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Private Filter to all Super Heroes (Marvel & DC) [17 Nov 2016|12:42pm]

Hola chicos and chicas, I'm Impulse!

So figured I'd give a shout out to ya'll, cause with all the freaky stuff going on it'd be cool to maybe get a tally and sort out just how many of us are here.

Heck we can totes like do a cool meet and greet over some tasty treats or something! BBQ maybe? Or uh...wait, pancakes!! Yeah, who doesn't love freaking pancakes!

Man now I'm hungry again...

Alrighty, ttfn guys and gals.

[13 Mar 2014|09:02am]

Spring break. It's pretty nice.

[09 Mar 2014|07:04pm]

So what's the name of this place?

[02 Mar 2014|09:31pm]

Zippty do dah, zippty-ay, I’m gonna blow all you dirtbags away. Plenty of bullets I’m gonna spray, Zippty do dah, zippty-ay

[24 Feb 2014|01:27pm]

How did I end up at down at the docks?

[23 Feb 2014|11:58pm]

I am at the gym if anyone needs me.

Oliver [23 Feb 2014|11:56pm]

I left on your desk next weeks workout. And you also have Wednesday and Friday clear.

[23 Feb 2014|11:54pm]

Come and give us our next missing already.

Miss. Queen [23 Feb 2014|11:52pm]

I left my alcoholic list for next week on your desk.

[23 Feb 2014|11:50pm]

Joker keeps your people off my truff. Or do you wish to have rain clown again? Like last mouth? Do you?

[21 Feb 2014|02:31am]

Almost can't believe it's a whole year that I've lived here. But it's good. Great, actually. Nice penthouse apartment, friends, and it feels more like home than before. And the coven was a great idea by Adam and the others My skills have even improved with practice.

[Private; Enigma]
Haven't needed anything for a couple days.. but I think I do now. I have a task that requires your assistance. It should not take long. And there may even be a bonus check in it for you.

[20 Feb 2014|11:00pm]

I was wondering what diapers are best for a 4 month old baby girl. She hates pampers, but the boy doesn't seem to mind wearing them.

Swear to the freaking gods, she just keeps wiggling right out of them the first second I walk away.

Completely unrelated it just dogs, or also babies that can't have chocolate?

[20 Feb 2014|09:23pm]

[filtered to Elle Bishop]

Elle. I've wrapped things up at the police station earlier then I expected. Up for a drink at that place you like downtown?

Text; Laurel Lance [15 Feb 2014|08:03pm]

>> Thank you.
>> That was really sweet.

Delivered to Alex [15 Feb 2014|08:53pm]

Happy Birthday! )

[15 Feb 2014|07:38pm]

Happy birthday, Alex. Do you even have birthdays now?

[11 Feb 2014|10:33am]

Can't believe how long I've been here, it's about to be my birthday. Again.

[08 Feb 2014|06:42pm]

Sister, please tell me that you find me a better job then working at Grell Museum

To the Mayor Office [08 Feb 2014|06:40pm]

We had a a run in with some street gang in neighborhood called the City Core. The bad thing is their color were neither of the Joker nor Kal-El’s street gang so there a new gang in Starling City. Also there are finding more of that Vertigo drug is circling around. One more detail is the gang color are a signature black and orange color.

[08 Feb 2014|06:38pm]

Don’t forget to stop by Starling City Youth Recreational Center. To get the update of the winter Olympics, Also don’t forget to get you kids signup of the flied trip to the Starling City Grell Museum.

Steven Trevor to Mayor Oliver [08 Feb 2014|06:36pm]

We just had a portal opening in one of the park in the Glades. Need to get a team in there before it closes.

[02 Feb 2014|09:33pm]

[Filtered to Caroline [info]canhandlemyself]
Sam's here now. And he's acting like he just saw me.

[02 Feb 2014|10:11am]

This has gotten pretty ridiculous, but I guess I'm used to being here.

[01 Feb 2014|08:50pm]

I can't believe we've been here for well over a year. I never thought it'd be this long.

[01 Feb 2014|08:20pm]

Man I can't wait until Spring Break.

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