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Excitedness XD [29 Apr 2011|12:36am]
Heylow everyone, Raye here. Unfortunately only one character at the moment but that'll change in the future of course, but anyway, here's Bunny and you can check out her info but be warned. Gotta' be a friend first to view everything.
She's a new arrival coming into Clayton but Bunny is definitely a chick you wanna see if you need your hair cut, she definitely knows her way around with a pair of scissors with all kinds of hair, doesn't have a problem with men's hair either though she may be a tad more nervous since she's shy and all. Also pretty broken hearted since she lost the love of her life along with so much other things in her life.

A good portion of you guys I've seen around and others I've met already, hi there and nice to meet you :-). If you'd like to get into contact with me, no worries, I don't bite. My aim is LehaneTiger399 and email is the same pretty much, I'm looking forward to writing with everyone! :D
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Ooo, what does this do? [29 Apr 2011|01:11am]
It's Fiooona!
It is to this table that I bring you my babies.  Let me shows them to you.

Wren. She is the budding author around these parts.  Currently holeing up with her sexy boyfriend in his love boat she's trying to write a book about adventure on the high seas.  She's also good with kids, she sits them very well - but not on them cos she's too heavy for that malarky.  Scatty and distant but she tells good jokes.

Yeates. The farm boy.  He breezed into town from Sundance with his girlfriend English and their 3 year old daughter Frankie.  Handy with a spade, hammer, saw, rake, seeds, and anything else to do with farming.  Overall nice guy.

And then we have Nico. A regular Indiana Jones, exept he's not trying to put his finds into museums. He can find whatever you desire but don't ask him how, just make sure you can 'pay' for it.  Nice guy on the surface but don't trust me as far as you can throw him.  Been in Foster care since he was a tot and so moving around is no alien concept to him.  Blew into Clayton because it was on his route.

I'm so 'appy this has come to pass, so hit me up with plot, chit chat of ic or ooc variety.  Nursefioona is my yahoo ID.

Now I've run out of clever things to say/type.

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[29 Apr 2011|07:44pm]
Hi! I'm Kat, I'm here with Marlo ([info]greene_grower), who bypassed Sundance and went straight for Clayton. She's a farm girl with a teaching degree, putting her farming know-how to good use here for the benefit of all.

I can't wait to start!! You can hit me up most reliably on IM at twisttofitx for plotting, or comment!
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