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[08 Dec 2020|09:50am]

I have obtained a dress for Saturnalia. I will admit, it is not my usual style, but the shop assistant assured me that it work for the occasion.

Greetings, lady. I was hoping you might assist me with some things for that evening?
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[04 Dec 2020|03:24pm]

"Bowing head, she heard the calls
Coming deep within the sea.
With siren speed she swam towards them,
Heeding Poseidon’s thunderous plea.

From the depths of azure waters,
She sang songs of her despair,
Mourning summer’s hurried end,
Bidding farewell to sand and air.

Beneath autumn and winter waves,
She will dwell on ocean’s floor
‘Til the sun again wilts spring blooms
And she reclaims her rule ashore."

Ode To Amphitrite, Trisha Sprouse Walker
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[01 Dec 2020|07:59am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Clio is correct, in that Christmas was originally a pagan festival that got co-opted, but I can't help but love it anyway. People actually seem to try and be decent for a little while, and I think that in itself is something worth celebrating. I know we don't believe that the Christ child came into the world around this time (both theologically and historically-it's believed he was actually born sometime in the spring), but still. I enjoy it nonetheless.

We'll be doing cocoa and cookies on the weekends all this month, so come on out and say hello!

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[29 Nov 2020|08:20pm]

The children are almost 4 months old, and they're both already a handful. My darling son likes to change his hair color on a whim, and Chloris' daughter shoots flowers when she sneezes. At least it's better than snot? I think?

Still. Asclepius says they're healthy and developing well, so I'll take that win.
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[29 Nov 2020|04:05pm]

Lest I get pulled into my lecture about how Christmas is actually a pagan festival co-opted from Yule because the Christians invaded...let's talk about something else.

(It's a good lecture. But even before I awoke to myself, I tended to bring down the jingle bell spirit by talking about pagan holidays getting erased.)

...I have quite forgotten what I was going to say. Ah well. It happens sometimes.
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[29 Nov 2020|01:58pm]

The Christmas season is upon us, and I do not know how or what to do to pass the time. I suppose being locked in a cage for centuries does not exactly put one in the holiday spirit, so perhaps I could be forgiven for being a bit gloomy and out of sorts.
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[29 Nov 2020|01:42pm]

[ mood | pensive ]

It seems the denizens of House Stark speak true.

As the seasons start to turn, I find myself wanting to put aside Kore more and more and simply...not take up the mantle again. The darkened world does not seem to have much place for Spring these days.

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[19 Aug 2020|04:31pm]

I have been doing my best to understand all the advancements and technologies of this new world. I can grasp most of it, but there is one thing I do not understand. What, exactly, is a tiktok?
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[02 Aug 2020|07:48pm]

Note to self: do not flap your wings in an enclosed space. Apparently that's how you put an entire building to sleep.

One day, I'll get a handle on this. Probably.
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[31 Jul 2020|07:36pm]

The conspiracy is afoot!

And by that, I mean the 25 or so ravens that have taken up residence on the roof of my house.

I'm never getting rid of them, am I?

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[31 Jul 2020|07:05pm]

I think Persephone said it best, quoting the Bard. 'When shall we three meet again?'

Now, by the way. The answer is now.

That is to say, we're back and better than ever, and so are all of you. We love you. You're great. Don't screw it up. Make the absolute best of it.
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[31 Jul 2020|11:39am]

[Left for Aglaia on the nightstand: a pink star sapphire ring. Hephaestus has been holding onto it for a long time, he made it before he even knew who he was, and could never quite bring himself to sell it. Now he knows why. He made it for her, because of course he did. Through centuries, memory loss, and being forced apart, some things are woven in too tightly to ever let go.]
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[29 Jul 2020|09:33pm]

girls with guard dogs at spike-heeled feet
lips to kiss fire, still semi-sweet

dirt black coffee on a fine tipped tongue
and spiderwebs only half unspun

dead roses in flowercrowns and tangled thorns
and white bedsheets, handcuffs, lingerie unworn

tempest springtime to summer’s rest
and flowers of lovers laid on deathbeds

-Lucy Ryan, "Songs for Persephone"
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[28 Jul 2020|04:52pm]

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[25 Jul 2020|07:12pm]


Swear to Mom, I'm going to do something drastic if I keep finding shades in ridiculous places. THE VEGETABLE CRISPER IS NOT YOUR NEW HOUSE, JOANNA.

I'm so done with this.
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[25 Jul 2020|07:05pm]

Mother suggested I branch out a little, to acquaint myself with this new world. Things have changed since the last time I walked free, and sometimes I don't even know where to look first. So. Here goes nothing, I suppose.

Hello, all. My name is Nemesis, and I am free.
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