September 4th, 2021

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SS/HP Prophet for August 29 - September 4

art by [info]sealcat

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Completed Chapter Fics
[x] DennaSnape: The Road to Happiness– Chapter 13 [Explicit]
[x] Slytherinroses: Our Hearts Beat As One– Chapter 16 [Mature]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x] goddess47: Home Visit [PG]
[x] goddess47: Ghost Hunters [PG]

Works in Progress
[x] 2AMhypoxia: Distortions– Chapter 12 [Mature] Chan
[x] alutea: A Blaze Across Time– Chapter 67 [Explicit]
[x] Alhaz_red: Water of Life– Chapter 3 [Explicit] Chan
[x] Blacksky92: Twice In A Lifetime– Chapter 2 [Explicit]
[x] CadenceH2O: Harry Potter and The Year Half of Hogwarts Adopted Him– Chapter 7 [G]
[x] Charlie773: The Hunt (Hope) in Blood– Chapter 7 [Mature]
[x] Chickenpets: Pacify Part 7 Swear– Chapter 16 [Explicit]
[x] Clairdeloon: To Trust– Chapter 38 [Teen]
[x] Cithara: Patience on a Monument– Chapter 17 [Explicit]
[x] Dreaming_of_the_crash: Splintered Souls– Chapter 32 [Explicit]
[x] H3avydirtysoul: The Date– Chapter 4 [Explicit]
[x] JBankai89: One More Indiscretion– Chapter 15 [Explicit] Harry/Charlie, Snarry is the endgame
[x] Lovable_Puppy: Vampire Bites– Chapter 37 [Explicit]
[x] Mwueh2357: My Little Harry– Chapter 6 [Teen]
[x] NinaSomeone123: Captivity– Chapter 29 [Explicit]
[x] Planesinthesky: The Spy's Charge– Chapter 20 [Teen]
[x] PinaNaponi: Birds of a Feather– Chapter 14 [Explicit] Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter. With Art!!!
[x] SnapesAngel20: The Gifted Apprentice– Chapter 26 [Teen]
[x] Somn: Storm Clouds on the Horizon– Chapter 8 [Mature] Harry/Ginny (past)

Art and Icons
[x] Adalovelaced: Snarry

[x] snape_potter: Secret Snarry Swap Prompts! CLAIMING IS OPEN!

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