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June 9th, 2012

08:55 pm - [info]ironforest


The Mad Witch Loki has escaped his punishment in the past, and made his way into the future - our present. Now, he plans to wage war against the Witch Queen of the Iron Forest - and he's building an army to make these ambitions a reality. Everyone is a potential recruitment. Every species is being put to the test. Factions are being made, alliances forged. The question is, when the time comes, whose side will you choose?

Iron Forest is an original character supernatural roleplaying game based in present-day Europe. From vampires and werewolves, to psychics and witches, we offer a wide range of species diversity and are always open to hear suggestions for more. We are a community of friendly writers that encourages character growth, and we respect creativity above all else.

  • Ladies! Our male-to-female ratio is severely unbalanced!
  • Werecreatures, shapeshifters, and witches!
  • Not-so-nice people of the baddie persuasion!
  • Buchanan and King's Armoury employees!
  • And more!

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