Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

PB: Skyler Samuels
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard #6
Codename: Ink
This got lengthy so to save friends page space:
Art Animation, Power Bestowal/Removal through art symbols )

I also had the idea for her to have power bestowal/removal involving her art manipulation and specific symbols, but I know we just got someone with power bestowal and I don't want to step on her toes! ♥ Edited in. :3 I also need to figure out how to limit her so that she can't bring like Superman to life and get his ridiculously overpowered stuff while also allowing her to summon things like firebreathing dragons, unless that would actually be okay.

Danielle O'Doyle has been in the program for a little over a year now. She lived her life discreetly, because people couldn't exactly trace (pun) her animations back to her since she could be way over on the sidelines and using them. In fact, she had a vigilante spree with a superhero of her own creation that she hid behind, and that's what ultimately caught up with her when she dug herself in too deep on a crime bust with him and got caught (first by the bad guys, then by the government). Dani's geeky, friendly, has a tendency to ramble a lot when she's nervous or excited, not so secretly loves this chance to get to keep playing superhero even if it comes with the darker, gritty side, and probably hero worships a lot of the other Ghosts. Basically the nicest character I've got.

And I know I'm a little early with holding her, but I'm okay with her pending for however long is necessary. :X
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Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

pb: bella thorne
code name: the giving tree
team: foxtrot
role: wildcard #1

Hi, This is Amanda (~tothegunshow + ~sirenslure) with my new character! I don't have a name for her just yet, and I've still got lots of kinks to work out BUT what I do know is the follow:

GT here can do lots of interesting things with her hands. The most important, all things told, is power bestowal.

She will essentially mediate, and gather energy from within herself and lay bare hands to people who may or may not possess other abilities. Her hands have to make contact for an undisclosed amount of time, usually no more than several minutes, but sometimes only thirty seconds or so and during that time, her power works through the body of the recipient, bestowing upon them a power that is always very well suited to their personality and non-super abilities. So for instance, someone naturally athletic may receive super strength/speed/endurance/etc. Someone naturally kind and adept at listening may become an empath, and someone extremely intellectual could very well end up with a absolute intelligence.

Because this is her primary ability, it is the most difficult to use and takes the most out of her. She can, at most, bestow 1-2 powers a day, tops.

Secondary powers are pain and pleasure bestowal. You know those pain scales in the urgent care waiting room? If you piss her off enough, she can cause a 10 just by touching you. Alternately, if you do something nice for her, she could cause a sexual climax with the touch of her hand and nothing more, probably the most satisfying one you've ever had, too. (jussayin~)

I haven't decided how long she's been in - I do know that she's basically a damn Slytherin, though, and almost certainly worked for sometime at a happy ending massage parlor because... I mean. You know, lulz.

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

PB: Avan Jogia
Codename: Cupid
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard #4
Love Manipulation: A variation of emotional manipulation, Cupid possesses the ability to manipulate emotions such as pleasure, love, and attraction. Practical uses of this power would be flirting with club bouncers so he can enter without waiting in line and having his Starbucks drinks paid for by the baristas, and strenuous uses would be amplifying someone's love for him to the point where they'd willingly die for him. The objects of his affection eventually come to, but with enough force, he can manipulate them for quite some time. Additionally, those who know of his power tend to become more aware of his influence and have more of a fighting chance against it. He's also not too rusty in the sack.

Enhanced Archery: There isn't a shot Cupid can't make. If it's in range, there's a near perfect chance that he'll hit the target. His abilities also include launching more than one arrow at once, and hand-to-hand combat with his bow.

Wing Manifestation: Cupid's literal wingspan is just over nine feet. He can use his wings as a form of protection, as a weapon if his bow is missing or he's run out of arrows, and obviously as a means of transportation.
I'm still working on the specifics of Valentine's biography, but I know that at one point he successfully seduced a large portion of his school's officials and was suspected of having inhuman abilities. He can be self-absorbed and doesn't really think about others' feelings, but he tries his hardest to make his friends happy and get along with nearly everyone. I'd love characters of any gender that he flirts with, whether or not they necessarily reciprocate.
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Friday, August 19th, 2016

PB: Dylan O'Brien
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wild Card
Codename: Chaosbomb

Powers: Emotion Bombs : Chase has one ability only (so far as he can tell), and that is to infuse objects with emotional bombs as he likes to call them. He always does this in a specific way - he prepares vials of liquid (it can be anything) that he infuses with whatever emotion he wants to heighten, and when he's ready to, he lets them fly via breaking the vial (Chase isn't immune to his own work, so he generally throws them from a distance then runs like hell). Basically, they are like area effect spells for the gamers out there, and they’re specific to affecting anyone who happens to walk through it. Examples of bombs he commonly makes are: lust, anger, fear, anxiety, truth, curiosity, etc.

What they do is ramp up that particular emotion or feeling, dialing it up to eleven. It doesn’t change anyone’s feelings, orientation, etc. There’s no deception of the senses involved, it just takes one chord and plucks it hard, creating circumstances where someone’s on the warpath, or feeling particularly brutally truthful, or horny as hell and more willing to give things a try that they were only curious about before. It kicks people in a certain direction, and he loves seeing how they respond.

It's great for causing big diversions or simply causing chaos for people to have to deal with, whether it's security, or the authorities, etc. People pay so much less attention to important things when there's an orgy budding in the lobby of a building, and when they go to check it out they can really only think about joining in.

The effects only last so long, but they're very powerful, and so far no one's worked out how to avoid being affected.

I'd love to have all of the things! Especially perhaps a girl he can flirt with who's probably way out of his league.
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Thursday, August 18th, 2016

PB: Sam Heughan
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard #5
Codename: Mimic

Energy Absorption & Replication: (Primary) Simply put, the ability to absorb the energy and powers of those around him. This can be done only when a power is used in the near vicinity and only one power at a time. He picks up on the residual energy like radio frequencies in the air and draws them in like a magnet. The stronger the frequency, the stronger his ability to mimic and double that power. It's gotten him into a bit of trouble, considering his ability is comprised of leeching off of others, and usually without their permission. Absorbing another's energy has the ability to drain it from the source temporarily, rendering them powerless. The effects are immediate but do not last very long though small traces of that power remain with him for up to 24 hours. He is limited to non-cellular regeneration abilities only and is unable to mimic any shapeshifting abilities.

Energy Manipulation & Transferal: If a power is used against him directly, he can gather that energy to produce a shield, blocking himself and his team from its effects before redirecting the path of energy elsewhere at a magnified amount. This comes in handy during combat. Related to this, he has the ability to redirect the energy of moving objects. Knives, bullets, and other weapons are easy to revert and maneuver. Cannot control stationary objects.

Kinetic Telepathy: The ability to recognize certain energies in certain people is the basis of his power. They present themselves as different colored auras based on the type of ability that person possesses, and he can control those auras and use them as his own for a short spell.

Brief History
Preston MacLeod is a former soldier: a member of the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland (3 SCOTS) in the British Army. He joined the army shortly after the 2001 attacks and saw active duty when Britain assisted in the removal of Saddam Hussein during the 2003 conflict. He did two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, where his service ended. When his unit was taken down by an IED during a combat engagement in Herat, Preston was the only one who survived with only cuts and bruises. In spite of this revelation, the higher-ups had his entire unit declared dead. The British Army informed him that he would be assisting in a special joint operation with MI-5 that required him to be presumed dead. He thought it was a Special Forces task, but he wasn't even close. He was put through years of physical testing and mental training in learning to control his abilities. Now, the Scottish national is on loan from MI-5 under a similar project. He's fairly quiet and keeps to himself and his military background makes him oddly comfortable in the facility since he's used to living in barracks. But he's a good soldier, carrying out his tasks for the greater good without complaint.

I'm looking for any and every kind of line! And please, ask any questions you might have about him (that'll help me flesh out more of his details as well)!
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Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Codename: Aglaeca Pixie (under [info]pixieled)
PB: Amber Heard
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wild Card #3
Powers: Size Manipulation. Pixie can change her size from teeny tiny minuscule to super big bad that picks her teeth with skyscrapers. (IDK actual limits yet *hides*)

Consumer. There is nothing that Pixie has come across yet that she is unable to eat and digest safely, and she has yet to feel what normal people would call "full." She has consumed small planes in the past, though her teammates had to break them down into bite sized pieces for her. She is a lady, after all~ (A facet of this ability is manifested in her enhanced bite that allows her to bite through materials far harder than the average jaw/teeth can take.)
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Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

PB: Benedict Cumberbatch
Team : Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard or Damage--unsure as to the best fit.
Codename: Cthulhu

Body Modification

Gabriel can change and modify his body, enhancing his physical capabilities. He doesn't have the ability to completely change into a different man--or woman--or to change to an animal form, but he can change his own appearance to a degree. He can thread silver into his dark hair, can trace lines in his forehead and at the corners of his eyes, can bend his spine with supposed age. Conversely, he can appear as a young man in his late teens. He cannot change his mass; he can't make himself taller or shorter, thinner or fatter.

The form that he considers his true form is a terrifying combination of man and nightmare. From the base of his neck to his waist, Gabriel has four sets of tentacles ranging from small and fine to the last set, nearly as thick as his arms. They are retractable, disappearing into his body via openings on either side of his spine. When they are fully retracted, Gabriel's back looks normal save for what appears to be slanted, parallel scars on either side of his spine, each about three inches long--the bottom set are nearly twice that length--and slightly raised. These "scars" are actually openings for the tentacles housed within him. The tentacles are of varying length as well; the smallest upper pair nearly are two feet long in extension, graduating to the lowest pair, which are a bit more than six feet (each tentacle) fully stretched. All are the same color, an iridescent black-green, and are sucker-less, soft and warm, sensitive to touch. They are all prehensile and obedient to Gabriel's will. As Gabriel is lean, he has no idea how everything fits inside him without showing outwardly as lumps or bulges; he says he's a Tardis in the flesh.

Strength: Gabriel is very strong; he's learned well how to hide it, appear as any other man. His tentacles, particularly the biggest, can pick up and throw cars, rip doors out of buildings, pull someone or something limb from limb--the amount of sheer damage he can inflict is startling.

Aquatic Adaptation

Gabriel is able to survive and adapt to underwater environments, being able to breathe water in lieu of, or along with, a gaseous breathing medium, to swim well and to endure high water pressure and extreme water temperatures. He is able to use his senses to perceive normally regardless of the distortion/pressure of the water, including ignoring various impurities that would otherwise reduce the visibility.

Speed: Even in human form, he's quicker, faster than a man. In his water form, he's sleek, sinuous, flexible, almost as if he's boneless, and quicker than even the fastest creature in the ocean. He can't fold time and space to travel somewhere instantaneously, but he'll get where he needs to be faster than anyone would think possible.

Water, come to me: Gabriel can call the water (think Arwen, in LoTRs) to him. He can't command huge bodies, like whipping stretches of the ocean into a massive storm, but rivers and lakes respond to his call. He can't call storms, but can form waterspouts and small localized disturbances, like rain.

Gabriel has been with the program since the age of fifteen, when his powers manifested; he's a veteran of the Corps and has seen many come and go.

I'll expand on his powers and weaknesses in his bio.
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Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

I've got a couple of holds to put in.

PB: Scott Eastwood
Team/role: Alpha/damage #1
Codename: Blitz
Super speed, kinetic energy conversion, and concussive blasts. His speed falls somewhere between mach 1 and mach 2, haven't decided yet. Kind of a womanizing asshole, but charming about it. Would love to have some exes and ex-flings for him. Already have a love interest in mind for him who will be brought in later. Brother and roommate to Backlash (below) and they make a kick-ass team.

PB: Bridget Regan
Team/role: Foxtrot/TBD
Codename: Reaper
Has the ability to sense the dead and necrokinesis. She's like this but even cooler. I'd love for her to operate the facility's morgue because of her abilities, and to keep some bodies on ice for her to use. Would also love for there to be people creeped out by her. She's kinda borderline to sociopathy and would be a mad scientist if she could, but she does her damnedest to pretend to be normal and sweet and nice and all that, so no one would know the thoughts lurking underneath except maybe a strong telepath.

PB: Natalie Dormer
Team/role: Alpha/handler #1
Codename: N/A
A little bit of a stone cold bitch. Transferred from the CIA (tentatively) a few years ago and has been handling Alpha since then. Prefers to see supers as tools more than people, but I'm open to some of her supers changing that opinion. Would love to get Alphas tank #2, healer, and the other two handlers. Open to lines with other teams, too!
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Thursday, July 28th, 2016

If you want to apply to [info]ghostcorps, you must first make a hold. In order to hold, you must post in this comm with the information you would like to reserve and your character concept. Please refer to the information at the top of the journal for more details. If you have multiple characters you would like to hold, you can either make one post per character or condense them into one. However, if more than a day or two passes between these character ideas, please make separate posts so that the mods will definitively see the new holds.
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