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[13 Jan 2019|06:43pm]

thistle do nicely is a floral design studio located in Portland, Oregon. Our boutique combines our love for flowers + thoughtfully curated gifts. We create organic garden-style designs and are continually amazed and inspired by the different details and beauty of nature's gifts that each season brings.

We specialize in weddings, daily arrangements, and also offer a bloom bar.

Our curated, in-store experience allows our customers to pick exactly what flowers they want. Flowers are sold per stem and can be customized to fit every budget and need. Bring up your selection to our bar and we will wrap them for you to take home! If you’d like your stem bar selection to be arranged by one of our designers, you’re welcome to order off of our arrangement menu.

Appointments with the head designer and shop owner, Benjamin Faber, can be set for a discussion on the language of flowers and their arrangements to convey the exact sentiment desired. Appointments are approximately forty-five minutes long.

Do you have something really special growing in your garden and want to pass on the beauty? Bring it into our store and we’ll set it out in our community blooms vase for others to take and give you a discount on your next purchase!

If the blooms aren't currently in stock, but you'd like them to be, be sure to call in or stop by to place a special order.

The flowers in our arrangements are carefully sourced and selected to be the freshest in-season blooms. We currently offer arrangements for pick up at our store or delivery (add $10) to anywhere in Portland. Deliveries outside the city will incur an additional fee. Arrangements are designer’s choice unless specified with the order, and we will happily try to accommodate any reasonable requests!

small arrangement: $55
This petite arrangement is just the right amount of flowers to brighten someone’s day. 8-10 blooms + foliage.

medium arrangement: $80
This medium arrangement is not too small and not too big! Just the perfect amount of blooms to send someone’s way. 13-18 blooms + foliage.

large arrangement: $115
This large arrangement really makes a statement! It is overflowing with lots of blooms, foliage and fun textural bits. 22-27 blooms + foliage.

When you are ready to place your order, please contact us here.

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