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[05 Mar 2012|10:36am]
Owl to Sirius Black )
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[05 Mar 2012|12:56pm]
Who: Dominic & Adelaide
What: Flirtatious teasings and an understanding
When: Sunday night
Where: Astronomy Tower
Rating: PG
Status: Log/Complete

In the dark of the night evil will find her//In the dark of the night just before dawn! )
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[05 Mar 2012|02:36pm]
Owl to Bellatrix )
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[05 Mar 2012|05:39pm]
Who: Rabastan and Riona
What: Painting, exploring, talking
When: Sunday afternoon
Where: The roof
Rating: PG
Status: incomplete

They were painters and they had painted themselves a lovely world )
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[05 Mar 2012|10:38pm]
Who: Amycus & Riona
What: Relaxation and music
When: Monday evening
Where: The music rooms
Rating: PG
Status: Complete

Music of the Night )
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