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Week 35 - Thursday

Characters: Drew and Ana Kirke, Louisa May Smith
Location: In and out of the farmhouse
Summary: Ana's home. She speaks to the doctor briefly and then she and Drew discuss future plans.
Rating: PG-13 for some language and sensuality

I just-- I can’t lose you again. I can’t. Molly wants to go, too. Let’s just go )


Week 35: Wednesday Evening

Characters: Holly Sharpe, Andrew Kirke, and Mike Callahan; followed by Drew and Tom Galloway
Location: The farmstead
Summary: Holly returns from the raid. Drew is in a frenzie. Mike tries to console him, and Tom reassures him they will get Ana back.

You were supposed to /watch out/ for her! What the fuck good are you!? You’re sorry!? /F*** YOUR ‘SORRY’!/” )


Week 34: Friday

Characters: Jed Bailey, Andrew Kirke, Mike Callahan, Holly Sharpe, and (NPC) trader Malachai.
Location: Solar Man Company on SW Jordan Street in Grants Pass.
Summary: Jed’s group hits up the second location with little-to-no hitches along the way, or so they think.
Rating: R because boys swear more.

“Always the last one, right?” Malachai commiserated and made his grin lean, one hand extended for the pliers. “Lemme give’it a go.” )


Week 34 - Thursday

Characters: Ana and Drew Kirke
Location: Their bedroom
Summary: Ana doesn't like the idea of she and Drew assigned to different raid teams
Rating: PG

I like it better when I’m out and you’re here. You can meet me at the door with a cocktail and a pot roast )


Week 34: Tuesday

Characters: Analise and Andrew Kirke, Gregory Blair, Abigail Theien, Michael and Meghan Callahan, and the Traders.
Location: The parlor / Farmhouse
Summary: The sudden cold snap send the traders indoors for most of the day and that evening, the musicians of the "New Vegas Settlement" decide to have a little fun.
Rating: PG-13 for some adult-ish humor.

“Come on, sugar. They’re playing our song!” )


Week 33 - Saturday

Characters: Jack Baker, Drew Kirke, Jed Bailey
Location: At the river and later in Jack's room
Summary: Jack runs to the river to hide after she sees Searle and Nevaeh together. Drew brings her back to face Jed.
Rating: PG for brief language

''I guess we have to go back now?''...''Yeah. Sorry, hon.'' )


Week 33 - Friday

Characters: Drew and Searle.
Location: Drew and Ana’s room.
Summary: Searle is seeking condoms and hopes Drew can help him out.
Rating: PG-13

'Borrow? I’m not sure I’d be wanting condoms back, man.' )


Week 23: Saturday

Characters: Andrew Kirke, and presenting Analise Kirke.
Location: The farmhouse
Summary: Ana and Drew tie the knot.
Rating: G

“Y’ready?” )


Week 23: Wednesday

Characters: Drew Kirke and Meg Callahan.
Location: The parlor, evening.
Summary: Meg overhears Drew playing in the parlor, and the two talk about weddings past and future.
Rating: PG

You couldn’t play Dropkick Murphys on a mandolin. )


Week 23 - Saturday

Characters: Drew and Searle.
Location: The bathroom
Summary: It’s the big day for Ana and Drew, so Searle goes to check up on the groom.
Rating: PG

“I wonder what it means if you catch the bride at a wedding and not the bouquet.” )


Week 22 - Tuesday

Characters: Ana Gordan and Drew Kirke
Location: Their room, the Farmhouse
Summary: Ana comforts Drew when he returns from watching over Molly
Rating: Maybe PG for language but it's pretty clean

If it was Drew’s responsibility to take care of Molly and if there was nothing Ana could do to help the girl, then it would Ana’s responsibility to take care of Drew. )


Week 22 - Saturday

Characters: Andrew Kirke and Molly Williams
Location: Molly and Jack’s room
Summary: Drew does the bedside thing.
Rating: G

“Don’t worry, I wont tell anyone about how you cried because I beat you.” )



Characters: Drew, Louisa May, and an unresponsive Molly
Location: The farmhouse, Drew’s room.
Summary: The Doc and Drew work to save Molly, who’s unconscious due to her hypothermia.
Rating: G

Come on, now, Molly, five more degrees )


Week 22 - Thursday

Characters: Ana Gordan and Drew Kirke
Location: Their room
Summary: Ana and Drew talk after he comes to bed to find her drunk
Rating: PG

Yer always nice ta me. )


Week 22: Monday

Characters: Greg and Drew
Location: The parlor / Farmhouse
Summary: Greg is chillin’ in the parlor. Drew joins him. The two men talk about their respective ambitions, the future of the world, and play a little music to pass the time.
Rating PG

“Ideals are wonderful things, but in these times they can be harder than ever to adhere to.” )

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