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[27 Nov 2013|12:37am]

FROM: rhogan <>
TO: [Torchwood]
DATE: November 26 2013
SUBJECT: Thanksgiving

You have one new message )
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[26 Sep 2013|04:24pm]

Who: Wade Wells, members of Torchwood, npced members of the Allies Lounge staff.
What: You think you know your bartender...
When: September 26th
Where: The Allies Lounge/ later various places

The late shift was something that Wade had gotten used to )
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[14 Sep 2013|08:48pm]

Who: Martha Jones and Jack Harkness
What: The trials and tribulations of putting together a nursery
When: Saturday, September 14, 2013
Where: Harkness/Jones Home

she had gotten more and more frustrated as they went along, with the inability to continue doing things that once would have been easy )
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[05 Sep 2013|10:07pm]

Who: 10, Martha and Jack
What: Results. The long awaited results
When: September 5, 2013
Where: Cardiff, TARDIS

He turned to the controls and brought the TARDIS back into the Hub. It was time. )
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[03 Sep 2013|11:52pm]

FROM: R. Hogan <>
TO: Gwen <>
DATE: September 3, 2013


So you're still checked into the hotel, right? Nothing's changed on that front?
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[25 Jul 2013|04:41pm]

Who: Ianto Jones and Martha Jones
What: Testing waters and making life 'difficult' for Jack
When: Backdated to a day or so AFTER "The Many Loves of Captain Jack Harkness", before Tosh's return
Where: Cardiff Hub
Why: Because we say so!

discussions )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:58pm]

Who: The Doctor, OTA
What: The Doctor crashes... again
Where: Cardiff
When: 6-9-2011

A crash landing. )
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[25 Jul 2013|05:14pm]

Who: 10, Martha, Jack, Torchwood characters npced.
What: The doctor FINALLY checks his messages
When: July 8, 2013
Where: Cardiff Hub and surroundings

Better late than never? )
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[25 Jul 2013|05:13pm]

Who: Jack Harkness and the Family Jones
What: Three months are up. Telling the semi-inlaws.
Where: Francine and Clive's home in London
Why: Because it will be very difficult to keep this from them in the long run...

Time to tell the In-Laws )
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[25 Jul 2013|05:09pm]

Who: Robert Hogan, Jack Harkness, npc customers/staff, anyone else we decide
What: Hogan returns, discussions, drinks
When: Backdated to three days before Christmas 2012.
Where: The Allies Lounge

What did he toast to? )
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[25 Jul 2013|05:07pm]

<Who: Martha Jones and Jack Harkness
What: Dealing, getting back to work, the world needs saving... even if someone is missing
When: December 7, 2012.
Where: Martha's place, then the Hub.
Why: Ianto is gone again... =(

And so it begins! )
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[25 Jul 2013|05:02pm]

Who: Colonel Hogan and the Torchwooders
What: Robert comes down to see the Hub and has a few interesting things to say. There could be a weevle attack. Wouldn't that be fun?
When: October 18, 2012 before opening time for The Allies Lounge
Where: Roahl Dahl Plass

I think you stole something from the Stalag 13 play book, here.  )
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[25 Jul 2013|05:00pm]

Who: Martha and Ianto Jones
What: The day after Ianto's first disappearance
When: Severely backdated to match up with the thread where Ianto disappears because of rift activity
Where: Morning, the hub

Jack brought Ianto back the next day. )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:59pm]

Who: Martha Jones, Jack Harkness and INTRODUCING a new character
What: Jack is bored, Martha has had enough of him vandalizing her lab.
When: Backdated to July 9, 2011
Where: The Hub and then a club in Cardiff, you'll see.
Why: Because Martha knows Jack needs to get out. Camera Spying can only get you so far
Status: Closed, incomplete

This is the Army, Mr. Jones )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:56pm]

Who: Jack and Ianto
When: The night before they see the Doctor 6-8-2011
Where: Ianto's Apartment

Read more... )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:47pm]

Who: Martha Jones and Ianto Jones, open to torchwood charies after initial back and forth.
What: A lull between Alien incidents
When: Evening, May 9, 2011
Where: Torchwood Hub
Why: Because I say so!
Status: See who

This was supposed to be a time for relaxing, not pessimism. )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:42pm]

WHO: Team Torchwood!
WHERE: The Hub - Cardiff, Wales
WHEN: The first day Tosh turns back up at the Hub
WHAT: Jack and the team need to know she's back

Welcome Back Tosh )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:39pm]

Who: Martha Jones, Ianto Jones and Jack Harkness (Once he wakes up)
What: The return AND a BIG talk!
When: Forward dated to Saturday morning, April 8, 2011
Where: Cardiff Hub
Why: Because from this point forward the relationships of Jack Harkness (and I do mean Ships) get a little bit more interesting.

The many loves of Captain Jack Harkness. )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:33pm]

Who: Jack and Ianto
Where: Hub, The Beacons, then London
Status: Complete
Rating: R

Now you see me... )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:25pm]

Who: The Family - or ALMOST family - Harkness, and maybe Nexus!Ianto and Owen (if we wanna npc them)
What: The Dark Nexus rears its ugly head (and I do mean UGLY)
When: February 9, 2011
Where: Torchwood Hub, Cardiff, Wales
Why: Because the evilest of evil is yet to happen.

She hated paperwork, but with Melissa there at least it wouldn't be boring until Jack got back... )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:15pm]

Who: Jack Harkness, Martha Jones, Melissa Harkness
What: Jack's nexus. (Martha is an Illusion!)
When: January 21, 2011
Where: Harkness Home, Cardiff and Elsewhere
Status: Closed, completed log

Jack was lounging on the sofa, one arm over his eyes as he caught a nap. )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:10pm]

Who: Torchwood personnel
What: Invasion
When: 11-19 2010
Where: Wales, where the mothership has landed
Why: Becuase all good plots come to an end, and secrets need to be revealed.
Status: Open to Torchwood personnel and anyone who wants to jump in as npc skrulls

This was her territory. And they would soon no longer be a problem.  )
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[25 Jul 2013|04:02pm]

Who: Jash (Skrull!martha) and the members of Torchwood
What: The invasion begins in Wales
When: 2010-10-25
Where: Torchwood Hub, Cardiff, Wales
Why: Because the Skrulls have to show their superiority and... well you'll see.
Status: Open to Torchwood Personnel

And at that she set them off, causing a massive explosion within the hub.  )
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[25 Jul 2013|03:52pm]

Who: Ianto and Jack
What: A Break
When: Afternoon, 2010-09-17
Where: On the Dock in front of the Tourist Shop
Rating: PG-13ish?

Didn't mean he liked to go in the office, though )
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[25 Jul 2013|02:57pm]

Who: Skrull!Martha Jones and Skrull!Jessica Drew
Where: Landing in the UK, then near Torchwood
When: Afternoon
What: Reconnoitre and deliveries
Warnings: Plotting to take over the world

The devil is in the details in an invasion. )
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