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[01 Feb 2020|04:26pm]

I just want to be the first to congratulate my father James Rhodes on his engagement to his long-time girlfriend, Lorraine Hart. You might not be with my mom anymore, and she may be heartbroken about it, but I'm happy for you.

Random Stepford Spams [09 Dec 2019|08:09pm]

Sporraine Backdate to Thanksgiving night [30 Nov 2019|06:12pm]

[He had a great time meeting her folks, even if Lorraine's dad definitely likes Alfie better than him. When they get back to the apartment, he takes her hand and leads her back to his room so they can talk alone away from the others.]
Merc, get out. [Merc grunts loudly in protest and slams the door behind her.]

Thanks for sharing dinner today. It was nice.

Harper (backdated) [30 Nov 2019|06:11pm]

I'd like to take you out to dinner if you're free.

Family [19 Nov 2019|07:59pm]

I'm thinking of proposing to Harper the night before Thanksgiving. Is everyone okay with that?

[19 Nov 2019|06:57pm]

I feel like I'm drowning here without you.

[18 Nov 2019|07:56pm]

Mood.Read more... )

Oz [17 Nov 2019|03:54pm]

[She's enjoying her day off, she throws a batch of cookies in the oven before her boyfriend? He is her boyfriend... kind of. They never talked about labels, but she knows they date exclusively and that they aren't sleeping with anyone else. Also they've been going on dates nonstop for weeks. She makes some icing then sets up the dessert sandwiches and snacks on one of them while she breads the chicken that was marinating. Chicken and waffles for the apartment tonight.

The crew comes in just as it's all finished and she steals Oz away so they can sit and chat on her bed while they eat. It's hard to get privacy here, but she makes do. After the pleasantries "how was your day" etc, she jumps into the deep conversations they've been going at. Honest emotional secret type questions that they both hold in and bury every day in order to keep on functioning. She knows she's figured out a way to explain the events at the club without breaking the NDAs, she's just going to leave out names and times.]

So what's your family like? Are you guys doing Thanksgiving?

Evan [17 Nov 2019|03:52pm]

Honestly, I don't know why I expected them to stick around. They're probably all home now and they probably don't even remember us.

[15 Nov 2019|03:24pm]

I quit until Mason's back.

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