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    Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
    11:25 pm
    Jess yawned stretching as she climbed out of bed and padded towards the bathroom in her favourite Smurfs PJ's. She's had the most bizarre dreams about falling and moving and, well it had caused her to wake up feeling a little queasy, almost like she had motion sickness. She rubbed her face as she stepped in front of the sink and sleepily opened her eyes to look at herself. It took her a moment to notice, but the moment she did she double taked. She scowled looking around the bathroom and panic gripped her. This was not her bathroom. She rushed back into the bedroom to see, that that too was not hers. It was far to pink and fluffy. She screamed racing to the door. Surprised to find it open she ran down the stairs and to the front door. Expecting to find it locked she pulled it open and almost jumped away when it swang open. She ran down the path, her fear worsening to see it wasn't even her neighbour hood. She didn't recognize it not one bit.
    She screamed, screamed until her throat was raw expecting someone to come out of one the pretty little houses to see what was wrong. But not a single person came to explore. She looked at the picket fence hugging herself to try and stop the shivering. She finally noticed something that truely shocked her, there near the pavement was a letter box, little flag up indicating there was mail.
    The Letter box read 'Moore'. She went over and gingerly took the little pink envelope from with in which was labelled Jessica. She cautiously opened it to read the words 'Welcome to Trappuccino, your new home' "oh this isn't good" she murmered, the image of the Truman show flooding her mind.

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    Current Music: Four Star Mary - Pain
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