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March 23rd, 2012

07:15 pm - [info]forsakenmods - Forsaken: the Prophecy- an Angels vs. Demons RPG on IJ

From Hero to Zero or Hero to Nero?
 That’s what this inquiring mind wants to know after hearing some of the juiciest news this town has had to offer in a very long time.

 I’m talking about our very own town hero, Bo Jorgensen! This town cheered him on for the past four years and shared his glory as he carried Babylon High and the Badgers to four straight state and regional championships in a row. We all dreamed along with him as he looked at prospective universities in the Big Ten and The Ivy League. And, yes, we all cried when Bo injured his knee ending his hopes of a football scholarship and a career in the NFL. Now, wait for it Bo fans…

 Haven’t you wondered how Bo is making money, since all of this has happened? He’s been making some pretty hefty purchases, I hear. Nice truck, Bo! Well, rumor has it that our very own Bo Jorgensen is working for Chance Navarro as a male dancer…ahem…stripper! Be still my heart! Admit it, football fans, how many times have you watched our Bo on the field in that jersey and those tight football pants and wondered what was underneath? Hmmmm? How many of you wanted to follow our boy to the locker room just to peek? Now, for a little hard-earned cash, your dreams can finally come true, it seems. Bachelorette parties, birthday parties or just want to give yourself a treat? Take a Chance. That’s the name of Chance Navarro’s business and where you’ll have access to mo’ of Bo!

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