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[03 Sep 2008|04:46pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph I just get home from a hard days work at Dave's Record store and I can't even get on aim?! WTF. I mean, really, It's got to be on the week I have no phone to make plans with my friends doesn't it?

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saw your heather [06 May 2008|09:38pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, everybody! My name is Heather Sawyer, and I'm a little new around here, obv. I just bought a townhouse on Lakeshore. I love looking at the lake; water is really soothing to me for some reason. I'm a singer, and before I made any money singing country songs, I was a bartender. So tell me-- what's your favorite song? It can be your song of the moment (I know mine changes daily!). And what's your favorite drink?

I'll start-- my favorite song right now is "Into the Ocean" by Blue October, and my favorite drink is a mojito.

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j got the freaks [30 Jan 2008|11:04pm]


Just like my beloved said, not everything you read/hear is true. I've been tagged with every bad name you could put on a man, I think. Everything from the black star athlete that married the pretty white girl [even though she's not white, just looks it], to a cheater, liar, wife-beater, and all that other shit. I'm no Saint but I'm not that much of a sinner, though. She gave you a pre-presentation of me. I play for the Chicago Bulls, Jayceon Wallace, small-forward, #13. Played for the Florida Gators on their two back-to-back Championships. My pops was the man in the middle for years for the Knicks, took them to the Finals. Uh, what else? I played for Team USA this past summer when we won the gold medal that'll send us to China this summer to compete for an Olympic gold medal. I've only been married for a month and we're already going through a divorce. Anything else? Ask. I'll add more if I remember anything else.

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faco o amar me [29 Jan 2008|07:38pm]


First and foremost - not everything you have read/may read about me is true for the most part. For those of you that don't read tabloids or pay attention to fashion crap or hell, Chicago Bulls crap for that matter - I'm Rhiana Ciceros ( Wallace ), the oh-so-devious wife of the Bulls' small forward, Jayceon Wallace [#13]; however we are seperated at current. My mom's a designer and she runs other shit. My whole family is like that, though. Blahblahblah. I've lived in Chicago since about July or so. I've called a bunch of places home - but my most common was Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California, and Maui, Hawaii. Some of you have already met my mini-ho, Julius [ [info]baby_cheeks ]. I'm friendly, I like to have fun / go out, I like to shop, model part-time and I'm an interior designer. If you want tickets to Bulls games, let me know - I have season passes I probably won't need anymore. Uhh..what else? My sister Neela [ [info]pure_indecency ] should be in town soon, so if you see this slim chick, darker than me, with a big ass smile and has 'Ciceros' somewhere in her name? That's TROUBLE².

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alexis adio [27 Jan 2008|08:13pm]

I am Alexis, Alex for short. Though I spend most of my time on a plane, I still call Chicago home. Hope to see you around when I'm on the ground.
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[27 Jan 2008|11:02pm]

Call me Mariano.
Nice to meet you.

single and looking
Mariano no no
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bite my swag [27 Jan 2008|10:18pm]


Ah sniddi-snaps! What's the scoop on them nuggets? Usually these intros ain't a duke's speed but I'll give it a shot. Julius. Dr. J if ya nasty. Nah jokes. Call me Julius or J whatev'. Been living up in Chi-Town for a hot minute. Four-- This is my fouth year because of school and all. Originally from Illadeph, but lived on the westcoast for a while. Fresh Prince style, yahm'sayin? Probably don't so moving on. I'm trying to better myself and show the kiddies you can do whatever it is you want to do, digit? Yeah I look like a kid but don't let the babyface fool ya, jack. Legal so don't ask my age. I like strip clubs. Wanna go? We can go. VIPs is by far the sickest one. My future wife is in there, but she doesn't know that yet. Jokes. I'm a free agent...meaning uh my girl and I recently broke up. Don't be sad for a brah, that was probably the best thing that could ever happen. Ha. Seriously uh I don't know what else to go bully on. Catch some of you all around, aight? Just holla.

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a thousand doors [27 Jan 2008|12:23am]

Never was big fan of names. Titles. They remind me of characters in plays. Roles. Masks. Besides, if I told you my name, all you would ever remember me as is one word. You would relate me back to a name. You would only remember me by my name. Not who I am. Names never do anyone justice. Just bottle a person up. Neatly packaged. Another way of reducing someone down to a simple title. Stripped. As I said, I'm not a big fan of names.

By the way, I'm Elina - call me Lainey (if you must call me by name).

It's not who I am - just what I'm called.

I love meeting new people and I am much more friendly than I appear in the above statements. Give me a chance. Names optional.
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menu for j [26 Jan 2008|11:09pm]

Im J and my itunes decided to group all my emo music into one playlist without telling me. I can now listen to Hawthorne Heights and Dashboard Confessionals without chagning anything.

What music do you listen to?
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hello sgt elias [26 Jan 2008|07:30pm]
I'm Eli and I've been listening to the same two albums on my record player for the past twelve hours. What did you do today?
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graphic aideen [25 Jan 2008|08:05pm]

It's been a long day and I'm out of clever and witty things to say. So. I'm Aideen (pronounced ay-deen) and it's fucking Friday night. Who wants to buy me a drink?
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[23 Jan 2008|11:02pm]

“I don't know. People always think that there has got to be a dark side to everyone, a closet with skeletons, demons under the bed. People think all kinds of things about one another. They feel compelled to make up fears and false assumptions about their closest friends. Truth is, I'll never know all there is to know about you just as you will never know all there is to know about me. Humans are by nature too complicated to be understood fully. So, we can choose either to approach our fellow human beings with suspicion or to approach them with an open mind, a dash of optimism and a great deal of candour.”

Tom Hanks couldn't have said it any better. Hi, I'm Cameron Johnson and I'm home.
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[22 Jan 2008|10:39pm]

Yo the name's Noah and I've been here in Chicago for a few years. I own an art gallery downtown and I beg suggest you all stop in sometime. There will be treats and pretty, pretty artwork. :D
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chris lugosi [17 Jan 2008|02:00am]

Hi, i'm Chris. Let's play a quick game.

Say you're on top of a very high building. In front of you lies a knife, a noose, and the cold hard ground below. You have to choose which would be the least painful way for you to die. You can only choose one, not two, or three. Happy choosing.

ps This mushroom cavatappi is delicious.
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jamie does ink [15 Jan 2008|10:34pm]

Hello, all. Jamie here. First five people to comment this with ideas of way we can hang out get a free piercing and half off a tattoo.
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[15 Jan 2008|10:10am]

I'm Kalen and I get paid to periodically beat the shit out of people.

Oh, and to hold a list and look important, and play some music sometimes, too.
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[15 Jan 2008|12:53am]

I'm not one to give you sap stories, praise or any of that bull shit. I guess you could call me the mystery chick huh? Name's Jack Melendez. I'm just an ordinary girl, with her cat and I prefer to do things my way. Loner. Granted if you stay out of my way, we'll be fine.
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[14 Jan 2008|08:34pm]

I lost the love of my life to one rash, overzealous decision. At least it left me a souvenior: a permanently damaged right shoulder to remind me of how badly I screwed it up. Can't even throw around the pigskin for an hour without passing out from the pain. Well, that's just my daily dose of irony. I'm temporarily housesitting for my older brother while I seek out for a place of my own. Us Adams brothers have all the luck in the world -- we just never use it. All three of them can attest to that. But still, the glass is half full.

Former NY Giant,
Logan Adams
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AllHailAlesanna [13 Jan 2008|08:09pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Alesanna Davis here and I originally hail from wonderful Miami, FL. You may have seen me in a few Sport Illustrated swimsuit calenders, but now I am just your typical college student.
I am 21, cute, single and always up to party.
So, holler at me.

♥, Alesanna

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champion chapman. [12 Jan 2008|10:03pm]

Jesse Chapman. If you don't know that name then get the hell out from under your rock and pick up the sports page once in a while. Or just ask my son who I am. He's my biggest fan. No doubt about that.
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