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May 18th, 2012

03:05 am - [info]ironforest

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Deep in the Ural Mountains of Russia lies the dreaded Iron Forest. No mortal man dares to enter it, and the village on the outskirts of the forest remains as superstitious about its depths as they might have been in centuries long gone. The Iron Forest, you see, is the home of Baba Yaga, the most famous witch in all of Russia. There is a castle in the forest, built of black bricks. It is where Baba Yaga holds her witch's court, and where she metes out the most rigid of justices.

On Yule of 2011, there was a sentence to be given. A young witch who had crossed both Baba Yaga and the Russian Mafia had been brought to the castle, and Baba Yaga was fully prepared to kill her for the indiscretion. But just before the fatal spell was cast, the young witch cast one of her own, seeking to escape into the distant past. The date of her spell lent it extra power, and as she sent it back into time, it crossed with that of another, older witch, killing her.

But as fate would have it, the spell's power was not yet depleted. On Yule of 1520, another witch was about to be locked away for centuries. Furious, he had cast a spell of his own, and it crossed with a spell from the future at just the right moment. He was pulled almost five centuries ahead in time, deposited directly over the body of the dead witch.

After a brief exchange of words, startled from Baba Yaga and almost amused by the old witch who called himself after the Norse Loki, there was a brief struggle during which Baba Yaga attempted to banish him unsuccessfully. Loki disappeared, going to London to cause havoc. His power feeds off of chaos and disorder, and the more people he can motivate to panic, the stronger he will be.

Everywhere throughout Europe, supernatural creatures who had become all but extinct (in some cases, hunted to destruction) are beginning to reappear in greater numbers. Unrest is beginning to spread throughout the supernatural communities as factions begin to separate out, fuelled by the witch Loki's meddling. Baba Yaga has begun to mobilise her witches against Loki, gathering her power in London and her castle. The queen of the vampires, based in Scotland, has chosen no sides. The weres are calling a central council in Ireland to gather the packs closer. Many other species are beginning to consider gathering for the first time ever. Those supernaturals who fall outside of factions are not trusted.

A global war of supernatural proportions is coming. Where will you stand?
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