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Through the Time Vortex


May 18th, 2008

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So Dad,

There's this whole universe thing out there yeah? What do you want to do first? Or is it where do you want to go first?

May 10th, 2008

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Now how did I end up here? Wasn't trying to come here.

April 28th, 2008

Game Rules

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This is a Doctor Who-verse game. This includes Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Audios and Adventures. Any Who-verse character, including the different regenerations of the Doctor. Who-verse people can arrive in various ways, depending on who they are. Either the TARDIS brought them here, they were sucked through the Time Vortex, came through the Rift or have some type of teleportation system. As things go on, new threats will pop-up as will old threats.

1. Please play nice. Drama happens, I realize this, however, please try and keep it out of the game. This is meant for fun and that’s what I want it to be.
2. This is, obviously, not a fully canon game. If it were, well we’d have a time paradox of ultimate proportions. While that could be fun, it could make for a short game! With that in mind, please don’t complain about how someone plays a character. Especially since we all have different visions in our heads for even the canon characters.
3. I know that with the different Doctor’s, those that pick up the other companions might gravitate towards “their” Doctor. Please try not to do that so much. In other words, I encourage you greatly to interact with everyone in the comm.
4. This is a mature game. Major language, high possibility of smut in the logs, violence, etc. We do put labels and warnings, particularly in logs, but if you aren’t 17, don’t app. And please be honest when you do app a character, because I won’t hesitate to kick someone out if I find out that they lied to me.
5. Once you have apped your character, please choose a PB (played by). These are going to be fairly easy for canon characters, unless you app a younger version of… say… the First Doctor. You need at least a default icon in your journal.
6. If you are using current season information or picking up a new character introduced, you must put spoiler stuff behind a cut so as not to spoil others. The only exception to his with new characters is covered in rule 7.
7. New characters introduced- If the character is going to be a regular or recurring, you need to wait 5 episodes (for a regular) or all the episodes they are scheduled in (recurring) before you can begin playing them. You may request a hold on them when they first air, but must wait that long to actually play them.
8. Rule on holds- if the character is rumored or hasn’t aired yet, no holding. Once you put a hold on them and do not need to follow the hold rule because they are new, I will hold the character for one month, unless you request an extension on the hold.
9. Versions of characters- This is a tricky rule because there have been ten (10) incarnations of the Doctor. I am allowing a MAXIMUM of three (3) of the same incarnation (ie. 3 Tenth Doctors or 3 Ninth Doctors). However, the exception for this is that a single player can have NO MORE than two (2) of the same character/incarnation. This allows others to play that character if they wish. However, you do need the okay from the other players to pick up the same character. Less drama that way.
10. Original characters ARE welcome! You follow the same procedure with them as you would with canon characters of finding a PB for them and what not. It is required that you put some of their history into their user info as well. I am most likely going to have a wiki and the information MUST go there as well.

How to Apply:
1. Look at the holds list that will be attached and updated in the user info of the community. Make your choice on who your character is that you want, create their journal, then send an email to in order to app the character. Please include the following information:
a. Character name
b. Journal name
c. PB name
d. AIM name
e. Show (ie. Doctor Who, Torchwood, etc.)
f. If you know the mod, you only need to send the above information. If you do NOT know the mod or someone that does, please also send a sampling of how your style of play.
2. Wait for mod approval before joining the MAIN comm. If it takes more than two days to get response, check in with the mod to see if your app was received. Sometimes I need a nudge!
3. Once you’ve been approved, make sure that you are joined to the meta, ooc and log comms.

Oh and the most important thing of all? HAVE FUN!
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