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SS/HP Prophet for July 18 - July 24

If we missed an entry, please comment on the latest newsletter and it will be added to the next edition. </div>

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] Goddess47: It Takes a Village [Mature]

Works in Progress
[x] 2AMhypoxia: Distortions– Chapter 6 [Mature] Chan
[x] alutea: A Blaze Across Time– Chapter 62 [Explicit]
[x] AnaTheOtherAlien: Taking his life back– Chapter 20 [Explicit]
[x] Black_blade: Golden Age– Chapter 26 [Mature]
[x] CadenceH2O: Harry Potter and The Year Half of Hogwarts Adopted Him– Chapter 10 [G]
[x] Calypphire: Dear Santa– Chapter 16 [Mature]
[x] Charlie773: Hope Burns Brightly– Chapter 38 [Unrated]
[x] Chickenpets: Pacify Part 7 Swear– Chapter 12 [Explicit]
[x] Cithara: Patience on a Monument– Chapter 7 [Explicit]
[x] Clairdeloon: To Trust– Chapter 35 [Teen]
[x] DennaSnape: The Road to Happiness– Chapter 6 [Explicit]
[x] Dreaming_of_the_crash: Splintered Souls– Chapter 20 [Explicit]
[x] Faithless_3105: All The Prince's Men– Chapter 38 [Explicit]
[x] Fluentchaos: Potion No.7; Extremely Poisonous– Chapter 25 [Explicit]
[x] Interested_Gurl: The-Boy-Who-Can’t-Catch-A-Break– Chapter7 [M]
[x] JBankai89: One More Indiscretion– Chapter 11 [Explicit] Harry/Charlie, Snarry is the endgame
[x] Lovable_Puppy: Vampire Bites– Chapter 31 [Explicit]
[x] Lyraonyx: Look at Me– Chapter 11 [Mature]
[x] Planesinthesky: The Spy's Charge– Chapter 13 [Teen]
[x] SaraJany: Scission (Familia Ante Omnia - part two) – Chapter 15 [Gen]
[x] ScarlettWriter91: As Potter is to Snape– Chapter 49 [Teen]
[x] silvereye5: Written in the Stars– Chapter 4 [Explicit]
[x] WiCeBa: Portended Prophecies– Chapter 19 [Unrated]

This Newsletter
[x] Send your Snape/Harry news to sshp.prophet@gmail.com!

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