengthened his claws and reached to cut one of the chains away.

    Heimdall wasn’t surprised to see the adamantium claws fail to carve apart the magical metal. Nor was he surprised to hear the soldier’s sudden shriek of agony afterwards as Creed’s body began to violently spasm and shake. The feral couldn’t explain why he was in sudden turmoil, but Heimdall could.

    “What binds you – and your ‘daughter’ – are the irons that kept a creature you cannot possibly conceive to be real both docile and subservient.” Heimdall informed. “That pain you feel is a vicious harmony of the Allfather’s wrath, and another father’s lamentation that has cultivated into this over centuries of the most vile of imprisonment.”

    Creed could barely understand the Watcher’s words. In his fit of resistance, Creed thought his innards were boiling. He tried to grab and pry the links apart with his impressive strength, only to feel his skin tingle as though lightning struck him over and over, even though no bolts actually blasted him. Creed even went so far as to try and chop off his own arm at this shoulder – forgetting the rest of his bones were coated with the same metal that his claws were – and wound up deeply slicing into dense muscles, adding more to the misery his body woefully endured.

    But he somehow had the grim suspicion Clarice was going through a fraction of this pain, and it made Creed try even harder to get free, no matter the cost.

    Heimdall sighed as he watched the savage struggle to saw himself apart. With a small gesture of his armored hands, he manipulated the chains that held Creed as if he were a puppeteer: his legs were brought together and straightened while each arm was extended outward. Had there been a wooden cross behind him, Creed would have appeared to be crucified.

    “You would maim yourself…just to act upon a fevered dream you believe will lead to escape?”

    Creed’s shoulder rapidly repaired itself. Mutant blood dribbled from the closing wound and onto the tiled floor.

    “….I’m gonna kill you…” whispered Creed.

    Heimdall smiled as he shook his head and turned towards the doors to leave. “...No, you won't!”


    Sabretooth – crazed over the safety of his child – shouted every gory threat he could think of, even after Heimdall left him alone in his chambers to suffer. The Watcher wondered how long it would take Creed to realize pain from the chains would cease the instant he stopped being hostile to any Asgardian.

    Sleipnir struggled constantly for nearly a year before he figured it out. Will this mortal try to do the same, or will his body give out first? Hopefully you will not kill yourself too soon, Victor Creed. I need you alive and blind with rage in order for this to work.

    Heimdall ventured down the opulent halls of the Asgard palace, leaving Victor to his screams and his sadistic shouts of revenge, and kept him suspended in place in the center of his chambers. It was only until he reached the doors to the throne room that he addressed the guards that manned them, if only as a courtesy to protocol.

    “I know the hour is late, but I request an immediate audience with the Allfather. He will want to see me, I assure you."
    6:52 pm
    A New Challenger Arises.
    Godhood is not something a mortal could ever be ready for. Godhood, the very concept carries with it such implications of power and limitless might that it pulls to the darkest recesses of the very soul whispering to that animal side of the psyche all things possible. It is in that moment that a path is carved to be destroyer or protector. Today was a day that such choice was made. A choice that forever altered the world of a simple man.

    The day started as all others did the harpy screaming of his cell phone. Pulling him mind from the Stygian abyss that was slumber into the painfully aware world of the wakeful. A groan as arm snaked from under covers, flailing around on the night table with all the ability of a newborn baby. Finally brain settled his shit enough for touch on demonic noise maker to be gripped and lifted to one opened eye. A quick touch and swipe of finger silenced the apoloclyptic siren as a long and heavy sight filled the air. "Time to rise and make the donuts...." Called a gruff male voice as you average every day joe rose from solitary slumber and readied for the job ahead of him.

    Thirty minutes later he was dressed, showered, and shaved, making his way in a battered, twenty year old truck that ran these days on hopes and dreams it seemed. He was a roughneck by trade and the oil business had treated him well. Well enough to require his time nearly all day every day. It left little time for himself, but what little he did get would find him at local charities donating either time or money to see those in need given what he could. The radio was jamming to some local rock station as he sang and drummed along on his steering wheel. Suddenly there was a ear splitting roar as something fell streaking like the fist of a angry god from the heavens. The objects path lead it to earth, landing with a near explosion right before the truck hustling down the dirt road.

    What happened next was all a blur, but when it was over the truck was nose first in a crater with its front end crumpled around something. A door squeaked in protest as he kicked it open muttering enough curses to make a sailor blush, dropping out of the ruined cab with a heavy thud of workboots to the earth. "What in the seven actual fucks was that? Awe man look at my truck. My boss is going to be pissed." Called out to express his irritation. Still whatever he hit had to be large, and as such might be worth a penny to some space junk collector. That in mind he moved over in front of the shattered vehicle to see what must be a tail, or handle of something. "What the hell is it." Mused the tall and stocky male as hand reached out to grasp the exposed end.

    As contact of grip to item was made, a crack of lighting and roar of thunder not heard in centuries burst to life. The bolt of heavens fury slamming to earth right onto that exposed and gripped handle. It was then that memories and thoughts not the mans own, hell not mortal, assaulted his mind as head tilted back and he roared in pain. Visions of actions so debase and vile they would have destroyed a lesser man. Yet his flesh did not burn away and his bones turn to ash as explosion sounded, shockwave throwing both man and object back to wall of the impact crater. Blue eyes fluttering shut as the sheer magnitude of the moment sunk in. Mjolnir had chosen another, one of strength of mind and spirit. One untainted by unthinking and butchery. This was to be the reincarnation of Thor on this plane to wield the hammer as it should be. The blast of released and consumed power not only effecting the physical world, but that of the magical world would sense its reach as well.
    Friday, September 5th, 2014
    2:44 pm
    On the Other Side of Everything.... [for pinkportals]

    The portal that dragged Clarice Ferguson-Creed forcefully from her room snapped shut as the chains around her wrists immediately unsnapped and sank into the floor, melting away like water from her body.  She was in a fragrant garden, housed within a glass dome structure that reached its peak high above her and was supported by elaborate columns of stone and metal. She could see birds flying overhead though beyond that there were only stars and the deep emptiness of a night sky despite the bright and warm atmosphere of the garden itself. How it was possible to have a window to the stars while gardening in the sun was a bit of a mystery.

    She could hear humming somewhere in the garden and as she looked around to gain her bearings a woman waded through the foliage, holding a basket of herbs and flowers.  She wore a red button-up blouse and blue jeans while a wide-brimmed scarlet hat shaded her face and held back the mane of dark reddish-brown hair that tumbled down her back. She was a classic beauty, with olive toned skin and blue eyes that swept upward like a cat’s. She lifted her head slightly, her eyebrows arching up toward her hairline at sight of Clarice while her full lips parted in an “O” of surprise.

    “Oh!” The woman then exclaimed her expression shifting into a brilliant smile. “You’ve finally made it! I’m so glad.” She stepped further through the grass and knelt down beside Clarice, frowning as she reached to brush at the tears on Clarice’s face. “Oh, no worries, hon.  It’ll be alright.”  She said in a soft soothing voice.  “My sisters and I will keep you safe and everything will be fixed in no time. You’ll see.”

    Friday, August 22nd, 2014
    1:03 pm
    Never a Quiet Moment
    Should she add the bug robots? It would be a surprise she hadn't prepared the students for, but how often had the X-Men been confronted with something they hadn't planned on out on the battlefield?

    No, it would do them good to fight against something unexpected. While she was glad most of them hadn't had to live through a raid of real sentinels, fighting them in the Danger Room again and again, in every gruesome reinvented form Ororo and the other X-Men could remember, was making some of the older students a little cocky. That wasn't good - a healthy self-image would not help them once the first robot stuck his metal arm through the roof, stirring them from deep sleep and presenting an entirely different, uncontrolled menace than the danger room ever could.

    Just as Ororo prepared the addition to her training program, she was herself reminded that the unexpected was never far away at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. There was a banging at the door and two young voices calling her name.

    Ororo saved the progress she had made and let the machine shut down as she hurried over, opening the door.

    "What is the matter?"

    "Ms Munroe, there's a horse right outside." As the words came out of his mouth, the student seemed to realise how strange they sounded combined with his honestly panicked tone. "I mean, a really giant thing..."

    "It's some sort of demon horse!" The girl claimed. "It has eight legs."

    "Is there any sign of a rider?"

    "It doesn't look like it'd really need one to make trouble," the girl said.

    Ororo frowned slightly. "Stay inside," she commanded. "I will see what decided to visit us." With these words, she opened a window in the hallways and gracefully jumped out, staying airborne to have the advantage of a greater overview and a better opportunity for attack, if she needed it.
    Thursday, August 21st, 2014
    8:34 pm
    Back In The Thunder God's Chambers...
    As the alien sight of a massive eight-legged horse grabbed the attention of so many of the students – and surely one or two of the faculty – Victor Creed continued to slumber in the bed reserved for another blonde; one of divine and thunderous might. After his time with Loki had passed, the marvel of his healing factor unthawed frozen organs and soothed the blisters and burns the frost left on his skin. Thanks to the trickster’s “thoughtfulness”, Creed slept naked – his clothes magically melted into nothingness – and all of his expansive, hairy physique sprawled across the king sized mattress, more content than a king could ever be.

    This was a rare moment for Victor where the dreams he encountered in his sleep were entirely that of joy – the drool dribbling out the corner of his mouth was an embarrassing giveaway to how comfortable he was. In this lucid state, Victor lived happily with two blue skinned lovers at his side, and his pretty pink petunia that called him “Papa”. These magical creatures became his family; the three escorted him across the galaxy, exploring new worlds while periodically pummeling the many that challenged their combined might.

    It was bliss. A beautiful, dangerous< bliss….

    These dreams were what kept Creed from opening his eyes when rays of light rained in the room. He snored and subconsciously eased his shoulders into the mattress as the shape of a man contorted it. It went away as quick as it arrived, and Heimdall said not a word as he stood at the opposite end of the room.

    For now, the Watcher stayed true to his title and merely observed. However, in his hands – and the blade pointed to the floor – was his iconic broadsword. His posture was both relaxed and ready, and silently, Heimdall stared at Creed with the same vigilance that he watched the rest of the universe with.
    Monday, July 21st, 2014
    6:32 pm
    Making Preparations
    Loki waited a few moments as he watched Creed slip into heavy sleep. He paused there, reaching over to touch the feral's dog-tags, idly examining the bits of metal. It was amusing how such little things seemed to mean so much to Victor Creed. As ever, mortals were mired in a sentimentality that Loki rarely allowed himself. He frowned, mentally gathering himself. Mortals had taken him off his guard, weakened his resolve. He would not allow himself to be weakened by sentiment for his mortal allies.  To allow sentiment would create feelings of which enemies such as Heimdall and Odin would readily take advantage. Heimdall would come soon, and he still was unable to shield himself from the Watcher's gaze.  Odin's magic continued to pervert his own like venom seeping through his bones, corrupting the very core of his being. He'd been able to perform some magics in the last few hours since recovering but still found himself desperately hindered.  He could not shapeshift. He could not open a portal unless it was following one of Clarice's recent doors or if it was to a close location. He knew if he entered into true battle with another mage it would take greater efforts than ever to triumph.  All he had now were his words and his mind...and Creed's trust.  It was a fragile thing, but something he must handle with care to achieve satisfactory results. After he was sure that Creed was well and truly unconscious he laid the dog-tags back to rest on the feral's muscled torso that was already growing healthy tissue where there had once been blackened necropsy.

    Satisfied that his ally would recover with no further help from him, Loki stood and went toward Thor's closet, remembering the array of garments the thunder-god housed there. He found nothing worthy to wear while facing off with Asgard's sentinel and his frown darkened as he turned away from the closet, unsatisfied. Returning to the bathroom, Loki leaned down to retrieve the ruined length of leather that had once been a pair of trousers. He frowned, then used what little magic remained embedded in the leather to transfigure its shape and texture. The garment dissolved into mist, swirling in front of him and with another flick of magic and a clear image in his mind he altered it to his liking once again. He chose a familiar Midgardian garment that slid to cover his flesh in folds of black fabric. Now clothed in a crisp black three-piece suit, embellished with a green scarf that draped across the back of his neck somewhat lazily and gold cuff-links that glittered at his wrists, he felt a bit more like himself. The boots, like the trousers, were easily transfigured into sumptuous Italian leather Oxfords that completed the ensemble. It wasn't armor, but it would suffice. He didn't need to armor his body was his willpower that needed strength. For this battle Loki's armor need not be of metal and leather.

    He turned to the tub, waving his hand to dissipate the ice crystals still floating there, melting them down into steam that wafted behind the mage in a gentle cloud as he exited the bathroom. The tub itself seemed undamaged in the blizzard following Loki's Jotunn form and the water that had flooded the area was slowly evaporating away so that the area was no longer a disaster. He was dressed and Creed was resting. Loki felt his work in cleaning up his own mess complete. True, he was sure that Thor would not thank him for the presence of a naked Victor Creed in his bed, but he'd approach that issue when the need arose. He stepped toward the door into the hallway, closing his eyes and feeling for the unique aura that was Clarice within their "palace."

    When he found her he didn't open a portal within her room, he chose to walk the halls.  He used the short walk to cement plans and solidify his own resolve. Clarice, like her father, needed to be treated the flood so evidenced. If she suspected that he had ill intentions toward her family the result would be messy and difficult to repair. As he considered all possible avenues and conversations he would have in the near future he paid little attention to the mortals he passed as he glided toward the warm presence of Clarice in his mind, stopping only when he reached her door. He took a deep steadying breath then raised a hand to knock upon the door. He knew that all he needed to do here was check on the girl and ready himself for Heimdall's arrival...somehow he thought it wouldn't be nearly so simple.

    He'd learned long ago that nothing in the life of a god was simple.

    ((OOC: for pinkportals = Clarice))
    4:17 pm
    [OOC] The Story So Far....

           Loki arrives on Earth after a violent exchange in Asgard. He's been injured and is magically drained...and is furious with Odin above all things. Thor finds the injured Trickster and offers to help, an offer that Loki seems to make the dark-haired mage skeptical and confused. He decides to play along with Thor's game, trying to discern why Thor is acting so strangely. The conversation drops clues that reality is somewhat askew.

    Thor is not loyal to Odin; both he and Loki express desires to see the King dead. Thor has been banished to Midgard for months; Loki finds this curious being that Thor aided in driving him out of Asgard and he'd seen the thunder-god just that morning. Thor's mannerisms are warmer and more fraternal than Loki has known in centuries.  Loki concludes that this is somehow a different person from the Thor he knew but maintains the name and appearance of the thunder-god that they have been caught in an overlap of dimensions wherein several duplicates exist. There was a duplicate of Loki himself, a fact to which the trickster reacted with some irritation. He lets Thor continue to believe that they are "brothers" and uses the thunder-god's sentiment to get himself healed.

           Thor introduces Loki to mortals and sees to medical care for the injured trickster. While Thor sleeps Loki wanders, meeting Clarice Ferguson-Creed. He finds that she is able to create portals, a power that Loki considers useful while the girl herself is sweet enough to warm the Trickster's hardened heart.

           Clarice offers Loki a picnic and opens a portal to gather materials for said picnic at a nearby Pier 1.  While she's gone Loki feels a power calling to him from far away and upon recognizing the power and re-opens Clarice's portal and follows her.  She is skeptical at first, being that no one had ever followed her after she closed a portal behind her in the past. Once Loki explains that he needs her help and that he doesn't have any carnal intentions toward her she calms somewhat.  Its then she realizes that she was standing in the middle of a shop in the act of "borrowing" some chinaware (which she accidentally broke after Loki startled her). She opens a portal to the roof to escape any cameras that might see them and expresses her frustration. All she wanted was to do something nice and, as usual, everything goes awry.  Clarice becomes upset by recent events of bullying at school and accidentally spills the contents of her purse.  It seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back and she bursts into tears. 

    It was at that moment that Loki had the extreme misfortune to meet Victor Creed.

         Victor attacks Loki thinking that the trickster has harmed Clarice. Thankfully Kurt stops the attack. Clarice thinks that Kurt is attacking her father and leaps in to the fray, the three of them wrestling in a chaotic jumble.  Loki uses some of the magic he's managed to regenerate to freeze the trio, explaining that he did not harm Clarice, had no intentions to do so, and that his only desire was to ask if the girl would help him to free someone important to him...his son. His use of magic more than his words affect the group, causing instant suspicion from Kurt,

           Suspicious of Loki's motivations Creed gives him 10 words to explain himself. Clarice begs for Creed to give Loki the benefit of the doubt and let him speak.  Creed increases Loki's explanation time to 20 words. Irritated, Loki explains his innermost plan using the first 10 words offered: "Odin stole my son from me. I want him back."

           This causes a ripple of reaction in the trio facing him. He has Creed's rapt attention. Creed has claimed Odin to be his prey for the Hunt and will focus on nothing but seeing the Asgardian king dead.  This makes him a prime candidate to become Loki's ally. On the other hand, Kurt wishes to turn Creed's hunt to less deadly prey or stop the Hunt altogether. Clarice's gentle heart seems to melt immediately with compassion for Loki's lost child and for Loki's suffering in the wake of the Ragnarok prophecy.  Kurt becomes suspicious of the Trickster's motives, citing Ragnarok and the prophesy of destruction. He knows of Norse myth and that if Loki and his children are reunited there is said to be dire consequences.

           Loki quickly refutes the prophecy, claiming that Odin lied to turn Asgard against him and banished the children unjustly for crimes not yet committed.  With some hesitance Kurt agrees that Jormungandr and the other children committed no crimes even in the lore, thus do not deserve exile...perhaps giving some credibility to the Trickster's claims. He does not entirely trust the magic-user but feels that Loki's desperation might be genuine.

           They begin to plan how to free the Serpent from his captivity. Clarice leaves to rest while Kurt, Creed, and Loki continue to discuss logistics.  With her gone Creed offers the idea that Jormungandr, whom he calls "Georgie" might be murderously angry after his long incarceration.  Loki accepts this and agrees that  if "Georgie" proves to be a danger then Creed would "humanely" put an end to the Serpent.  The acceptance was clearly the last thing Loki even wanted but he understood that measures would be taken to prevent the need for Jormungandr's death. While considering options of how to get Jor out of the water and possible allow him to vent his anger Loki reveals that "Georgie" may be of titanic size, dwarfing a city.

           For the first time in a while Victor Creed is struck with terror at the idea of such a large enemy.  The idea that a creature that would dwarf a city even exists and that it is contained by nothing more than the will of Odin causes Creed to second-guess his Hunt and his own abilities. Thus he lashes out at Loki, clawing the Trickster and slamming him through the roof into the store below.

           Surprisingly enough, Loki takes the violence without a whimper, using his own injuries to show Creed that Asgardians can be hurt and killed just like any other man. Creed takes that moment to inflict what would be a mortal wound on any other man, puncturing a lung and holding Loki still as he watches the Asgardian bleed.  Loki does not struggle, only glares angrily that the feral is using him as a pincushion, but allows it to prove a point. Creed accepts this as a verification of Loki's devotion toward the plot to free Jor and set Asgard aflame.

           Loki withstands the test and when offered "one shot" in return Loki proves that he is not a man to take abuse without giving back.  He shoves his fist into Creed's stomach, stating that "blood for blood is fair" and leaves it at that. Loki's acceptance the "one shot, no muss no fuss once its over" seeming to fill the blonde feral with amusement and respect. At Loki's comment that he might need a healer to treat the hole in his lung and the section of colon Creed is currently missing, Creed laughs and shows Loki what his healing factor can do. Seeing this, Loki realizes that with that fist in the stomach he has managed to conscript a nearly invincible ally, an idea that fills him with unfamiliar pleasure. For the first time in centuries the god feels that the was hope for victory after all.

           Kurt reminds the pair that he will not partake in their particular brand of male bonding and at Creed's gruff request takes them back to the mansion so that Loki could be healed.  After Creed and Kurt have left Loki to heal the trickster is visited by Heimdall's presence. The Watcher informs him that his continued plot to free his children will meet with disaster and death, a fate that he'll share with the mortals of Midgard. The comment is shockingly similar to the Ragnarok myth, which Loki believes to be a lie. After informing the trickster of the possible outcome of his search Heimdall disappears, leaving Loki to heal and stir in his own resentment.  He now knows that Heimdall sees him and expects that an agent of Asgard, most likely the Thor he knows, will be sent to put an end to him.

           After healing Loki returns to the sleeping version of his "brother" and informs Thor that they are not from the same world and that his world is very different from what Thor knows. Loki tells Thor about Ragnarok and the fate of his children. Loki describes his "brother" as a wardog completely loyal to Odin and "often the instrument of my misfortune." He describes himself as a favored chew-toy. Thor accepts this with some horror and offers his assistance in bringing down Odin and his evil counterpart. He tells Loki that in his world Odin violated his version of Loki and banished Thor to the mortal world to be rid of him. He agrees that killing Odin, no matter the version (so long as he proved evil of course), would be cathartic.  Loki agrees in this and makes a mental note to find this Thor's "father" and behead him.  Just for giggles and his own pleasure.Loki informs him that due to his similarity to Odin's heir, Loki's children would be less than pleased at first sight of him and to approach such meetings with caution.

           Loki casually suggests that Creed might be of use while logistically planning their battle strategy and discovers that the thunder-god has some distaste toward Victor. Thor describes Victor as a "madman" and a "vile beast", words with which Loki has an instant and vicious response.  Unlike Victor he does not lash out with violence, instead he cuts with words. He tells Thor that if he feels such a way about Victor then perhaps he's best keep his distance from Jor and the other children. Loki explains that they, too, possess unfettered instincts and vicious honesty. Loki claims " I would not wish to inflict them upon you if you find it so very distasteful" though the comment drips with resentment. Thor immediately attempts to rectify his comment and explain that Loki's children are bestial by circumstance while Creed is simply a murderous psychopath, but before he can make such an explanation Clarice suddenly appears before them in a flash of fuschia.

           Clearly upset, the girl gives them news of an injustice toward a new inhabitant of the house - a version of Creed that has just appeared on site. She explains to the Asgardians that Logan wishes to put a monitoring device on the new feral, an idea with which Clarice takes instant offense. To her it is the same as the instant judgmental attitudes levied against her father. She thinks it unfair that the other version of Creed is punished for a past indiscretion, as well as the idea of crimes yet committed.  Having suffered punishment for crimes not yet committed Loki agrees to help the girl argue for the unknown feral's freedom, his words bringing Thor to agree with Loki's conclusions about the unfair treatment.

           They speak with Logan, who feels justified in tracking a dangerous enemy (even though the enemy has yet to do anything more dangerous than eat breakfast), and during the argument Loki states the unfairness of judging a person before knowing their true crimes. Logan's argument is addressed in reference to a Victor Creed that he knew in his reality. Its a sentiment that Loki finds it curious that if this version of Creed is meant to be monitored then so, too, might everyone appearing at their doorstep. They continue to argue, Thor finding Logan's attempts to track the feral justified in the name of caution and informs Clarice of her father's Hunt as evidence of a vicious attitude run rampant.  Loki calmly informs them that if they mean to judge everyone in such a way then they'd best do so to all who live in the mansion, as he would happily kill them all to further his plans. Feeling overwhelmed, Clarice loses her temper, opening a portal which connects to the bottom of the Loch Ness.

           Logan and Thor are instantly flattened by the force of water through the portal and soon the sublevel is nearly flooded. Clarice instantly regrets her actions but after after being hit in the head by a panicked fish she loses consciousness.  Loki manages to keep her from being swept away or pulled under but soon realizes, with shock and horror, that Jormungandr has used the portal to enter the sublevels of the mansion.  Loki is unable to close Clarice's portal and finds it surprising when Jormungandr pulls both Thor and Logan to safety before withdrawing toward the portal once more. Meanwhile the jet hanger deep within the sublevels opens to allow water to drain away but the torrent remains unstopped, threatening to drown them all. With his son's voice ringing in his mind, Loki gathers enough composure to surround the portal in a cube of magic, shutting off the flood waters. While the three of them recover from the shock of the flood Loki sees that Jormungandr has stayed within the water and now floats in the cube.

           Jormungandr reveals a human form, difficult to see due to the murky water though his eyes glow blue with power.  Loki is unprepared for the confrontation with his son. Jor attempts to confront Thor but the thunder-god, uncertain of how to explain himself and the overlapping of worlds, offers to leave so that Loki may speak with his son. Loki agrees to his suggestion, stating that he'd do what he can to calm Jor before introducing Thor and making plans to undo Odin's spells that keep Jor captive.

           Before Thor can leave, Heimdall appears and makes an offer: He will give Loki what he needs to break the spells holding Jormungandr and the other children captive...but only if the Trickster will hand over Clarice in trade.  Loki refuses, seeming to lose a little of his sanity from the force of the rejection, and attacks Heimdall. He violently rejects the idea of turning over another child to Asgardian "mercy" after all that he and his family have suffered. Heimdall does not counterattack.  Instead he calls forward unfamiliar magic and closes off the portal moments before teleporting both himself and Jormungandr to places unknown.

           Realizing that Heimdall has stolen his child from right under his nose, Loki nearly collapses into black despair. He quickly finds a way to fend off sorrow by concentrating upon the magic that stole his son away. He falls deep into contemplation of the Watcher's magic, trying to find where he's gone and what new magic he's using to negate Loki's spells, and Thor slips away to leave Loki alone with his thoughts. He's seen the mage fall into such studies before and not emerge for days...he's certain that an hour or two while Thor showers wouldn't be too long an isolation.

           After hours of contemplation Loki manages to break the spells locking Clarice's portal in place. From there he's able to examine Heimdall's sigil and find the familiar pinholes in the Watcher's power. Loki follows the Watcher back to Asgard inadvertently, directly into Odin's throne room.  Fortunately able to painfully manipulate his shape before all of his essence is transported through Heimdall's teleportation magic.  Loki transforms into a sparrow and listens while the two gods argue. Odin feels that Heimdall has been rebellious in refusing to repair the bi-frost (which Loki corrupted while escaping, making it suicide to use in its current state). Heimdall informs the king that he is ever-loyal to Asgard and its king. He notes that Odin merely asked him to find Loki and that he wishes to know what the Trickster plans to do in the future. They both agree that the Trickster's devotion to his cause should be tested to see the measure of how dangerous he proves to be to Asgard.  If he has given up on the children then he is of no consequence.  If Loki refuses to relent then he and all of the children should be put to death.

           Loki finds them speaking as though Ragnarok were a true prophecy, a thought that unsettles him. They find his refusal to trade Clarice for Jormungandr interesting, positing that perhaps the Trickster has gone mad with grief and has no hope of seeing his children again.  To test their theory, Odin agrees to attempt another trade with Loki.  This time he will trade Loki's eldest son, Sleipnir, for Victor Creed.

           He doesn't know why they want Victor, but he knows he must return to his mortal ally and make plans.  He and Creed briefly argue, Victor assuming that Loki had no intention of doing anything more than facilitating the trade. Loki assures him that he was about to make an exit plan before Victor lost his temper and flung him out a window. Creed tells Loki that he hopes this isn't a ruse, swears he'll smear the Trickster if it is, and informs Loki that this should happen soon before Creed loses his patience.
    Loki becomes immediately infuriated at the feral's claim of impatience, a feeling that's soon steeped in bitterness when Creed states his plans to have dinner with his daughter and spend the day with her to get over the anger.  The anger and jealousy is a bitter pill. 

    "I will make good on this. I only wish to keep you alive after you've gutted your target so that you might have dinner with your daughter and continue your life. Your goal at the end of all of this bullshit is the same as mine." He added, the words leaving his mouth like venom. His hands curled into fists at his sides, his anger making him clench one hand so tight that the knuckles popped. "All I want at the end of this is to be with my children and live my fucking life. Surely you understand that! I will unleash you upon Asgard's royal family...have no worry about that. It has been my sole desire since I met you."

    With that Loki walks away, infuriated that Creed speaks of impatience while Loki has waited <i>centuries</i> for even a hope of a normal life. Realizing that Loki's anger is justified Creed catches up with his Asgardian ally and apologizes. Not for his words but that he forgot Loki is in a similar situation to himself, a father. It is gruff and short, but genuine. He tells Loki that the hunger for the Hunt is like a fever and makes it harder for him to think straight but that the spoils of this Hunt make it possible for him to gather some patience.  Loki is reminded of his son Fenrir and the wolf's need to hunt even when food was abundant.  He knows that for some predators the hunt was not merely for was for power. He accepts the apology and sheds some of the anger by agreeing that "the waiting gnaws at one's sanity with every passing day."

           After the moment of understanding between the two men, Loki informs Creed that he needs a shower after the flood, a sentiment with which Creed wholeheartedly agrees. They speak more of what to expect in Asgard while Loki makes use of Thor's bathtub.  Unexpectedly, Creed learns more about Loki's past and his motivations.

           He learns that Loki was subjected to centuries of torture...and that he was forced to watch one of his sons be murdered so that the Trickster could be bound to a stone with the child's entrails.  The imagery shocks Creed and makes him think of his own past, how he might feel if he'd watched someone tear open Clarice...the sensation of her entrails on his skin.  The horror of the almost casual statement gives Creed a sudden realization that despite being in different skins, from different worlds, he and Loki were the same animal deep down. He knows with all certainty that both he and Loki would send worlds to ruin to save their child. For the first time in all his life Creed makes a vow to himself that he will help another person not for personal gain but to aid someone important to him. Like Kurt, he now sees Loki as someone of importance.

           Loki shows further trust and respect to the feral, revealing his Jotun form for the first time to mortal eyes.  Unfortunately he does so while in a tub with Creed pressed to his back, not realizing how drastically the cold radiating off him would affect the surroundings.    The resulting frostbite leaves Creed nearly dead even with his healing abilities.  Loki tends to the feral's injuries, using what magic he feels he can spare. Despite his near death Creed seems to be in good spirits and is only grumpy that he requires rest before he can do anything else. Loki leaves Creed to lay in Thor's bed and heal and goes to check on Clarice.

           Loki has transformed his clothes from his Asgardian armor into a sleek Italian suit and now waits for Heimdall to offer the deal.  Unbeknownst to him Sleipnir has been told that if he cannot convince Loki to accept the deal then his life will be forfeit.  The eight-legged warhorse has been beaten into submission by Thor, his legs bound in chains, eyes hooded, and his fate sealed.  He has agreed to try and convince his father, but in some small part of his mind he hopes that his father has the strength to refuse, grieve, and continue to fight.  Clarice and Kurt have rested while all of this occurs. Loki must know make preparations for the deal he knows Heimdall will offer...a tricky business. He knows Heimdall is watching and that both Clarice and Kurt will reject the idea of Creed going with the Asgardian in return for Loki's son.

    Plot continues in: Making Preparations
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