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[28 Apr 2011|04:53pm]
Hey everybody! Kris here bringing you Shepherd [info]preacher_man, Squirrel [info]_squirrel, Junk [info]aliceinjunkland, and English [info]_english. I am on my phone so for now look them up you will get links later.

I am also the crazy lady that keeps sending out emails AKA. The second half of the mod team here I hope everyone jumps in and fun prevails!
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[28 Apr 2011|06:47pm]
Hi everyone! Bella here. Some of you I know, most of you I don't, so I thought I'd say hi and introduce my people! Okay, enough about me, on to them!

First up, we have the owner of this journal, Bee. She's new to Clayton, but not from Sundance, having just drifted around until she found a settlement big enough to her liking. She's going to be teaching the kids! So if your character has little ones, she'll be glad to help you out. She loves 'em, even if she seems a little cool at first.

Next up, we have Knight [info]a_knight and his munchkin Arianna. Knight is a medic, had just finished up med school when the virus hit. Which is, coincidentally when Arianna's mother dropped her off and left. Ari's four now, and the light of Knight's life, but he's wildly overprotective of her. Knight also has two long lost siblings out there, Audrey (22), and Adrian (26), which are open for adoption!

My AIM is ArtemisHunted and my email is if you need to get ahold of me. Nice to meet you all!
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Wooo [28 Apr 2011|10:39pm]
Hi gang, it's Loz here, with my little gang [info]_mustang_, [info]_swift, [info]_honey_, [info]black_cat_, [info]_trigger_, [info]_smith, [info]_tigerlily, [info]shine_, and [info]lawliss. Also a mod, grab me and have huge fun here at the refuge.
I wuv you all
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