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[21 Aug 2014|07:27pm]

Hey all! Gin here. I have Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. He is from the end of season 5, Neal Caffrey from White Collar, who is also end of season 5, and Slade Wilson from Arrow who is end of season 2.

Plot is <3

[04 Apr 2014|01:21pm]

I found I work better with a to do list of things for the week in my CDJ. (Feel free to add if you'd like to)

I was wondering if anyone you like to do anything with my peeps listed - here

I'm looking for everything, friends, enemies, lovers, whatever kind of drama for all peeps!

Open for suggestions, chit chat. you can poke me here, contact post in journals, aim is Memyselfandfi (hardly on it, but on atm), g-chat/hangout as fitehfishy (always on it) or email

[28 Mar 2014|08:52am]

I found I work better with a to do list of things for the week in my CDJ. (Feel free to add if you'd like to)

I was wondering if anyone you like to do anything with my peeps listed - here

I'm looking for everything, friends, enemies, lovers, whatever kind of drama for all peeps!

Open for suggestions, chit chat. you can poke me here, contact post in journals, aim is Memyselfandfi (hardly on it, but on atm), g-chat/hangout as fitehfishy (always on it) or email

[09 Mar 2014|07:03pm]

This is Sean again to let you know that I br ought in a guy from Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.
His human name is Len and his Kamen Rider name is Wing Knight.

He is open for any plot you wish to have with him.

[06 Mar 2014|12:38pm]

My cat has passed away. I've had her since 2008. I might not be myself for a bit.

Crossposted to all my games.

[22 Feb 2014|02:47pm]

Just a heads up, doing a partial reset on Alex. Sam never showed up for her. She's still a vamp and everything else is the same.

Sadface. [03 Feb 2014|08:11am]

You guys, my laptop is dead. RIP my laptop 2011-2014. I will be extremely scarce until I figure something out. I have an ipad and my phone but it's not the same. I'll be especially slow on scene tags. Sorry! Will give an update when this changes.

Crossposted to all my games.

[02 Feb 2014|10:46am]

Haven't done this anywhere in awhile, but why not, I guess.

Does anyone want to do anything with my characters? [I don't have a fancy cdj post for this yet. I think it's up to date. I know I still need to add Kensi].

I'm up for net and scene stuff, or even some plotting? I'm trying to organize it all into a to-do list so nothing gets missed.

Let's have some fun, I'm always available by email at Feel free to add my cdj @ [info]intheheadspace. My gchat/hangouts is the same as my email. And finally my AIM is iiveforthefight. I think I need to add people first though, I used to get a lot of bots.

Let's get to it!

[30 Jan 2014|01:44pm]

Hello! I'm Misha, probably know most of you. I've been here before, briefly, several months ago. Now I'm back, so hi!

I'm bringing just two to start. The first is Sam Matthews from Nikita. He's canon compliant through the end of the series, and will WTF when he finds himself here.

Second is Sam Winchester from SPN. I'm bringing Sammy in after his stint in hell, at the end of S5. Before he knows how or why he was yanked out of the pit, before he knows what's wrong with him. He is faster, stronger than he's ever been. He doesn't need to sleep, either. So he knows something's not right, or at least different, but he doesn't know what it is.

As for me, I am easily enabled a teacher. I have no reliable access during the school day. I work with special ed kids, and some nights I just don't have anything in the tank to focus RP wise. Usually I'm online till about 10 or 11 EST.

I'm probably going to wait till the weekend to actually bring the Sams into play, but yeah. In the meantime, I'm open to any kind of plot and what not!

One Year Later [23 Jan 2014|01:58pm]

Bart Allen [info]gottarunnow Bart and Allison married and had twins (Jonathan Oliver Allen and Victoria Kate Allen). They moved into the Watchtower after the speedster renovated one of the empty floors turning it into a loft. Bart spends his time carrying for the babies, looking after his wife, and doing what he can to work with his friends to fight crime.

Nineteen [info]lucky19 Nineteen passed away in a magical explosion. The man had been attempting to open one of the portals in an effort to make it work both ways but the backlash of mystical energy left nothing but a pile of ash.

Victor Budarin [info]donotpushme Victor offered his talent and skill set to the criminal underworld, becoming a merc for hire and becoming a personal body guard for the highest bidder. Victor and Elle met and quickly became partners in crime, lovers, and are living together in an upscale loft downtown...the view is killer but so are the tenants.

During the year [21 Jan 2014|01:00pm]

Deadshot [info]eagertokill & Bronze Tiger[info]bronze_tiger are working undercover in A.R.G.U.S. for the team called Suicide Squad.

Steven Trevor [info]steven_trevor is one of the commander of A.R.G.U.S. that is in Starling City. And he had been working on how and why people keep coming to Starling City.

John Diggle [info]j_diggle Diggle has been helping Oliver with keeping Oliver Mayor Job from not crossing in to his Arrow Job. Mean he went out at night as the Arrow.

Slade Wilson [info]silent_phantom Slade is the ghost CEO Stellmoor International so he still acquiring pieces Queen Consolidated and making Oliver Job as Mayor hell. He is in The Blood Cult also he the cult led

Sebastian Blood [info]brother_blood he serves as the front Leader for the Blood Cult and take command from Slade. He also runs the front of Kord Industries that is helping rebuild the Glads, but is using Kord Industries to test and market.

Dick Grayson [info]flying_graysons he still work at Verdant. Also give Team Arrow a helping hand as Nightwing but they still don’t know each other. He live in the South End Neighborhood

Joseph "Joe" Wilson [info]_ravager_ has been shadowing his father work and been working at Grell Museum.

William Tockman [info]clock_king He hasn't been seen since he last attack on Starling City.

The Phantom [info]the_phantom_ Kit Walker left his penthouse for a Mansion that fall under Bangalla law for he could have a min Skull Cave.

Four [info]i_am_four is working at Starling City Aquarium. And has a home in the Orchid Bay Neighborhood

Roy McQueen [info]red_arrow_ Roy McQueen is now the CEO of Blackhawk Squad Protection Group. Who are helping the Mayor of Starling City and A.R.G.U.S. as they are dealing with any troubles that come up that the cop couldn't handle. Also Roy as penthouse on the top floor at Blackhawk Squad Protection builds.

Jubilation Lee [info]chiropterans she work and live at Starling City Youth Recreational Center. But she goes hurting in the neighborhood call The "Triangle" to fed sometime.

Kal-El's [info]subject_1 he still live in the Glads and he a somewhat leader of a street gang that crash with the Joker gang.

Jason Todd [info]i_was_evil Jason is still a man of the cloth but over his first year being here he been slipping back to the Brother Blood from his world. But he doesn't know that he doing it. He live in one of the churches in the Glads.

New person in the game

Robert Queen [info]crown_affair more of his story will be told as the New Year stars.

[19 Jan 2014|10:45pm]

The year jump will happen NEXT WEEKEND!

Gives you a week to sort out all the things you need to sort out, because I'm overwhelmed with other things atm.

ALSO TO ADD YOU A EXTRA ISSUE NO ONE IS LIVING IN THE HOTEL NOW! If they had been here more then a year.

If you add anyone new, please make sure you do the check in post cause I will be deleting the players who haven't hit that, tonight.

One Year Later... [18 Jan 2014|04:47pm]

Elena Gilbert | [info]_doppelganger_: living next door to Damon Salvatore and dating him exclusively

Elena Gilbert: | [info]_the_runaway_: Worked out his issues with Tommy and they are now dating. Tommy has paid to change to Queen, because he doesn't want to be associated with the Merlyn Name.

Felicity Smoak | [info]dye_it_blonde: Living with Neal Caffrey and their daughter Ellen. She still works at Queen Consolidated as Oliver Queen's assistant. Neal is head of security.

Felicity Smoak | [info]gameforanything: Currently working for Torchwood and finally comfortable with the idea of Elijah Mikaelson being a vampire

Klaus Mikaelson | [info]changedforher: Has learned about his father Dyson

Klaus Mikaelson | [info]herlastlove: Still very much in love with one Caroline Forbes

Oliver Queen | [info]heartofstarling: Has a second son with Laurel, Robert Thomas. Has proposed to Laurel

Oliver Queen | [info]changedforher: Mayor of Starling

Thea Queen | [info]thea_the_queen: Living with Malcolm Merlyn and taking college classes

[18 Jan 2014|01:59am]

Effie Nashon - [info]riddlersgirl - Currently engaged to Damon Salvatore, runs a computer repair shop and does white hat hacking in her spare time for local companies that need it. Is taking online computer classes to earn her criminal justice degree and become a cop.

Enigma (Caffrey) - [info]_enigma - Married Neal and gave birth to their daughter, Samantha Elizabeth Caffrey. Works as Damien Thorn's PA and is still a thief at night though usually with her husband. Helps out the other refugees when needed.

Roxas - [info]key_of_destiny_ - Works as a shop clerk while going to school, trains people in the art of sword fighting for both stage work and to actually defend themselves.

Adam Conant (TV) - [info]softspokenwitch - Waiter, dating Diana, helping the other magic users as needed.

Adam Conant (Book) - [info]hereditarywitch - Is attending college with Elena, dating Elena, avoiding Damien's smirking face. Still recovering from his demon possession a year later, but the memories are fading. Running the local refugee coven. Trying to learn more magic without his book of shadows.

Bruce Banner - [info]internal_rage - Opened a small medical clinic near the others to provide better access and care for them, charges on a sliding scale now that more refugees are getting work. Hulked out at least once, but got out of town before destroying too much. Is doing his best. Hulk has planted a small garden near the clinic for the community, though he asks you don't touch his flowers.

One year later [17 Jan 2014|03:36am]

Okay, so here's what my three pups have been up to by the time a year passes. XD

Clark Kent ~~ Did a few good stories for the paper, some which helped expose baddies. Maybe rescued Lois once in a while when a story got some of the usual unwanted attention of bad guys? Lol. He also did a lot of good things as Superman, using his powers to save people, stop criminals, prevent a few bombs or terrorist plots, etc. He worked with the Watchtower peeps, and sometimes other heroes too if they required it. In personal areas, got Lois some nice presents on her birthday (perfume, new shoes, clothes, laptop, etc). Married to Lois still, probably have an apartment together.

Damien Thorn ~~ After the lust plot incident and Adam [info]hereditarywitch went back to being straight, the two had still remained good friends, although Damien may have made a flirty comment to him now and then in jest. He'd also managed to pass himself off as a witch due to his powers. If the coven for magic users were made, he'd have joined it, also practicing bow skills with archer people sometimes too. He also began secretly recruiting those who dabble in the dark side, such as school students, runaways, prisoners, mob ties, former church folk who reject their past beliefs, even an occasional crooked cop, doctor, or lawyer; and especially the devil worship or dark side of the occult type. They're called Disciples of the Watch. He'd gained allegiance from his people once he revealed what he was to them, as well as enticing them with beneficial offers (so long as they pledge their soul to him). This also helped him gain a bit of secret influence and wealth from association with them. Enigma (one who is with Neal) became his PA and top follower, helping him with any tasks. There is also rumors among the criminal underworld of a new cult who work for a leader known only as The Beast (even though any can claim that, the feeling is that these followers believe he's the real deal). They're fiercely loyal, taking any torture and would take their own lives before revealing Damien as their boss. Damien might have made a business deal or two with the other baddies, as well as hiring a merc on occasion, acting as the Beast's lieutenant or second (kinda like Clark saying that he's best buddies with Superman). His housing: a ritzy penthouse apartment suite in the city.

Kwai Chang Caine ~~ After saving Diggle that night and healing his injury, Caine probably could have met Oliver, even offered his healing services for occasions when going to a hospital was too public and needing avoided. His healing services were open to others in similar circumstances. He worked as a priest, apothecary, healer, fatherly advice giver (granted, some are in kung fu and animal parables lol). He now lives in a brownstone apartment building in Chinatown, where he also does his apothecary work for the community. He had also been accepted by the Asian community (the Chinese respected Shaolin priests in the past anyway), after helping some of them in trouble, doing work for free, and other stuff. He also taught kung fu to people to for self defense. There is a saying now, "Come to Chinatown, ask for Caine, he will help you."

During the year [12 Jan 2014|02:28pm]

Sara [info]sixyearsofpain - mostly been hiding out with Sin, may reveal herself as being alive soon.
Thea [info]ihadnoone - started college, trying to keep her life together.
Claire [info]invincible - attending classes for college, and just getting used to life.
Alex [info]russiandoll - dealing with being a vampire with Caroline's help. Doing what she can to help the city.
Diana Meade [info]purewitch - going to college, trying to keep Faye out of trouble, no longer running from magic but still won't use dark magic unless absolutely necessary, is also dating Adam Conant
Chloe Sullivan-Queen [info]sarcasmnoted - just doing Chloe stuff, monitoring the city and all that.
Lydia Martin [info]beautifulgenius - Formally dating Derek, just dealing with everything that's happened.

OOC Post for my all my characters during the year [12 Jan 2014|02:51pm]
G Charles Gunn | [info]illsayplease: Got a job working security at Queen Consolidated and he began dating Buffy Summers.

Adam Donner | [info]starlingsda: Became a judge, got married, had a daughter and became a widower. His wife died in a driveby just one week after their daughter was born.

F Artemis Crock | [info]issosassy: Graduated high school, enrolled in the local community college and moved out of the Glades and into a large mansion with her sister and niece.

F Bruce Wayne | [info]therisenknight: Opened up a Boy's home for under privileged youth in the city of Starling and a branch of Wayne shipping.

F Clint Barton | [info]youbettercallit: Finished his most recent undercover assignment and he is now working under cover at Malcolm Industries.

G Felicity Smoak | [info]ohlesigh: Living with her now boyfriend Oliver Queen in his penthouse and she is working in the IT section for the Queen Family Company.

F Quentin Lance | [info]tokeepyousafe: He has retired from the force because of all the problems with the hood and now he is working as a Private Detective. He is also dating Moira Queen.

F Slade Wilson | [info]fearmyblade: Formed a private security firm with his fiance Shado.

F Tommy Merlyn | [info]knowsthetruth: Married his girlfriend Brooke Davis and opened his own small PR firm.

M Tommy Merlyn | [info]betterthanmydad: Worked out his issues with Elena and they are now dating. He has paid to change to Queen, because he doesn't want to be associated with the Merlyn Name.

Walter Steele | [info]damngoodtoseeu: He is still working for the Queen family business and he has his own place.

F & G Enigma | [info]question_this: Working for Parker and her new branch of Leverage Incorperated. She is also now dating Roy Harper.

F Joker | [info]the_joker: Has built up his clown possy and is now ruling the Glades.

F Oliver Queen | [info]itsnotrevenge: He and Dinah have helped to build the Hall of Justice and they are trying to rebuild the Justice League.

F Thomas Raith | [info]apredatorangel: Has opened his own hair salon in Starling and is now casually dating Molly.

F & G & M Dyson | [info]shefeedsonme: He has learned about his son Klaus and now has a granddaughter. He now has an apartment with Kenzi.

F Thor | [info]strokemyhammer: He is now courting Darcy and he has opened his own medical practice in town.

F Dean Winchester | [info]hunterwithgame: He has given up his life of hunting and his now working for one of the bigger construction companies in Starling.

F Derek Hale | [info]thesourhowl: He is trying to build a pack in Starling. He is also dating Felicity, but refuses to turn her for fear of it not working.

F Jackson Whittemore | [info]beeneverything: He is attending college and is coaching the Lacrosse team at the local high school. He is also dating Lydia.

F Stiles Stilinski | [info]willnotshutup: He is attending college, majoring in Psychology. He is also working at the local school, helping other children with learning disorders like his own.

G Jack Harkness [info]packingheat: He has opened up a branch of Torchwood in Starling with Ianto and has recruited new members.

F Rose Hathaway | [info]notverynice: She is attending college and she is sharing an apartment with her friend Lyssa.

F Elijah Mikaelson | [info]thenobleone: He is living with and dating Caroline Forbes and he is also working as a professor of American History at the local college.

M Elijah Mikaelson | [info]keepmydeals: He has given up teaching and is currently working at the local library.

F Elijah Mikaelson | [info]noble_original: He has used an old potion in his possession to cure Katherine and the two of them are now living together in Starling. He isn't working, but he uses his compulsion to get them whatever they need because he wants to be able to spend all his time with her.

G Hayley Marshall | [info]want2knowwhoiam: She has had her baby and she is now living with Elijah. The two of them are dating as well.

F Klaus Mikaelson | [info]wantsitallback: He is now a daddy. He is living with Hayley and the baby, but the two are still dancing around their feelings for one another. He has opened a art gallery in town to show his paintings.

June Ellington | [info]justwants2dance: She now as her own apartment in the city and is teaching music at the local high school.

F Neal Caffrey | [info]followthemoney: He works at Raquel's art gallery and the two of them are now dating.

F Neal Caffrey | [info]digsthehat: He is now working for the CIA with Elizabeth Keen as his handler.

F & G Raquel LaRoque | [info]criminallover: She working for and Art Gallery as an Authenticator and she is still with Neal and Diana.

[26 Dec 2013|02:57pm]

Wrapping up the lust plot.

Saturday morning, everyone will wake up, lust free, but the city, glades,, hotel, are covered in vines mixed with fresh powered snow.


[20 Dec 2013|01:34pm]

So, I'm off until the 26th from work, who wants to do stuff with my lovely characters?

[20 Dec 2013|12:09pm]

I was wondering if anyone would like to do anything with my characters for Christmas?

Lust Plot Avaiblity [07 Dec 2013|02:09pm]

Effie Nashton
Bruce Banner
Adam Conant (TV Version)
Bonnie Bennett

Are all available to be lusted on/from.

[05 Dec 2013|11:45pm]

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. That way I don't get into spoilers for those that haven't watched the episode. This is Barry Allen from Arrow and my newest character. Sweet, nerdy, and adorable.


Lust Plot [05 Dec 2013|09:18am]

Alright Guys and Dolls.

Ivy is planning on distracting the city with lust while her plants take it over.


She's releasing a toxin that will make your character instantly fall in lust with one another, but I have a few rules with this.

1. Your character will be in lust with the first person they see and will stay in lust with that person till the plot it over.

1. Make sure all parties involved are alright with this plot. If your character has someone they are seeing, ask the other character player if it will be alright. This why there's no drama.

2. Lust doesn't mean instant sex, play it out, be creative. What if your character falls for someone, but that someone falls for someone else.

3. The first sign of any OOC drama, this part of the plot will be pulled instantly.

4. Branch out, do an OOC post, offer up characters, I don't want to see the same people playing together in all their pairings.

5. Have fun!


Two-faced [02 Dec 2013|04:30pm]

This is Adam the second, also known for reference as Book!Adam (just with the same pb because I am in lust with Thomas Dekker).

Obviously, he's from the Secret Circle Books, so he's AU to the other Adam. Not much different, still a nice, sweet guy who is a bit overprotective of his friends..and he has a dog. Sadly Raj is not here...yet. Adam is hoping.

[01 Dec 2013|06:58pm]

Haven't done this in awhile, but I guess I'll give it a shot. Anyone want to do anything with my characters?

I'm good with net, scenes, and plotting. Just like to get some stuff going.

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