March 20th, 2008

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Ye grande list of plotholes

Hey, we're here because we love our Outer Zone. And, as asn admitted Oz nut, I will gladly put Long-Mitchell and Van Sickle's concoction in the top five.

However, the plot holes? You could fly a baloon through them!

So, let's get started.

1) The Eclipse was a WEEK away when DG landed. Exactly WHEN did Em and Hank plan to drop the bombshell?

2) For that matter, why was it that the Witch didn't detect D.G. years earlier?

3) Why didn't ANYONE recognize Ambrose? I know the zipper and the lobotomy made him a little hard to connect Glitch to the former advisor. Still, someone should have, especially after that 4-part wanted poster came out.

4) How did Cain survive in the Suit, much less be any degree of sane?

5) Why was Raw in the Papay fields?

6) What exactly had Raw done to earn Lylo's scorn? ("He's not one of us.")

7) Why didn't the Queen try to exorcise the Witch or contain Az?

8) Az referrs to Ahamo as a "thief" when meeting D.G. Where did that come from?

9) A three-story plunge, followed by a plunge through ice and into freezing water AFTER getting his ass kicked by Zero...Again, how did Cain survive?

10) The Mobats took D.G. and Raw. But they also had Glitch cornered. Why did they leave him behind?

11) Tutor says he was jailed for 15 years. However, Az couldn't have been in charge that long, as she was still only a girl when she Force Choked her kid sister 15 annuals earlier. Was there, again, more to man-mutt's story than he admitted to?

12) The Witch's plan was an eternal night? Ummm...why?

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