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January 14th, 2012

06:46 pm - [info]forsakenmods - Forsaken: the Prophecy- a Demons vs. Angels RPG

  Bonnie Dickinson gets up at the crack of dawn, takes her shower and starts her day; she lays out her husband’s work clothes, her children’s school clothes and then heads downstairs to fix them all a full breakfast before they begin their days. She’s proud of her family; her husband, Frank, is a Deputy with the Babylon Sheriff’s Department, Son, Brad, is on the Babylon High School football team, and daughter, Sarah, is on the cheerleading squad. Bonnie’s family is her life, her work and her entertainment. She was born in Babylon and hasn’t really travelled anywhere much, except for a trip to Des Moines once. Her best friend, Linda, lives next door, in the blue rancher; they know everything about each other…except, Bonnie doesn’t know that Linda is married to an angel and that her children are nephilim. Most of the humans in Babylon are just like Bonnie Dickinson; they have no idea a war is being waged right under their noses.

  The battle between the angels and demons started when a prophecy was discovered in Babylon during the construction of the town's new movie theater. It gives both sides a reason to win, and once a month at the closing hour and the beginning hour, the angels and demons battle it out in an effort to reap their reward.

Which side will you choose?

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