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Threads with me? [27 May 2011|08:25am]
Hey Everyone,

I've started a new job that will ramp up to over 40 hours next week but I have really good hours and will have the later afternoon/evenings + weekends off so once I get into that groove then I should be on more regularly. I have a high school graduation to go to tonight and I'm visiting family, but I should get caught up on tags today. If anyone wants to start a thread with one of my chars for the current week change go ahead and save a spot and we can work out the details next time we're able to talk.

<3 Sara
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[27 May 2011|04:59pm]
Hey! So I've finally put up a thread,a nd it is finally OPEN for plottage. (I know, just in time for the week change, oops) So any characters interested, jump on in! :)
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