Jun. 27th, 2008



This is Cissy. She is Frankie's younger cousin and Vinnie's older cousin that is coming to Halcyon to learn how to harness her powers, or maybe just make them dormant enough that she can function perhaps. Anything you might wanna know about her is included in her bio. She was very wordy! I'll probably pop her in before week's end but Frankie gets first dibs! And then Vinnie if he wants to see his cousin for the first time in a while. Her guide is Leecee so we definitely have to scene those two as well. I have a feeling she will see a LOT of her. She's kinda needy.

Oh, and this is Nikki. LOL

May. 6th, 2008



So I didn't get the job and I am really pissed off. I wouldn't be so mad if I didn't know for sure that I am more qualified for it and that the only reason the person that got it got it is because she is best friends with the girl that is screwing the boss. I wish I had some boxes so I could start packing. I have way too much energy to be sitting here doing nothing. Anyone up for a scene or something? Like now? Tonight? Cause I could so use a distraction.

I think I am just going to go to bed...

Mar. 24th, 2008


Hiyas! So I just wanted to say that I have nothing on the table for this week so far so if anyone is interested in starting up a scene, that would be lovely. I do have an open one here that I went back and changed to be set on Week Six: Sunday since I wasn't too clear on how the time went previously when I posted it so I guess I shouldn't get her stuck most of the way through the week already. But uhm yeah, if anyone is in Terenne house and would like to jump in there, that would be awesome, or if anyone has any ideas for something else they would like to do, that would be great too. You can reply here or send me a poke on aim: Nikkiroleplays

Peace out!

Dec. 18th, 2007


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