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February 5th, 2014

RE-Opening, Spring 2014 @ 06:47 pm

So, those that had followed this journal or the RP Comm. May have seen changing dates of reopening over last few years. RL difficulty had prevented the mods from being able to make this happen, however BTL is presently being worked on to open in the next few months. No solid date as of yet has been set in stone. Will depend on game promotion and Player interest.

Thank you! You can send any questions or comments to Amy VIA Childofdarkness01@yahoo.com ... Please put 'BTL-Inquiry' in the subject line. Or Instant Message MindlessMun on AIM.

March 31st, 2009

Held | Wanted Characters @ 05:30 pm

July 3rd, 2008

Cast of Characters @ 03:19 pm

January 10th, 2008

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January 9th, 2008

Guidelines @ 11:11 pm


For Reference...
IC = In Character
OOC = Out Of Character
Canon = Characters seen/played in the show and movie.
OC = Original Character
PB = Played By, Portrayed By
MODs = Those running and maintaining the game. Their rules and judgment is final.
Mun = Player
Backdated = Things that took place in the past. After the active date in the RP community, [info]_burntheland_.
Logs = Scenes played out in any form of messenger; AIM, YIM, MSN, mIRC, ect.
Open = Referring to threads, meaning anyone in the approximate location can reply. If it’s an open wave, then anyone no matter where you are can reply to it.
Locked = Again referring to threads, a player would lock a thread to a certain person wanting to be played with. Anyone else isn’t allowed and shouldn’t reply.
Closed = Also referring to threads, closed threads are one person threads. This is also a good way of posting things for one player’s characters to interact/play with each other. Perhaps making it seem similar to a log when reading it.
TBD = To Be Determined, referring to ratings of threads. You may list TBD if it doesn’t have anything worth noting and you’re not sure what it’ll be. However you MUST go in and edit it once something higher than PG presents it’s self.
TBA = To Be Announced. Same as directly above, it’s referring to the rating of threads; all the same information applies.
BTL = BurnTheLand, just initials of the game.
NPC = Non Player Character.
SN = Screen Name
DS = DedicatedSource, simply the initials for the games Network journal/Community.
BTP = BurnThePast, merely the initials for the games backdated journal/Community.
Ships = A romantic storyline between two or more characters.

*Before applying for the game everyone must read all the guidelines completely. If you don’t understand something, then please send us an email at Burnthelandmods@yahoo.com with your question(s) or concerns. Once each player joins the game, you must then follow all the guidelines. Breaking of anything, especially continuously, will be reason enough for the MODs to remove you and your characters.

*Every player must have some sort of knowledge of the way the ‘Verse works. You don’t have to quote the movie or episodes, but you should know some basic aspects about Firefly. We do have resources for helping in the learning of things that you may be unsure about, so reading AND asking questions of your MODS can be considered toward basic knowledge. This rule/guideline applies especially for those playing canon characters.

*Canon characters should stay canon; you are given room to develop the character differently then in the show after our starting point. However don’t expect to change the character(s) over night. We ask that you don’t pick canons up for the sole purpose of playing out ships. Romantic storylines are encouraged, but as players of canon characters you will be required to interact with all other canons, most of which will be non-ship related unless you turn the character into a whore, and Inara doesn’t apply as such... ;)

*Respect the MODs and all the players. Do not bring OOC drama into the game. If you have issues with any of the other players, handle it amongst yourself without dragging it into the game. If the problem(s) persists, consult the MODs and we shall see what can be done. Simply, please no excessive drama, game play is taken place with many hyper, eccentric, and/or rude characters. However the players shouldn’t be and too much individual character drama, along with ship related drama can hamper major plot play.

*You must have a PB that is a real person; an actress, actor, musician, model, singer, or other celebrity. Animated and repeated PBs will not be accepted. The only time a repeated PB will be approved is if the characters are identical twins. Or something similar that has real plot reason for appearing like another person; in all cases that are beyond characters being twins, you must consult the MODs to request and discuss any elaborate plot. A cap on twin characters will be placed, if a sudden increase and overwhelming number appears in the character directory.

*Also once you have applied to the game with your chosen PB, NO PB changes will be approved unless your character has undergone extreme facial reconstruction or been subjected to massive amounts of tissue damage. In both of those cases, you must consult the MODs to request and discuss the changes FIRST. Changing a PB once the character has began play, will be a mark against you and might result in removal. Sorry, but this issue causes Modly brains to turn into a puddle of angry sticky goo.

*There is a character cap of eight per person, furthermore only four at a time can belong to anyone crew. Please try to refrain from taking up all eight characters at once. A two week probation period/hold will be applied after three approved applications within a one week’s time. Under special permission given by the MODs, more characters can be taken up if and only if the player is active with ALL his/her other characters. For active requirements keep reading.

*We won't require character journals to be exclusive to this game only, but if you insist on using a certain journal for multiple games, PLEASE create a filter so that the other players are not spammed with stuff that belong to your other RPGs/PSLs, whatever. [Go HERE to learn how to filter your entries.] If you don’t use filters, we will request you to choose which game you’d rather use the journal for. And give you a ONE time chance to switch the journal associated with your character.

*Character journals are used for the following;

1. Posting to the RP journal, [info]_burntheland_, a minimal of once every two weeks with each character. These are third person IC posts. Replying to an already established scene or creating a new one shall regard towards this. Also any posted logs that you participated in shall also. We do ask that you keep up with the threads you reply to and/or start; posting once and then abandoning it for two weeks is unacceptable. Please feel free to post in the OOC community, [info]hauntedheartz, whenever needed, or wanted for that matter. Those posts/replies are to be written as yourself NOT your character(s). Its there for player commentary and conversation and also random silly spamming; as long as you’re not posting too much off topic spam daily.

2. Posting in your character’s journal with IC first person entries. Your character journals are actually being kept IC by the character. What kind of journal, paper or computerized, private or public, is individually up to the player. However if a person says a journal is private, then please respect this and don’t reply to any entries mark as such. These are first person introspective posts.

-The computerized entries are posted on an internal journal/log system for each ship, and if marked public may be viewed by all crew members with terminal access. Passengers would only use a guest account, unless you are a permanent passenger much like Shepard Book, and River, and the Captain of your ship has created an account for you. Guest users would be unable to read crew entries unless tagged as guest accessible. All private entries, or locked ones to specific people would remain that way, with the exception that the Captain of each ship would have passcodes and if desired may read private and locked entries. Along with any character with descent hacking skills, however hacked journals are only approved by the players first, so if you wish to reply or have your character be aware of what was posted you MUST FIRST talk to the player of the locked journal entry.

- You can also post other IC first person entries that are not internal ship journal/log system entries, such as paper journals, journals kept on databooks (Locked with passwords, or unlocked and publicly assessable), or any other sort of journal you can imagine, hand written letters, ect. PLEASE in the subject line mark what kind of entry it is; internal ship log public, internal ship log locked or private, Paper journal, Databook journal, and so on. This is so that the other players know if the entries can be replied to or not.

- You HAVE TO post something a minimal of once every two weeks with each character. We won’t do activity check for your individual journals, but the MODs will be keeping an eye on those posting and not posting. Come on its fun and gives the other muns an idea of your character’s point of view and in some cases their mental state(s). And with open entries, it gives character another medium to interact in.

3. Posting into the networking journal, [info]dedicatedsource, entries into this journal are not required on any basis; however the same reasons for posting into you character journals would apply. Its fun and is an avenue for character development. With the networking community you have several choices; please remember your character must have a legal IdentCard or a genuine operating fake, with a fully functional electrical chip; to be able to connect to the Cortex in any and all capacities.

- Postings to computerized journal entries very similar to the internal ship log system, with the exception that these are hosted on the Cortex and available to quite a large span of people. These will be referred to as cortex journals, which are viewable to any person that maintains a cortex journal of their own. You may determine if you wish if your cortex journal name is the same as your character journal name or different in the game world. Simply put, think of LJ, GJ, or IJ in real life, with the only difference being hosted on the cortex instead of the internet, and instead of multiple sites, only one universal journal system existing instead of clone sites. As many things are with the rule of the Alliance. Anyone with a terminal and cortex access can view them. You of course can also post private cortex journal entries, or entries locked to certain people, but as with anything electric things are always assessable to hackers. All above rules apply though, and any player not respecting another player’s wishes to keep things private will have a mark against them.

- Within DS you may also post entries to the Cortex classifieds, very useful for ship captains seeking crew or jobs. A character’s cortex accounts are the first letter of their first name followed by the last name and their personal serial number, think of your social security number. This is why you must have an IdentCard to gain access, you may always view public things with an anonymous/guest account, but not reply to anything or view any filtered material. Generally any of the open cortex entries, or classifieds, to can be replied to by other characters, unless noted otherwise, please remember ALL these are to be first person IC comments. You may post private messages to other characters, using the Cortex messaging system which, simply think of your email, and that’s what you got. You may also post instant message logs, between characters, using the cortex, just make sure that if you don’t create an actual AIM/YIM/or MSN name for this purpose, that you edit in the according first initial, last name, and number as the characters SN. Many things are imaginable, with the technology the Alliance has. But remember the further out onto the Rim the less if any is had.

*Posting to the journal, [info]hauntedmunhouse is for all backdated logs and backdated threads to be played out within. If you have anything that is backdated in origin this is the ONLY place you should be putting it. Please don’t be posting into the main community journal with out of ordered dates. Anything that falls within the approximate timeline will be chronologically added to the recaps as the Mods notice threads/logs within the backdated journal. A set of rules/guidelines will apply to the [info]hauntedmunhouse however, so make sure to check those out.

*When your character is approved, and you have your character journal set up with profile information listed and at least three 100x100 icons uploaded, please join all of the following [info]_burntheland_, [info]hauntedheartz, [info]tehsignal, [info]hauntedmunhouse, and [info]dedicatedsource. You may introduce yourself and your character in the OOC, so that folks know who you are. Also at this time use the friends’ button; its updated whenever new characters join the game.

*At the top of every initial thread in the main community you should have the following set up:
Who: Your character[s]; and is it OPEN, LOCKED, or CLOSED.
Where: Where is this scene taking place? For on ships- Which ship and what place in particular; kitchen, engine room, bridge, ect.. For on Land- What planet and what particular location is it; bar, shop, the streets, ect.
When: The day and time.
Why: Reason for the thread. You don’t HAVE to have this if you don’t want.
Rating? The appropriate rating, you can always change this in the edit view if it goes up; all NC-17 posts MUST be friends-locked AND placed under an lj-cut. Also if you’re not sure, TBA or TBD is expectable if you go and edit it once a rating has presented its self.
Status: Simple, is it Incomplete, and still open for replies or is it Complete, and finished. Generally unless it’s something that is closed to start with or a log, this should read Incomplete until it’s finished, and then you go back and edit it when the thread is closed.

For your ease please copy the following code/information and the fill in the correct info for your thread:

*We don't expect you to write a novel with each reply or thread you post, but please try to put thought into your responses. Detailed writing gives the other character[s] things to play-off of and to respond to. Please also try to use a Spell-Checker. It’s a simple thing to do and it helps everyone understand exactly what/how the post or reply is supposed to read; if the character has broken up dialect, 'cause he/she is from the Rim. That’s understandable, contributes to the character, and is actually encouraged. BUT please NO Netspeak, such as "U R GR8", please use English and good grammar. Also edit your AIM/mIRC/YIM/MSN [whatever messenger you used] logs before posting; if it is needed.

*Threads and logs are to be written in third-person [past tense], it’s the preferred writing style, as it's less confusing. If you choose to write in first-person, we won't ask you to change it, however, if we see that you are constantly switching from first-person to third-person [or vice versa], we will request that you choose a form and stick to it. It gets confusing and annoying when writing forms keep changing.

*Entries posted in character journals should be written in first-person, as already stated.

*BTL will be using the TAG FEATURE to organize entries. Each individual character Tag will be set by a Mod once you've made your first post in the RP community. Once your Tag is set, please keep up with it; if you join a thread, be sure to edit your Tag into the Tag list of that post.

*Characters may appear in more than one scene, although those scenes CAN NOT be happening at the very same time. It’s impossible to be in two places at once. Also keep in mind that certain things occurring on one day may very well affect another day, and even later on in the same day/night.

*In order for your application to even be considered you must read all the guidelines, and at the bottom of the application under/after the written samples you must write/copy, "Burn the land, Boil the sea, You can't take the Sky from me." . If we don’t see this, we the MODs will assume you didn’t read ALL the guidelines and you will have one chance to go back. Your application will be denied; we will inform you that you need to go back to the guidelines and read everything. If we see the application a second time, again, lacking this phrase. Your application will be denied and we won’t accept any additional applications from you. It’s a simple thing, read everything and remember to include this.

*NO GOD-MODDING. Please be considerate of your fellow players and DO NOT move their characters around without permission or determine/assume anything about the other characters actions, thoughts and feelings. This is called God-modding and will NOT be tolerated. If you have ideas for the plot that involves other characters that aren’t your own, then please contact that person and discuss it with them, as well as the MOD if you are unsure if it is even allowable. The MODs will set up the plot for the game as a whole, and for each individual ship. But feel free to plot on smaller levels with the other players, and if you’d like your character to be involved more actively in the overall game plot, contact the MODs. If you have a psychic character, such as River or an OC, before assuming she/he knows information about another character, ask. General very surface emotion is alright if the other character[s] is very apparent with it. But knowing of any history, memories, under the surface feelings and thoughts; without the player’s permission will be treated the same as general god-modding and also will NOT be tolerated. If you’re not sure, just ask the player or a MOD.

*NO METAGAMING. It’s as bad as god-modding and also will NOT be tolerated. Metagaming is using player knowledge about the plot and situation that the character wouldn’t have/know. Like say you worked a plot out with a player, you the mun know what’s going to happen and so you change your characters actions. NOO you don’t do that. Your character has no idea what’s happening, play him/her correctly; the way they’d react normally to the situation.

*No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Your character should have real flaws, difficulties, and personality. He/she shouldn’t be good at everything/know everything, ect. The character should be fleshed out, any sign of this when applying and there shall defiantly be no chance of the MODs approving your application. Sorry just the way it is, we want realistic and original characters.

*Slash and incest are allowed. BUT keep both realistic. ANY post containing incest should be friends-locked and behind an lj-cut with a warning. Any form of relationship is welcomed to be played out, but as stated above anything of an NC-17 nature MUST be friends-locked AND placed under an lj-cut with the appropriate warning. Threading and Logging are acceptable forms of playing. We don’t care what messenger you use to log, as long as you edit it into storybook style and post it into the RP community, unless it’s backdated and then it goes into [info]hauntedmunhouse. Use the set up that’s listed above. Any thing longer than a few paragraphs need to be under an lj-cut. Since we are open/friendly to R-rating threading and plot, anything hugely graphically violent, super-sexual, or just plain potentially disturbing also needs to be under an lj-cut and friends-locked. If it’s just language and you’re not sure, put in under a lj-cut just for safety reasons. We currently don’t have an age requirement like some other games, but we will moderator players ages. And anything you read that is rated higher than PG and under a cut is on you, you’ve been warned and if you read it and you’re underage. It’s not our fault.

*Play will be centered around episodes, however feel free to play with other characters when episode plot play isn’t taking place. Episode goals will be posted in the MOD journal, duration of these episodes depend upon how characters interact and respond. May be as long as only a few weeks, to as long as many months; depending on play. Also if you would like to do something to/with your character that is a major plot-affecting devices please get MODs permission first before introducing it into the game.

*Hardly anyone here can read/understand Chinese, I’m sure of this. So for this reason anything that isn’t a commonly known phrase NEEDS to have the English translation with it. The best and most preferred way is to use the Hover text code;
Chinese =

*We here at BTL will be using activity checks. Activity checks are to insure the activity of players and characters; simple as that. These will be posted by one of the MODs, every two weeks. If you miss two in a row then you will be contacted via email; if you haven't provided us an email then we can't very well remind you, because we aren't going to wait around till you are on AIM. If you miss the third in a row your characters will be removed, simple as that. You will have one week to respond to the checks, any responses afterwards will be considered. But may not count, it all depends on the MODs. The checks will be posted in [info]hauntedheartz, but a list will be kept here for easy reference. New characters and players will be exempted from the first checks, along with any player/character on hiatus.

*If you know ahead of time that you will be on vacation or otherwise unable to post for a week, please post a notice in the OOC community. Additionally, if you are unable to post for an extended period of time, or if you simply need a short break from the game, please request a hiatus HERE. If you must drop a character for whatever reason, please let us know HERE.

*Dropped characters; there always comes a time when a character has to bow out of a scene/plot. And it doesn’t always coincide with a conclusion of a game, or even an episode. So to make it easier for all of us a few guidelines have been laid out for you.

1. All OCs will be written out of the story, because we the MODs aren’t fans of characters just up and disappearing, that’s poor storytelling. Players are advised to supply a write out for an OC when dropping him/her. If you don’t a MOD will write one for you, but if you make us do it, we won’t be likely to consider the bringing of the character back into the game at any later date, also it just makes us modly types moody. Also you may not personally be considered to join/be accepted into the game at any later date. If you are on an extended hiatus but are later able to re-join, if that is the case, in the write out leave it open to bring the character into the plot later on. Some times interest is lost in a character or the game. Sometimes finding time to continue playing the character is lost, and real life takes us away. Sometimes a character just has an end, and it should be written out for plot reasons and story telling. A really good death scene can be very moving, but any character deaths will be highly considered before being done. And only by the player talking with the MODs, or if a write out isn’t provided; then that might be the write-out decided upon.

2. If you drop a character that is a canon, he/she will be taken over by the MODs as an NPC until somebody comes along to pick her/him up. So you won’t necessarily get to come back into the game with that person. Or if the MODs agree on killing/completely writing out the canon as a plot tool, that will be known at that time.

3. If we see you dropping a whole bunch of characters at once simply so you can play additional rolls past the character cap of eight, or if we see you drop a character, re-apply, drop him/her again and then come back with the same character; we most likely will deny approval of the application[s] and in some cases ask you to leave.

*Mods will post the start of each day, and any general information over the cortex or plot points as needed. Real time/game time will be approximately 5days/1 day. This gives players time to reply to various threads and complete scenes without huge jumps in days between postings. Recaps will be posted into the Mod journal for ease of everyone’s knowledge.

*Added will be done on Mondays and Thursdays, please don’t pester and bother the Mods if you haven’t seen changes unless a complete week has past. Thank you.

*Most of all please have fun. If at any time you have any questions, or complaints about how things are being run and/or how others have treated you, email or IM one of the MODs immediately. Please treat others how you wish to be treated. We are here for fun, if at anytime we believe you are violating other player’s rights we will have you removed from the game.

*We may get together from time-to-time on AIM; particularly AIM because most the players seem to have a SN with it more than all the other messenger systems. We’ll just talk, discuss plot, and perhaps if other players are in the mood play out aspects of the major plot or even minor character development things. Any actually playing/logging of major things will be run by a MOD. No worries, this is not required, however any character[s] that end up being absolutely needed will be NPCed by the MODs ONLY, or if the players don’t mind we’ll finish things in a thread so that the mun[s] of the needed character[s] can participate with the rest. This is intended to enhance the plots and the game with real time play, instead of waiting around for thread replies. It is also intended to get the players talking and getting to know each other better; enhancing the quality of playing and just in general to bring the players together as a tight-knit role-playing group. What I hate the most about online rpgs compared to table-top rpgs is the lack of player–to-player interaction. I’m old school; two like minded people can play a game. But it’s better when friends play. And that’s what we are here to do; make friends and have fun. Anything played out over messenger will be posted into the RP community as a log. Players are encouraged to play minor things out even when the MODs aren’t around, as long as logs are posted into the RP community. Remember edit the logs if need be.

*We understand these guidelines are rather long, but thank you for reading everything, and complying with all. Again if you have any questions, or complaints about you may email or IM one of the MODs to discuss your disagreements of various aspects you find trouble with applying to.

We, the MODs, reserve the right to add, alter, or even ignore any of these guidelines at any time for whatever reason. Also we have the right to make special allowances for individual players. But don’t bombard us with questions about being exempted from the guidelines. Members will be notified of changes via [info]tehsignal & [info]hauntedheartz

For easy navigation in the Mod Journal @ 02:54 am


To help you find your way around the journal we have included the list of tags used in the MOD Journal. Just look for the tag that describes your desired entry the best, and click it. It's really that simple.

MOD Journal Tags

January 7th, 2008

Hiatus @ 03:10 am


If you are in need of a hiatus from the game, for whatever reason be it that you need time away for school, work, or simply RL. Or if for whatever reason you're requesting a hiatus for a particular character, maybe you aren't being very inspired to write for him or her. Whatever reason, here is where you request/notify the Mods of your hiatus. Comment to this post letting us know. Also if you wish post something in the OOC to the other players that you may have plot with. So they are aware of your time away from the game; since they won’t necessarily be checking here.

Hiatus Notices )

PB List @ 02:39 am


Responded to this post with any requests for PB holds. Once a hold is given it is good for two weeks; unless otherwise noted.

Taken, Held, and Previously Played PB Lists )

January 4th, 2008

Planet List @ 10:20 pm


Under construction

Map of the Verse that is being used for BTL!

Planet List )

Ship List @ 10:17 pm

Application @ 10:15 pm

Firefly Terms @ 09:58 pm

HTML Made Easy @ 07:37 pm


Figured this would be a useful tid-bit for those that are not familiar with the code commands; if you have some of use that is not listed below. Then please go head and drop it in a reply with the correct coding and we'll place it with all the rest.

Various codes usable in text for posts and threads )

Episode Guide @ 07:36 pm

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