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third first post! [28 May 2008|02:27pm]

[ mood | good ]

Name/Alias: Julie! I've never had a supercool Internet pseudonym. :(

Location: Oslo, Norway, which is my love and joy. For the summer, at least -- come fall, I'll be back in Vancouver, which is my other love and joy.

Favourite band/artist: With 12,000 songs on my iPod, I have way too many favourites. Plus, I am so powerfully forgetful about my own tastes that I have to rely on my to tell me what I really like. It says my top four are Rilo Kiley, Patrick Wolf, The Arcade Fire, and Wintersleep, which sounds about right.

If I'm listening to something extensively, though, odds are it's something off this list, which is all my favourites. I CANNOT NARROW IT DOWN, OK. I also have a total thing for covers. If you can give me selections of good artists covering other good artists, I am the happiest puppy ever.

Your song/s?

-- Gregory and the Hawk, "Boats & Birds": Heartbreakingly tentative and cute. It's the #1 song I try to spread to others.
-- Kaizers Orchestra, "På ditt skift": BEST NORWEGIAN MUSIC EVER. Hardcore gypsy rock with insane percussion -- they perform with oil barrels, their mascot wears a gas mask, and they sing about the Russian mafia and revolution. They're a bit like Gogol Bordello, I guess, and have the same reputation for being Really Fucking Fantastic live. I'm hoping to catch them at a festival by the end of the summer.
-- Kaizers Orchestra, "Knekker deg til sist": If people like them, I can upload albums upon albums!
-- Patrick Wolf, "Running Up That Hill": Pwolf + Kate Bush cover = win.
-- Regina Spektor, "Oedipus": Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor are probably going to be my two favourite female singers until I keel over and die.
-- Louis XIV, "A Letter to Dominique": The song that made me fall head over heels in love with Louis XIV. They just make me want to dance.
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guidelines; [28 May 2008|02:14pm]

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