April 2011




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Week Six - Thursday

DREW:You're listening to K2BNV. Drew on the Radio, All Day, Every Day. Today I have a very special guest. I'd like to introduce Miss Molly, a new resident to the area. Hiya, Molls.
MOLLY: Uh... Hey, Drew! Hello, people who are out there!
DREW:[laughs] Anything in particular you'd like to tell the world, if it's listening?
MOLLY: Other than that I am the coolest person on the face of the planet?
MOLLY:Um... I hope that everyone is drinking lots of water and not getting fried outside. Oh! And also, if you've seen a guy named Seth at all, you should tell him that he needs to listen too! Or anyone else really.
DREW:Definitely do. Spread the news. So long as Miss Molly and I have breath in us, we'll keep broadcasting. We'd also like to give a shout out to the survivors we met yesterday: We hope there's no hard feelings, and that you keep yourselves safe.
MOLLY: Oh! Yeah! And Searle, you should definitely come back around! I found a whole bunch of really cool sports equipment and I even had time to draw really cute things all over one of the catching glove things I found!
DREW: Just make sure you got a buddy with you this time, Searle. Like your pal Tall Guy said, safety in numbers.

We'd also like to put a shout out on behalf of a listener for Tyra, Monique and Lisa Miller. Our listener is looking for you via CB, so please tune in and call out if you know his call sign.

As per request, we've got some country music coming up, so if you like country you should stick around for the hour. Ana, I left the porch light on. I hope you're safe. You know my call sign.

This is Drew and Molly on the Radio.
MOLLY:Stay safe!


Week Six - Thursday

Characters: Andrew Kirke and Derek Miller.
Setting: Mostly over CB radio, but UVLA's radio tower and Derek's hotel.
Summary: Derek reaches out through the airwaves and is surprised to find someone listening and willing to talk.
Rating: PG-13 for swears.

''I'll put it on my Netflix'' )


Week 4 - Tuesday

You're listening to K2BNV. Drew on the Radio, All Day, Every Day.

I can't believe how fast time flies when you're by yourself. I figured that the days would seem longer without people around me, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe it's 'cuz I'm in here so much. I dunno. I've been thinking of putting some stuff on loop and starting to explore a bit. You guys wouldn't mind that much, would you? I already loop stuff when I'm sleepin', so it wouldn't be that much of a change.

Though I guess if somethin' were to happen to me the tracks would get a bit boring soon enough. Maybe just once or twice a week.

This kinda came out of nowhere, didn't it? I guess I should explain myself a little. I found one of these signs on a building on my way in today. Normally I take the same route, but I decided to try somethin' different today. It said something about there being others and meeting up or something. I'm a lil' hesitant to go, though. Who knows what kinda nutjobs are hosting this thing.

Enough jibber-jabber. Let's get back to the music. Wherever you are, Ana, I'm thinkin' about you. Don't do anythin' I wouldn't do. You know my call sign.


Week 3 - Wednesday

You're listening to K2BNV. Drew on the Radio, All Day, Every Day.

You've been listening to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, written by Douglas Adams and read by the late, great Stephen Fry. Retail cost $149, if you're thinking about buying it. With money. Heh.

I thought we'd take a little break away from literature and get back to some on-the-fly thinky-thoughts, if you don't mind my very technical jargon.

There are fuckin' rats everywhere, it's gross as hell. I was checkin' the cafeteria near the campus for a few things and aside from the smell from the trash cans - which, by the way, holy shit son - there were also rats scurryin' about every few seconds. Now, I'm no sissy, but still. Euggh. Hate rats. So keep that in mind when you're out lookin' for food and whatever, folks. In case you forgot, rats were the cause of the Black Plague.

Makes me wish I had a cat or somethin'. Hmm.

Okay, enough of my stupid ramblin's. Let's put some music on for a bit. Hope you all're liking the mix of stuff. Hell, s'not like I'm gonna hear complaints much, right?

Ana, baby, I'm still waitin' on you. I hope you're out there and safe. You know my call sign.


Week 3 - Sunday

You're listening to K2BNV.

Betcha didn't expect to hear a voice on the waves, didja? I didn't either, really. I figure, if anybody's out there, I might as well give you somethin' worth listening to other than maybe the sound of your own voice. Assumin' you wanna listen to mine, I guess, but I promise I won't talk too much.

This equipment used to belong to a jazz station on the University of Las Vegas's campus. I don't mind jazz, but it's not for everybody. I'll try and mix it up. Lucky for me I've got a laptop full of mp3's at my disposal, and a few music stores along my route. Guess it's good bein' a pirate, yeah? Heh.

Oh, and Analise... if you're out there, baby, you know my callsign. I haven't given up on you yet.

Anyway. Let's kick this off the old fashioned way, shall we? I'm sure all of ya know who R.E.M. is and if you don't, it's time ya did. Sing it if you know the words.