May. 7th, 2008


More inspiration than an actual plot idea...

Fandom: Supernatural

I was listening to a song the other day that just screamed Dean! (and possibly wincest!) at me, and I thought it'd be awesome to read a fic inspired by it - I just wouldn't really know what to do with it.

The song is Crowded House's Instinct - I'll put most of the lyrics under a cut, for the uninterested. :D

I can e-mail or put the song up for download if anyone's interested.

Jan. 6th, 2008


Fandom: Harry Potter
Plot Outline: I have an idea for a story.

It would have to be AU after OoP. At the end of Harry's 6th year he defeats the Dark Lord, but something goes wrong and when the smoke clears Harry is no longer there. What really happened was that Harry gets pulled back in time about 10 years back. When he gets there he decides to be some one else for the next ten years. He studied defense and about the time of the start on what would be Harry's 6th year the Harry that went back in time is recruited to be the new DADA professor. He uses that year to teach Harry everything he needs to win. He becomes friends with Snape when He is harder on Harry then Snape is. Snape falls for the DADA professor. Know one knows that the DADA professor is really Harry. Harry does not even like the DADA professor, but can see that he is really trying to prepare them.

So that is my idea. I hope it makes since.

Jul. 26th, 2007


HP story. (yes, spoilers for DH mentioned

I'll be so glad when everyone's read the damn book. But cut for those who haven't yet.

Fandom:Harry Potter
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Jun. 20th, 2007


introduction and IDEA No. 1

Hey all-
I'll be posting excerpts from a running collection of plot bunnies I started over at The collection's collective title is 'Yard Sale', and each bunny is described both as an idea and as a sale item.
Without further ado,

IDEA No. 1

from the Harry Potter universe.

Disclaimer: no money sought; ideas may be ‘bought’ with a promise of cultivation and public acknowledgment of source.


An old soapstone sculpture, pale, rough to the touch. It is hard to say what sort of animal it is supposed to be. At one moment it looks like a lion; the next, a badger. The price on the attached tag is cheap, but it is clear that someone, somewhere, once cherished it dearly.

Ever since Neville heard the prophesy, he has wondered what life would be like if Harry were the Boy Who Lived. Would his little sister still be alive? Who would Neville be, without the relentless pressure, the guilty nightmares as Voldemort continued his second reign of terror?

Perhaps it is a Mirror of Spahrep, perhaps a careless wish that falls upon the wrong ears. Neville is snatched away, across a window darkly to a world whose fate doesn’t rest on his shoulders, but Harry’s.

Or does it?

Jun. 18th, 2007


KH/FVII Plot up for grabs.

This plot came to me not long after KH came out. Basic premise, before Sora arrived in Traverse Town back when Squall and the FFVII arrived there they were one member short, Cid, he arrived later and he wouldn’t tell anyone where he’d gone after they lost their world and how he found them.

Even after they went home at the end of the game Cid didn’t say what happened, until a strange man appeared at Hollow Bastion, he looked like a heartless, but bore a red cape…have you guessed who he is yet? (What do you expect? It‘s me!)
Clearly Vincent and Cid knew each other from the time Cid was apart from everyone else. So What happened between them in that time?

I actually started to write it. (I‘ll show you how far I got if your Interested) But it died on me and KH2 was the final nail in it’s coffin.

So it’s free to whoever what’s it.

Jun. 17th, 2007


Intro post.


Just a standard 1st post :)

Have fun, and any questions just ask.