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[07 Sep 2016|11:26am]
PB: Skyler Samuels
Team: Foxtrot
Role: Wildcard #6
Codename: Ink
This got lengthy so to save friends page space:
Art Animation, Power Bestowal/Removal through art symbols )

I also had the idea for her to have power bestowal/removal involving her art manipulation and specific symbols, but I know we just got someone with power bestowal and I don't want to step on her toes! ♥ Edited in. :3 I also need to figure out how to limit her so that she can't bring like Superman to life and get his ridiculously overpowered stuff while also allowing her to summon things like firebreathing dragons, unless that would actually be okay.

Danielle O'Doyle has been in the program for a little over a year now. She lived her life discreetly, because people couldn't exactly trace (pun) her animations back to her since she could be way over on the sidelines and using them. In fact, she had a vigilante spree with a superhero of her own creation that she hid behind, and that's what ultimately caught up with her when she dug herself in too deep on a crime bust with him and got caught (first by the bad guys, then by the government). Dani's geeky, friendly, has a tendency to ramble a lot when she's nervous or excited, not so secretly loves this chance to get to keep playing superhero even if it comes with the darker, gritty side, and probably hero worships a lot of the other Ghosts. Basically the nicest character I've got.

And I know I'm a little early with holding her, but I'm okay with her pending for however long is necessary. :X
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[07 Sep 2016|12:35pm]
PB: Margot Robbie
Team: Alpha
Role: Healer
Codename: Gemini

Healing Aura:
Any living organism within a 5M radius of her is granted accelerated healing while they maintain proximity. The closer they are, the faster they’ll heal. The energy is generated by her life force, which is ambient, not bodily contained. Too much can be syphoned from her if she’s surrounded by numerous subjects with extreme or lethal injuries.
Ontopathogenesis (OPG):
More than just simple pathogens, bacteria, viruses and toxins, she can infect and alter the nature of a subject's existence. Her ability is a parasitic link on both a physical and metaphysical level to targeted organisms in a 30M radius. She saps and steals their strength, energy and consciousness in a temporary hive mind/condition, essentially seizing control and using them to her benefit (like the Cordyceps parasite infects ants). The greater number of thralls in her control, the more resources and energy she has available to share with allies. This destroys subjects over the course of 10-20 mins if she doesn’t release and heal them. OPG can be used in a targeted manner to speed rot, aging, radioactive decay, half-life, and decrease life span. If she’s feeling petty she can just give you the flu.
Normal biological manip, with additions from her OPG. If Gemini takes too much damage or her energy is wholly depleted from excessive healing, her body dies. She’ll disperse her molecules in a cloud of highly toxic, virulent pathogens that infect and rapidly consume nearby subjects. Because her lifeforce is not corporal, she regenerates from the residual matter, completely renewed. She positions strategically to cause as much damage as possible when she does so, not above being a kamikaze when it’s beneficial.

Elizabeth Swannick is monumentally screwed up. The cruelty she endured before CPS took her at age nine resulted in Dissociative Identity Disorder, and a host of phobias and ticks. “Beth” is kind and feminine, friendly but cautious, introverted, jumpy and afflicted with unresolved guilt and trauma from her childhood. She genuinely wants to use her abilities benevolently, dislikes hurting people and is privately troubled when she has too. “Liz” is wild, boisterous, fearless, hypersexual, unapologetic, constantly pushing the boundaries of her abilities with little concern for consequence and tends to leave empathizing to her 'lesser half.' She also really loves to steal your stuff. Gemini switches between the two personas at unpredictable intervals. Both share a deep dedication to the program, and pride in their work. There is a rare, nameless third personality, as well. She never stays long.

So I'm apping two. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lines are crack. Grabby hands for a few pals who tolerate her crazy, one in particular who has her figured out and can trigger the switch between personalities, people she freaks out, regular inferno partners, people she likes to experiment on, or who experiment on her, possibly one or two of Liz's brief past flings before they realized that's über ill-advised, and I'd love to have someone she goes to to get her head shrunk a bit now and then. open to everything, and all questions help!
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