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series 3 balls [Feb. 10th, 2008|05:32 am]

The series 3 DVDs are just about to come out in the UK. So have a teaser picture from the DVD extras of Noel holding two strategic satsumas while tucking parts of himself that have popped out back into his little boy pants. Also, complaining that, "bollocks are never funny."

satsumas and balls )
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BOOSHY PICSPAM [Feb. 5th, 2008|04:01 am]


I have hundreds of Boosh photographs in my LJ ScrapBook here.

I'm deliberately letting my paid account run out in a few days time because I moved my main journal to IJ, so the pictures will be gone in a week or so. Until then, I urge you to plunder! (Photos are rather Julian Barratt-heavy.)
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Boosh Live in America 2009? [Jan. 31st, 2008|04:41 pm]


From the Mighty Boosh MySpace, the most recent blog entry:

"Calling all American Boosh fans!!
Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes


Boosh is thinking of doing some U.S dates at some point. Not sure where or when yet. Early 2009 ?? Also we finally convinced our distributor to release the dvds over there. So that should be happening soon too.

Questions questions questions.
Was wondering how you heard about us/got to see the show
Was it BBC America?
Does it still play the show over there? Every time we search for it in the scheds it comes up blank.

Did a man called Boris tell you about us, then disappear into the sidewalk leaving a purple stain?


Lots o love

Boosh control ........x"

If you have MySpace, you can log in over there and leave a message.

If they're about to release The Boosh DVDs in the US, that might explain their puzzling recent decision to (try to) clear all the Boosh off YouTube.
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ICONS [Jan. 31st, 2008|03:51 am]


I made some Boosh icons. They celebrate the many interesting activities which are to be found in The Boosh.


NB, 'canon' means actually in The Boosh as opposed to in the stuff made by Boosh fans. It's a fanfic term.

More at my journal (with some series 3 spoilers)
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MASSIVE PICSPAM [Jan. 30th, 2008|03:49 am]

I just wanted to point in the direction of this fantastic Booshy picspam by [info]96thoughts on LJ. There's a particularly good selection of early Boosh.

Click here for many, many Boosh photos
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KINKY [Jan. 21st, 2008|12:57 pm]

I'm pimping an anonymous Boosh kink meme over on LJ by emptypantry. The rules:

-- ANONYMOUSLY post a kink request you've always wanted to read about, but were too shy to ask for/write it yourself.
-- Others will ANONYMOUSLY reply to your request with a ficlet/drabble/whatever.
-- You can make and fulfil as many requests as you like.
-- Feedback is fine, but keep it ANONYMOUS, please. :>
-- No nit-picking, ganging up, dissing others' kinks, or whathaveyou. Be nice! >:O

I have to warn you that this post is both of an incredibly adult nature, and frequently hilarious.

Join in here

Edit: make that of a RIDICULOUSLY adult nature
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[Jan. 18th, 2008|06:53 pm]

[Tags|, ]

Julian Barratt and Tim Hope invented an imaginary band, "The Pod" in the 90s, and created an animated series of adventures for them. It's more interesting and quirky than laugh-out-loud funny. I loved it, but I would. The plot is that Barratt and Hope are a techno outfit who tour small community centres with their blazing music of the future.

The bit I liked best was when Julian and Tim made toast. They have all these crazy adventures where they save the world through the pure transforming power of techno, yet I liked it best when they were in the flat, just making toast. It was the contrast between their bizarre talk of stripping the flesh and the white heat of modernity and the reality of their beaten up surroundings with daily discussions about whose turn it was to buy the brown bread.

Julian: "Techno is an aesthetic of amazing tranformative power! It's a missile of truth hurtling towards the future!"

Tim: "Well, anyway. I'm going to have some toast."

More adventures, links and pictures )
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Series Three 'Party' Screencaps [Jan. 16th, 2008|05:58 am]

[Tags|, , , , ]


Screencaps, a moving cap, an upload vid and 27 icons of one particular slashy moment.

Please don't click through unless you've seen the episode already. Very spoilery!

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HOWARD MOON'S PINK PANTS - a history [Jan. 15th, 2008|07:44 am]


I've been holding off on this post, for two reasons.

Firstly - because everyone who's interested in Howard Moon's underpants has already seen them about a million times. Right?

Secondly - well, it does seem a bit tawdry, even for me. The Boosh is about so much more than just gawking at grown men's meat and two veg. It's about soaring creativity, wit, style and panache.  It's about silly outfits, talking planets, funky little jazz trances and having sex with wildlife.

Yeah. All of that. And yet I'm about to fill a whole post with photos such as these.

*hangs head in shame*

So what the heck.

Click here if you want join me in a catalepsy of pants-ogling debauchery. )
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LOCKED ENTRIES [Jan. 14th, 2008|09:14 am]


Just a mod reminder.

If you're only watching [info]themightyboosh, you won't see all of the entries.

Click here to join it as well.
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BOOSH & CAT MACROS = FUNTIME [Jan. 13th, 2008|04:49 am]


have lots more Booshy cat macros, slight series 3 spoilers in cat form )
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NME - Julian interviews [Dec. 17th, 2007|12:33 pm]

NME magazine, Boosh issue.

Click on the links for big scans of the pages

- Julian Barratt interviews Hot Chip

- Julian picks his top 5 songs
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Noel Fielding: interviews [Dec. 12th, 2007|09:34 pm]

Two interviews with Noel Fielding

- London Evening Standard 11/12/07

- The Independent 9/12/07

Read more... )
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Boosh interviews on youtube [Nov. 24th, 2007|05:36 am]

Links to new Boosh publicity on YouTube:

Series Three Trailer

Nov 2007, for series 3
NME magazine
- Boosh talk to camera
- The Boosh get their photos taken
(And I thought this was funny - Lorainne Kelly's view on the NME office. So rock'n'roll!)

- Playing 'love games' in the Live Lounge, Jo Whiley, Radio 1.

- Before Colin Murray's show, Radio 1.

- Boosh 'takeover' MTV2

- The Culture Show, BBC2

- Freshly Squeezed, Channel 4

- And last, but by no means least, T4 Transmission on Channel 4

(audio only)
- Xfm Manchester interview by phone part one part two

Not new, but new to YouTube

- Arctic Boosh at Melbourne 2001
- Noel at Melbourne 2003

Earlier standup, Comedy Network
- Julian part one part two part three
- Noel

- BBC series 2 interview part one part two part three

From Breezeblock on Radio 1 (audio only)
- Shaving Masons
- Tum tum tum
- My Name is Bruno

Interview with Jonathan Ross, Radio 2
- Part one Part two

Jo Whiley, Radio 1, 2006 (audio only)
part one part two part three

There's loads more out there. Just look.
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The Mighty Boosh Interview - in today's Guardian Guide magazine [Nov. 10th, 2007|10:42 pm]

NOEL:"You should open your own jazzercise centre when this all goes wrong."

JULIAN:"I will."

I'd love a poster of this:
Scans )
And WTF?
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Make Vince and Howard Do Your Bidding! [Nov. 9th, 2007|09:59 pm]
The BBC Mighty Boosh website has been updated! 

You can choose a character and there are quests and screensavers and all kinds of brilliant stuff!

Check it out!

Also: For a shy date? (OUCH)
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The Mighty Boosh, series 'four' - episode details [Oct. 27th, 2007|02:45 pm]
Transmission details have been announced for series three of 'The Mighty Boosh' -

"Baby Cow Productions and BBC THREE are pleased to announce the transmission date for the eagerly-awaited third series of THE MIGHTY BOOSH, the comedy show written by and starring multi-award winning comedians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding. The series will transmit for six weeks, every Thursday night at 22.30, from Thursday 15 November on BBC THREE.

The third series of THE MIGHTY BOOSH sees Vince Noir (Noel Fielding) and Howard Moon (Julian Barratt) working in Naboo's second hand shop in Dalston. Howard, unsuccessfully trying to sell his esoteric jazz records, mainly moons away the hours in delusions of grandeur while Vince lays around in a hammock playing loud music, trying on wigs and finding Howard ludicrous. Needless to say they don’t get much work done. This doesn’t bother Naboo too much, firstly as the shop is really only a cover for his shady interplanetary Shaman business and secondly, he's usually quite chilled out from sampling his own magical herbs and remedies.

Naboo and Bollo are off on the Head Shaman’s stag do, leaving Howard and Vince in charge of Nabootique. The duo challenge one another to a sales contest, each trying to sell their latest fads, Elbow Patches and The Indie Celebrity Radar. Things are going pretty well until an unexpected visit from the evil cockney Hitcher. After summoning Elsie Queen of Eels, The Hitcher demands protection money from the boys, but this is money the boys just don’t have…

In an attempt to impress his new punk mates, Vince rebelliously bites Howard’s rare jazz record. Unbeknown to Vince however he has bitten off more than he can chew as the corruptive Jazz Beast enters his blood stream. As Vince’s life hangs in the balance, Naboo has no alternative but to shrink Howard and his jazz companion Lester Corncrake down to the size of a pea and send them into Vince’s body to locate and kill the invasive cell. Can they kill the Jazz Beast before it kills Vince?

Vince and Howard are distraught to learn they’ve had their style stolen by The Flighty Zeus. As The Flighty Zeus’ popularity rages amongst the kids, The Boosh find themselves increasingly pushed out. The boys hope to regain their popularity with the invention of a new dance craze, Crimping, but with a massive face-off planned at The Velvet Onion, will Crimping be enough to win back their reputation?

Whilst putting the rubbish out, Vince befriends the Crack Fox, inviting the poor soul into Nabootique for some hot soup. However, the Crack Fox is not as he seems and after knocking Vince out with his potent smell, he vanishes with Naboo’s most precious possession, a bottle of Shaman Juice. Punishment for the loss of the juice is death and whilst Naboo awaits his fate on Shaman Death Row, it’s left to The Boosh to recover the juice and destroy the evil Crack Fox once and for all.

It’s Howard’s birthday. Reluctant to celebrate, Howard finally succumbs to Vince’s plan for a huge party. With Bollo on the door, Saboo and Harrison on the decks and Vince’s uber-trendy friends on the dance floor, the party really starts to hot up. That is, until someone is caught in a compromising position with the Head Shaman’s wife in Naboo’s stock room.

Vince is MCing a night at the Velvet Onion, to be headlined by The Black Tubes. Keen to fill the shoes of their recently deceased front man, Vince goes to immense lengths to get into their obligatory drainpipe jeans, but at what price? Meanwhile Howard takes acting lessons from Montgomery Flange in an attempt to overcome his stage fright and secure work with director Jurgen Harbourmaster, but will he miss out to Sammy The Crab?"
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Boosh TV interview, to be aired 16 Nov [Oct. 26th, 2007|04:16 am]

Transmission with T-mobile, Channel 4, to be aired 16 Nov 2007
Steve Jones interviewing The Boosh

crunchyfriend on the Boosh Forum was at the filming: Read more... )
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Observer magazine, 21/10/07 [Oct. 22nd, 2007|02:37 am]


More pic scans by infernal crazy on the Boosh forum

Pictures and text of the interview )
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The full 'Disorder' magazine interview with pics! [Oct. 17th, 2007|07:48 pm]
The Mighty Boosh were interviewed for 'Disorder' magazine, this month.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

(WARNING: contains large colour pictures and text that may over-excite)
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