December 19th, 2008

[info]ex_edged72 in [info]strugglewithin

RP: If I were A Boy

Date: 19 September 1997
Characters: Marietta Edgecombe and OTA
Location: Leaky Cauldron
Summary: Marietta decides it's her turn to have a few drinks.
Completion: Incomplete

By any hopes, she’d get drunk enough that she could apparate home and by the time she fell asleep wouldn't give a fuck. )

[info]sir_gawain in [info]strugglewithin

RP: Investigation

Date: 19 September 1997
Characters: Gawain Robards, Graylin Savage
Location: Muggle England
Status: semi-private
Summary: Gawain and Gray finally go looking for the Grangers.
Completion: Complete

in Muggle Britain )

[info]xavierselwyn in [info]strugglewithin

OWL: For Alicia Spinnet

Date: 19 September 1997
Characters: Xavier Selwyn, Alicia Spinnet
Location: Respective
Status: Private
Summary: Xavier owls Alicia...
Completion: Complete

For a lovely lady )