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[24 Sep 2011 · 2:38am]

Day 1

Time always moves on...even as we beg it to remain still.

  • Main Theme: A Stranger
  • Daily Themes: - Music: Promise - Reprise - Music: Cold Theme

  • If anyone goes to open the doors of the TARDIS in the main control room, this is the view they will see just beyond those strange wooden doors...vast and complete, space light shining and casting within the TARDIS itself along with a draft of steady cold.

    • Locations

    • The Layout: Here for room layout/description. (Note: The room design and structure will not change even if it is on a separate floor.)

      1st Floor:
      A:“Mess Hall”
      B: Gym
      c: Zero Room
      D: Botany Bay
      E: TARDIS Laundromat

      2nd Floor:
      F: Wardrobe Room
      G: Main Control Room
      H: Library
      I: Medical Bay

      3rd Floor:
      J: The Gallery
      K: Credit Room
      L: Misc rooms

      Moved Rooms: None.

    • What's going on today

    • -------

    • Recap: What's happened so far?

    • -----

    • The large Plot

    • -----

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    [22 Mar 2011 · 10:36pm]

    Who: Names of characters
    Where: Location
    What: Whatever is happening/what they're doing
    When: What day, time of night or day
    Rating: G through NC-17
    Progress: Ongoing or closed.

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