Supernatural Storylines

June 18th, 2012

01:38 pm - [info]ironforest


The Iron Forest is in danger, and so is the supernatural community on a whole. The Mad Witch Loki and his personal vendetta against the Witch Queen has led to the beginnings of a war, with both sides frantically trying to win support from Vampires, Werecreatures, Hybrids, and even Humans aware of the supernatural. While they build their armies, there are those who refuse to be swayed, claiming neutrality instead. But as the climate becomes ever more tense, the question remains: When the time comes, whose side will you choose to be on?

Iron Forest is an original character supernatural game based in the modern world. Offering a variety of locations and character classes to choose from, we are a group of friendly writers that encourages growth for our writers and welcome to fresh ideas and character development.

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