November 3rd, 2008

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Hey guys,

I don't think I did this for Roger, so I think I'll do the introing thing now. I'm Bee, and I play your local Roger Davies and have now picked up Megan Jones. Roger is a Montrose Magpies Chaser. He's currently still on the reserves as he's only been with the team a little under a year, but he'll likely make it to the ranks this upcoming year. Roger graduated in 1996 from Ravenclaw, he was both Head Boy and captain when he graduated. Roger has a photographic memory and is really quite smart, which is why he sometimes comes off as cocky and full of himself. He's not, most of the time. He's not really involved in either side of the war at the moment, although he leans more toward the Order. Roger lives and works in Montrose, so he may not be seen out and about too much which is just as well cuz he thinks his fangirls can get in ppls way XD

I also have Megan who's a muggleborn. She comes off as a bit of a snob because of her background, though she's actually fairly nice. Megan's not exactly the smartest person in the world, and for a while totally did not get the whole Voldemort = bad thing. She's heading toward Hogwarts at the moment, although that's obviously not going to happen. For the moment, most of her interaction will likely happen through journals, as she tends not to visit wizarding Britain too much, because trying to tell her driver to drop her off in the middle of nowhere gets her funny looks.

Anyway I would love to work out anything with either one, and I imagine Roger needs a bit of a background loves, friendships and all that jazz. Meg's really nice too! If not here, you can always hit me up on AIM at Mandy Nott Lilly, or PM me as being in the UK doesn't allow for the most convenient online hours.

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Memorial Thread

There is a thread up for Mad Eye's memorial for any order members that wish to attend. It's in the evening at the Hog's Head, just tag when you go in and ping me if anyone wants to interact with Fleur.