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    Wednesday, January 9th, 2008
    11:34 pm
    Arrival in Bubbleverse
    Jessica scowled sitting up in bed after waking to find an Envelope on the Pillow next to her.
    She opened it, thinking to herself briefly that this seemed like the set up to a bad slasher flick and started to read the letter.
    'Congratualations, you have been choosen for the new Game Trappuccino, Fear not, it will not effect your day to day life. As your Double has already been put into the gaming arena. If you turn your television to Channel 9900 you'll be able to watch as you get to know your new enviroment. As a new Member of the game you are also welcome to the Club house, Bubbleverse where you can talk to the other players and discuss the happening happenings. You can also plot and plan what you would like to see happen to your trapped self. Unless you say no with in ten seconds of reading the last word you will find youself in Bubbleverse for the first time. From then on out you'll be free to come and go as you please. Thank you and have fun.'
    Jess scowled "What the-"
    She didn't say no in time. So she finds herself standing in Bubbleverse in her nightwear. One wall Covered in screens showing various parts of Trappuccino "Woah this is Big brother meets truman show meets.... the simpsons?" she scowled "Ok any one else find this Freaky?"

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    Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
    6:33 pm
    Made ups
    Name: Ziva Lamya

    Age: 23

    Looks: Pauley Perrette

    Distinguishing Features: She has many tattoos, and a punky/funky dress sense.She has pale blue/green eyes but sometimes when shes using her abilities or paricually emotional they'll look like molten silver.

    Powers and Abilities: She can 'breath' emotion into the drugs she produces, making people feel what she wants them to feel. This is the case with most of her drugs, but her speciality is 'soul dope' which is strong emotions. She can also make people feel what she wants when she sings or generally gets overly emotional.

    Personal History: Ziva is a fallen 'angel', she had lived for eternity as a muse, inspiring some of the greatest artists of our time. But one she felt inspiried by. She fell in love and started a relationship with him. This angered those she worked for and she was cast out. Her spirit was placed into the body of a still born child breathing live into the dead skin. Due to this child breathed it's first breath. The parents were estactic, they had their miracle child. She grew up in this loving family, the apple of her parents eyes, as far as they were concerned she could do no wrong. Of course like all normal children she failed classes, and did the occasional 'naughty' thing. During high school she fell in with a bad crowd. She learnt about drugs, and other seedy things, also for a while being the singer in a punk band. After high school she decided she wouldn't go into further education instead she moved out of home and started her own tattoo parlour. Being around artistic people and artists all day slowly brought back memories of her previous life as a muse, and she discovered that she still had the ability to inspire. That she could actually 'breathe' emotion into her work. She started to experiment. Discovering that when cooking if she felt strong emotions, that people who ate her food would feel as she did making it. Eventually she found the best way to make money was by selling her 'emotions' as drugs. Mixing them witheverything for heroine to icing sugar. This is where she is picked up.

    Family and Friends: She has a strong loving family but they're not really of importance

    Plot: Someone coming addicted to her could be interesting.

    Notes: She can loose control of her abilities when she gets overly emotional, and when she's using her emotive powers her eyes turn silver. The Soul Dope, is her bloods plasma dried to be powder. So it can leave her a little groggy when she's been making it. What can kill your character? She's basically human. So anything that kills a human.
    6:25 pm
    Anita Blake Characters
    Name: Nathaniel Graison

    Age: 20

    Looks: Bartek Borowiec

    Distinguishing Features: Butt length Auburn hair, lilac eyes,

    Powers and Abilities: He can shapeshift in to a large black leopard.

    Personal History: Nathaniel was brought up by an abusive father. One night he went to far, killing Nicholas, and causing Nathaniel to run away. Life on the streets caused Nathaniel to become a drug addict and prostitute. He's recovered from his addiction but he's still a submissive and hooker.

    Family and Friends: His Pard, the other WereCats.

    Point of history: At his first Appearence. (Nathaniel's parents died when he was young, and that Nathaniel and his older brother Nicky were in the custody of an abusive man. Nicky protected Nathaniel at first, but also died when Nathaniel was quite young, at which point Nathaniel ran away. At some point in his late teens, Nathaniel was found by Gabriel. By that point, Nathaniel was a drug addicted prostitute, and was so submissive and masochistic that he was literally incapable of saying no to any torture proposed to him. Gabriel helped Nathaniel stop taking drugs but was unable or unwilling to address Nathaniel's other problems and simply pimped Nathaniel, restraining customers from taking too much advantage of him)

    Plot: Maybe he accidently infects someone

    Notes: Silver is harmful. But extremes on anything that kills a Human will do the job.
    6:19 pm
    Supernatural Characters
    Name: Dean Winchester

    Age: 28

    Looks: Jensen Ackles

    Distinguishing Features: Always wears a protection amulet around his neck, his impala.

    Powers and Abilities: training, lots of training

    Personal History: He was brought up training to be a hunter, fighting, trying to destroy evil in revenge of his mother

    Family and Friends: Dad (John Winchester), Brother (Sam Winchester)

    Point of history: At the end of season 2, Dean made a deal with the crossroads demon to bring his baby brother back from the dead, in exchange he only has a year to live

    Plot: Not really,


    Name: Jessica Lee Moore

    Age: 21

    Looks: Adrianne Palicki

    Distinguishing Features: None

    Powers and Abilities: She's smart, and beautiful, and studying in Stanford.

    Personal History: Jessica grew up in a close family. They were the type of family to meet up every sunday to catch up and talk. She was close with her Mum and her dad. She's a sister called Amanda, who she spoke on the phone to daily.

    Family and Friends: Sam Winchester (boyfriend), Mother, father, Sister (Amanda),

    Point of history: Just before she met Dean Winchester and he took Sam off.

    Plot: A season 2, Sam meeting her.

    Notes: She's madly in love with Sam. And would do anything for him.

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    5:45 pm
    The Care takers
    Name: James Howlett Aka: Logan, Wolverine

    Age: Unknown

    Looks: Hugh Jackman

    Distinguishing Features: Adamantium skeleton

    Powers and Abilities: Superhealing and senses, adamantium skeleton, years of experience in fighting and wars.

    Personal History: Not much is known about Logan. But he's known to have fought in more than one war. Lived in Canada, America and Japan. He's been held hostage by a government agency who trained him to be a killer, and Dubbed him Weapon X. He's been an assassin. In fact he was sent to the mansion to 'deal with' Charles Xavier.

    Family and Friends: Ex-wives (deceased), Clone/Daughter (X23), Son (Daken), Daughters in alternative realities (Torrent and Wild Thing)

    Point of history: Before he was uncovered to be An undercover assassin intent on killing Xavier.

    Plot: Wolverine has been in the Trappuccino some time. In fact he seems to have set up a life for himself which he quiet enjoys.

    Notes: He is VERY hard to killed, he needs to be bled out. Suffocation/drowning may work.

    Job: BIG BOSS, In charge of EVERYTHING

    Name: Daken

    Age: 23

    Looks: Dante Basco

    Distinguishing Features: He's covered in tattoos.

    Powers and Abilities: Superhealing and claws. Heightened senses

    Personal History: He was ripped from his dying mothers womb and brought up to be vicious, evil and cruel. Out for his fathers blood.

    Family and Friends: He has a 'master', father (Wolverine), Sister/mother/Aunt (X23), Alternate realities sisters.

    Point of history: N/A. Although a Canon Character I've not yet read it. I'm just using his set up.

    Plot: He's a lurker, there as a plot device, and cause trouble.

    Notes: Same as Wolverine

    Job: Villan, trouble maker

    Name: Kendall Logan 'Torrent'

    Age: 18

    Looks: Rhianna

    Distinguishing Features: Black skin, white hair.

    Powers and Abilities: Heightened senses and control of the weather.

    Personal History: nothing out of the ordinary in her upbringing. Aside from her mother being a African Queen and her father being the kick ass mutant Wolverine.

    Family and Friends: Mother (Storm), Father (Wolverine), Alternate reality sister (Torrent), Sister/Aunt/mother (X23)

    Point of history: She's just an teenage girl growing up. She's not done anything out of the ordinary. She's just enjoying her life as is.

    Plot: She keeps things running.

    Notes: Same as Wolverine 'Logan'

    Job: Manager, answering questions keeping things moving.

    Name: Rina Logan 'Wild Thing'

    Age: 15

    Looks: Fairuza Balk

    Distinguishing Features: Phychic claws when in her hero mode.

    Powers and Abilities: Heightened senses, abilities, phychic claws, can't cut through anything on the physical pain but hurt like HELL

    Personal History: A Rather boring normal upbringing. Considering her mother and father. She's also a superhero when shes not in school.

    Family and Friends: Mother (elektra), Father (wolverine), Alternate reality sister (Torrent), Sister/Mother/Aunt (X23)

    Point of history: Mid teens lack of drama stage.

    Plot: Shes the verse caretaker along with the rest of her Kin.

    Notes: Same as Wolverine and Co.

    Job: Counciller, Entertainment organiser

    Name: Laura Kinney 'X23/talon'

    Age: 18

    Looks: Navi Ravat

    Distinguishing Features: Adamantium Skeleton, two claws in hands one in each foot. Gothic Lolita taste in clothing.

    Powers and Abilities: Adamantium skeleton, heightened senses, years of very strict training, low morals.

    Personal History: She was created in a lab, and brought up (harshly) to be a killer. Until she escaped.

    Family and Friends: Clone/Father/Brother (wolverine), Mother (Sarah Kinney), Alternate reality sister/daughter/Niece (Torrent/Wild thing), Brother/son/nephew (Daken),

    Point of history: She's a prostitute on the streets, she's not yet met the Wannabe's.

    Plot: She's a plot device.

    Notes: Like the rest of the howletts shes's a plot device.

    Job: Hooker, Companion, she's to help people settle in.

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    Sunday, December 23rd, 2007
    9:15 pm
    Mod Post
    Please Reply to this post with a copy of your bio so every one can see it. (It doesn't need to include the OOC section, just the IC)
    9:07 pm
    Mod Post: Welcome

    Welcome to the Bubble Universe.
    This Bubble reality traps your character here and they are unable to leave.
    The universe is a whole city trapped with in a large glass dome. Anything you could need can be found here. Almost anything.
    The city is run by a fleet of Robots, who cook, and clean, do every job that needs to be done to keep a city moving. But they don't really make interesting conversation.
    There are a handful of NPC's who'll probably cause ripples (Who'll be played by [info]lifes_got_bite).
    That aside, you are on your own.

    Now Please Post a copy of your Characters Bio here. Then introduce yourself In Character below (in reply to this post)
    7:22 pm
    Mod Post
    Bio Form
    OOC: Out of character
    Name: (Name by which you wish to be known)

    Contact Details: (Email and AIM, and specifiy if you want it kept private)


    Are you an Experienced Role Player? Y/N

    IC: In character


    Looks: (Please supply a human PB "Played by")

    Distinguishing Features: (Include scars etc.)

    Powers and Abilities: (As well as Mutant powers and curses etc, this includes computer programming etc. Anything that makes them special)

    Personal History: (Please do not make these too long.)

    Family and Friends: (Please include anyone of importance, Significant others, brother or sisters, team mates, etc.)

    Point of history: (For Canon Characters we need to know where you're picking them up from, For example "After the season 2 finale". Also if there is more than media for these characters specify which one, For example "Wolverine: UltimateVerse". If your unsure of which verse yours is, state that here.)

    Plot: (Is there anything you'd like to see happen involving your character?)

    Notes: (Please leave any comments here you think are important, this may include how a character is killed, if it's not in a normal human fashion. It may also include sexual orientation if you feel this is important. Or Rating (IE. If you are under 18 you will only be involved in ratings suitable for your age, or if you are uncomfortable with adult situations)

    After you've filled this in, please email to kerr(dot)Behr(at)googlemail(dot)com

    Once you're accepted (or denied/asked to tweak) Review the comm, and see this post
    7:21 pm
    Mod Post

    1) This game is for fun. So if you're not having fun somethings gone wrong and you need to contact a mod.

    2) Only one version of each character is allowed.

    3) A Bio MUST be supplied before playing. In fact before your membership is accepted you will be asked to email a bio.

    4) Posts must show a certain level of Grammar and spelling. I'm not picking, I just want to understand what you're trying to say.

    5) Posts should be as long as you can make them. This includes replies. If you do supply a short post, which another player doesn't think they can reply too due to it being so short and uncreative, they should feel free to request a longer post.
    7:08 pm
    Mod Post
    Taken Characters

    Anita Blake -
    Nathaniel Graison

    Supernatural -
    Dean Winchester
    Jessica Moore

    Marvelverse -
    Rina Logan
    Howlett/Logan Family

    Made ups -
    Ziva Lamya

    Characters in Italics are the Verse 'keepers', they keep things moving forwards, and may be in some story lines.
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